Exciting Future Technology Predictions for 2050

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Hollywood does this a lot for us. They shove their idea of what the future would look like down our throats. Let’s really think about the future.This is the month of September in the year 2016. What will the world look like in 34 years?

This is a very hard question to answer. Nobody can predict the future. If we are over-optimistic like our predecessors were, then we would get it completely wrong. If we underestimate the capabilities of a few men(Elon Musk), then we’ll be selling our future short.

10 Future Technology Predictions

The right mix is to look at the current trends as well as add a dose of hope to predict the future.

The Basics are taken care of and Automated.

1. Home

Technology Predictions

I have a feeling that the simple tasks like washing vessels and cleaning the house will be automated, either through larger, functional robots or through very dedicated robots that are built for a particular task. The actions of a human will be replicated.

The home becomes a system with different components that communicates with each other. The house will clean itself and lock itself and ready itself with the help of robots. Doors will have automatic locking systems that can be controlled from anywhere.

2. Travel –Self Driven Cars

This goes without saying, this is going to be the biggest change in this century. Humans will not have to worry about driving and the concept of vehicles will become more impersonal. Many people will choose to use taxis because it will be available at their beck and call and it will cost very less. The transition from driven cars to driverless cars will be interesting. Taking a city to ban a chauffeur driven car might take a lot of time.

3. Shopping

Future Technology Predictions

The shopping experience might actually get automated. In the sense, when you’ve consumed all the vegetables, your refrigerator sends a notification to the store and the products are transferred to a drone, which automatically drops it in your house. If you are not at home, you can open the door to let the drone in. The mundane nature of shopping will be automated.

4. Self- Analysis tools for Health

Future Technology Predictions

We already have movies that showcase tracking chips. Similar to this, chips will be added to humans to send their vital information out that will be tracked. People will exactly know what’s wrong with themselves real time. For example, if your sugar is low, an application will tell you to consume coffee or something else.

Every aspect of health will become more customized. There will not be generic fitness advice. The chip will be able to give data about your body that will help in making a customized diet plan for you.

This also means, a lot of diseases and problems can be tracked earlier. The harder diseases like cancer will be harder to cover, but other diseases will be easier to detect. You can also pre-emptive a disease when your tracker warns you about your impending cold.

5. Replacing Schools – More Homeschooled children

Education will become more democratized. Online courses will have a larger role to play for self-starters. More and more people will learn more from the Internet than schools and parents will choose to homeschool their children through online courses and tools. For the first time in the world, people will be measured for their merit and what they can do instead of where they came from.

6. Advertising

Advertising will get more personal. Already Facebook can put you in a specific profile. The younger generation, especially the generation Z already don’t have a concept of privacy. It’s the world they are brought up in. They’ve become celebrities on the day they were born with their parents uploading their pictures on social sites.

Currently, even our Whatsapp conversations are going to be tracked so we can be advertised to. That’s the final deal. They’ll know your most personal details and that will be the future of advertising.

7. Jobs

Technology will render a lot of jobs useless. A writer like me can quickly become defunct for a lot of mundane tasks. AI robots will be able to churn out very quick pieces of content that have the context that the person wants.

A lot of development will be automated or even abstracted. The real loss in developer jobs will happen when developers teach AI to code. At that point, there will be a rapid development in technology.

8. Personal Assistants

Personal Assistants might actually hit a new level. A technology like ‘Her’ is definitely possible, where you are having a proper conversation with your personal assistant.

Your personal assistant will set up calls on your behalf, interacting with other personal assistants and also will know your preference, mood etc by the tone of voice.

9. Future of Gaming

Gaming will get more immersive. People will be able to experience a more real environment with touches and real-time gestures. The difference between virtual and real will be thin. Gaming is still a lazy pursuit, so predicting the death of consoles will be a bad move. But virtual reality will come up big time.

Our grandchildren will enjoy a more tech immersive experience. Right now we have gadgets and accessories. In the future, the tech will be seamless. All the products will have technological features and every device will talk to every other device. Humans will have to remember lesser and lesser.

10. Space

Technology Predictions for 2050

We will become a multi-planetary species and the first human on mars would have landed. There might be a basic human settlement there as well. Elon Musk will be 79 years old  if he’s alive. He definitely would have taken us to Mars by then.

Space tourism would have become big and instead a few million dollars, the cost of space tourism would come to a few hundreds of thousand dollars. It will become the new touristic standard. Taking selfies in space suits will become the latest trend.

The selfies will become automatic. Tools will know when you want to take a picture and automatically do it. There will be a choice to take candid shots.

The Selfies will be upstaged by the video montage. A lot of people will choose to record their entire lives because privacy will be thrown out of the window and recording devices will get smaller and more seamless. At the end of ten years, people will receive a highly curated video content of their life till that point, that will help in reminiscing.

This is my Impression of how the world of technology will look like in 34 years time. What are your thoughts?

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