MyFitnessPal vs Lose It: A Detailed Comparison of Calorie Counter Apps

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Lose it! and MyFitnessPal, both are two big stalwarts in the domain of calorie counter apps. Though both Play Store and App Store abound in such fitness watcher apps, yet these two apps are certainly domineering the scene in terms of huge followers which they boast of! Today I am going to make MyFitnessPal vs Lose It apps detailed comparison and try to help you out in case you are in a fix regarding which one to choose.

MyFitnessPal vs Lose It

Both are basically calorie counter apps, but little nuances make a great difference! And that is exactly what I am going to cover in this article. Today, we will throw light on both of these separately and then reach on to a  decision.


After opening the app for the first time, it took me through a mini questionnaire to know about my fitness goals in a detailed manner. It asked me whether I want to lose weight, gain weight, or just maintain it. Furthermore, it also asked for the activity level of my daily life amongst the options of:- Not very active, lightly active, active, and finally very active. I really went in awe for this app after this brief questioning session. This really shows how much efforts the team has put in while making this app! This is because these questions truly make the interaction very personalized and therefore the results very tailor-made. It helps to estimate the daily calorie requirement in the most accurate manner.


After entering all the weight and the height details, I chose the option of losing weight. The app instantly showed up the recommended calorie requirement for me to lose weight. You can easily add food items to your various meals like breakfast, lunch, snack, and dinner to monitor your calorie intake. But, I must add that the list of food items was not that extensive! It could have been better. Also, adding food items is a bit complicated because you will have to enter the quantity manually which might take too much time. A simple dropdown list for the same would have been a lot easier and quicker. After all, one cannot spend too much time on a fitness app at every moment of the day.

The addition of exercises was a cakewalk with this app. The list of exercises in this app’s database is very comprehensive and vast as opposed to the food list. I was able to quickly search for “bench press” from a bucket list of innumerable exercises. After selecting the exercise, I was asked to input the number of sets and repetitions of the exercise. Following that it showed the measure of calories spent in doing the exercise. Therefore, I can say that for gym-goers, this feature will definitely be a great utility!

One thing more, the app offers rather a whole comprehensive ecosystem revolving around fitness and not a just mere task of calorie counting. With so many useful, informative and motivational articles on the homepage, I felt encouraged and more dedicated to reaching my fitness aims.

App Link: Android/iOS

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Lose it!

Next, I tried my hands at this app. And I have to tell you that the interface is super easy and doesn’t expect you to be a rocket scientist. You can add various foods, exercises etc in a very similar way as one can do in many other apps designed for a similar cause. But I must say that adding food items was a way easier with this app as compared to other apps! This app provides a really vast and expansive list of nearly all the food items which you can even think of!

Also, it covers the food items from the menus of various branded restaurants under the tag “Brands” like Macdonald, Burger King, Eat’n Park etc. All restaurant and supermarket foods are arranged in an alphabetical order. You can easily add any food item from any restaurant’s or supermarket’s menu. This is really impressive and much applicable to today’s scenario.

lose it

But adding exercises was not such a pleasant experience because I could not find my exercise from the list which this app is having.

One of the many distinguishing features of this app is that scanning of the food items is very flawless! You just have to take a picture of your food item and the scanner pretty correctly identifies it. It could not have been easier!

App Link: Android/iOS

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MyFitnessPal vs Lose It Upshot

Though both of them more or less perform the similar job of calorie counting, yet the experience of using both the apps is not so similar and both have some pros and cons.

With Lose it! you get an effortless experience while adding food items to your schedule. Especially, the food item scanner of Lose it! is a great and impressive tool, I must say. However, MyFitnessPal offers a similar experience, but in adding different exercises.

Lose it! is specifically aimed at providing weight-loss assistance only, whereas MyFitnessPal offers plans for weight-loss, weight-gain as well as weight maintenance. As mentioned earlier, MyFitnessPal also provides a comprehensive fitness-based ecosystem owing to the various handy articles it displays on your homepage just very similar to Facebook. Believe me, the articles were really damn informative and pretty relevant for a fitness enthusiast. I just loved them for their content!

Overall, I can say that you can go for either of these apps because both of these offer you a state-of-the-art experience while using them. It depends solely on your requirements, preferences and other expectations which one you want to go for. But, the fact is that Lose it is only for weight loss enthusiasts, decidedly limits its scope because not everyone wishes to be skinnier and thinner version of themselves. There is a fair lot of people who actually want to gain a healthy weight. MyFitnessPal helps you with that too!

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