7 Best Video Cutter Apps for Android and iPhone

Last Updated: November 24, 2017

Video cutting has indeed become a necessity today! It is a hundred percent truth that we are definitely not too much attentive of the content while capturing the videos, however, later on, we surely regret and do feel like getting rid of some parts of the video. Or it could be that we want to save a particular part of our videos. In either of the cases, video cutting becomes a necessity. Today we have brought you a list of 7 best video cutter apps readily available in the Play Store and App Store for free.

7 Best Video Cutter Apps List

1) Easy Video Cutter

easy video cutter by naing group

It is an app available in the Play Store for Android users. It is rather a complete package of video editing. But the video cutter feature of this app really stands out due to the simplicity while using. To add more, there are no watermarks rendered to the processed videos after cutting. Also, you can join many videos into one using this app. Searching for the video to be cut is highly easy and you can even sort the videos according to various parameters like time, date, album, artist, duration etc. This truly saves unnecessary hassle while looking up for a video which is apparently at the bottom of the video list.

You might extract audio from your video if you want. You can even speed up or slow down the pace of the videos.

It is a very simple and useful app which you will surely like.

Link: Play Store

2) MP4 Video Cutter

mp4 video cutter

This app is meant exclusively for cutting the videos and how!

Though it only provides just a meager number of features other than video-cutting, yet the fluidity with which it performs its job is outstanding. The app is very slick and opens up in just a few seconds. Cutting videos with this app is a cakewalk. After easily cutting the videos, the sharing was even easier.

The small size of the app ensures that it will not hog up too much space. This is a plus point of using this app. You can go for this app for its speedy function both while opening the app as well as cutting the video. After selecting the desired part of the video, the cutting just finished in no time! This app scores high in the speed department for sure.

But as its name suggests, it can only cut videos of the MP4 format. Moreover, the arrangement of the videos present in the phone was not that impressive. For selecting any video to be cut, you have to literally scroll too many times as there is no search bar present. It can be vexing for those who have a huge number of videos on their phones.

Link: Play Store

3) Video Cutter by Office No. 786

video cutter 786

This is another app present in the Play Store. With its highly easy user interface, this app definitely endeared itself to us. It is almost a no-brainer to use this app. This app allows you to select almost every video format, unlike many other apps which support only the MP4 format. The best part of using this app is that while you are cutting the video, it gives you the duration of the selected part simultaneously. It saves you those bothersome calculations regarding the size of the trimmed part that you have to keep in mind while cutting videos. Also, after the job has been completed, you can share the videos with a great ease.

Link: Play Store

4) Video Cutter by Maruti Freeware

video cutter maruti freeware

This app is also very handy and simplistic. One worth telling feature of this app is that not only can you trim your videos but can also store them in any of the video formats it offers. Some of the formats are MP4, MOV, MPEG, FLV, WMV, 3GP and AVI amongst many others in which you can comfortably store your videos after cutting. This is in fact, a unique feature of this app

Yes, the frequently reoccurring ads can definitely vex you a tad bit, but overall this is a very useful app with good results. The interface is really very simple and concise.

Link: Play Store

5) YouCut


YouCut is one of the best video cutter apps. We truly loved this amazingly awesome app. From an ultra-simple interface to a super-speedy processing, this app has got everything you wish while trimming your videos.

A great feature about this app is that it offers you various filters like vintage, warm, natural, bright etc. to add to the cut videos. What’s more, you can even adjust an array of parameters like lightness, contrast, warmth, saturation etc. This is a very distinctive quality of this app. Also, the videos got done in a matter of a few seconds and were really good. We think that you should really try out this one for sure!

One thing more! Along with such impressive features, this app doesn’t add any watermarks to your videos! Isn’t it just awesome! If you too think alike, then definitely go for this one!

Link: Play Store

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6) Crop Video – Cut Videos Editor To Trim & Split Vid

crop videos ios

This one is exclusively for iOS users. Though the size of the app stands at 58.9 MB, yet we can recommend this nice app to all the iOS users out there. This app offers a very advanced way of cutting your videos into a “frame by frame” fashion. The videos are processed without any time lag. Moreover, you can share the trimmed videos on numerous platforms like YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, iMessage, Email and more.

It is an extraordinarily easy-to-use app, along with its remarkably fast speed. The videos formats which are supported are MP4 and MOV. What’s interesting is that you can select the quality of the videos as highest (default), medium or lowest. Also, the app adds no watermarks and there is no time-limit on the size of the videos which can be processed.

You can also opt for the ad-free version of the app by going paid. The paid version also supports the interesting and worthwhile feature of adding music, or further even more videos! Meanwhile, you can settle for the free version for the time being which is in no way lesser than the paid one when considering the video-cutting task.

This handy app is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. You also need to have iOS 8.2 or higher in order to use the app.

Link: App Store

7) Clip Trim – Video Editor Trim


Here is one more app from App Store for iOS users. The size of this video-trimming app is relatively small to other similar functioning apps. This app will not occupy too much space in your phone’s memory. It just weighs 39.1 MB, which is pretty less given the huge sizes of video cutting apps available in App Store.

You can easily trim your videos with this app. Just use the slider to select the desired portion of your video and your trimmed video will be ready.

More so, you can add your favorite music to your trimmed videos. Where many apps provide the feature to add music only on the paid version, this app is offering the same for free!

It also allows you to add a variety of effects. You can easily save the trimmed videos on your phone which you can share later handily.

The app is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. The software requirement is iOS 7.0 or above. It is having multi-language support as well.

You can use this app for its small size and effortless functioning.

Link: App Store

We have listed best video cutter apps which will make your video-cutting experience as delightful as it can be. You can choose whichever app you want, but make sure that you don’t fall prey to the fake apps having an exactly same exterior look. Therefore, we have provided the links as well. You can easily click on the links given below each app’s review to download the app that fits your requirements and have a great time.


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