How to Delete Spotlight Search History on iPhone in iOS 10

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Spotlight Search search is a super quick and easy way to search anything on iPhone including apps and the Web. It is an ultimate feature which performs an iPhone-wide search. It can be anything you are looking for and Spotlight search won’t disappoint you. However, as your searches increase with time Spotlight will show you search suggestions before you start typing. If you want to delete keywords which you searched earlier from the suggestions then there is no official option to do it. But don’t be disappointed as in this tutorial we get around it and let you know how to clear spotlight search history on iPhone in iOS 10.

Delete Spotlight Search History on iPhone/iPad

The Spotlight search history which you see is coming from Siri, smart iOS personal assistant. As a matter of fact, these suggestions include most used apps at the top followed by the keywords which you have been searching. The history can be handy at times when you find yourself seeking for the same information several times. But if suggestions in Spotlight search are not useful for you then you can follow the steps mentioned here to get rid of them.

Clear Spotlight Search History on iPhone
Most used apps and maximum 5 searched keywords shown

Clear Spotlight Search History on iPhone

1. Open Settings app and select General.

2. Under General, select Spotlight Search.

Spotlight Search Settings iOS

3. At the top, you will see Siri Suggestions. The switch for it will be turned ON. Toggle it to OFF.

Disable Spotlight Search History on iPhone/iPad

4. Next, turn ON Siri Suggestions again.

You may want to keep it turned off if you want to disable Spotlight Search Suggestions altogether.

That’s all there is to it! The next time you use the Spotlight search the search history won’t be there anymore.

Spotlight Search History Cleared on iPhone/iPad
Search History Deleted

Even though, keyword suggestions are limited to maximum 5 words still there might be chances you want them to go away. If so follow this simple trick and get back the clean and fresh Spotlight search again. The top 4 apps will be shown at the top based on your usage. You can tap on Show More to look at the top 8 most used apps.

Here is the video tutorial for clearing spotlight search keywords history.

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