Strava vs Runkeeper: The Showdown of the best

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Our lifestyles today are the epitome of being “sedentary”. Our minds toil hard, while our body sits tight on the chair. Ironically, the technology that has made us lazy also brings us ways to get fit. Amidst the horde of motivational and fitness apps, running trackers stand out as the most effective. Why? Well, this is because unlike any other applications, running trackers shows you the results of your work. Running trackers use the sensors on your mobile device to track your movements and display the associated statistics. But, what is the best running app out in the market? We bring to you the top contenders for the crown and place them in a standoff. Below is the Strava vs Runkeeper comparison and their features listed.


strava vs runkeeper

“Old is gold” is quite true for Runkeeper, which has been around since 2008. The fact that this application has stood its ground even after such a long period of time speaks volumes about its mettle.

Runkeeper tracks your movements using the GPS sensors for every activity (including running, walking or cycling). These data are then used to give you a variety of statistics, like running pace, route distance and elevation, calories burnt and past trends.

What makes it special

  • The integrated audio functionality is one of the high points. These features give your updates regarding your workout stats, without having to pull out your phone. The audio functionality also works with the integrated coaching, that gives you guidelines about your workout.
  • The physical activities Runkeeper covers are comprehensive. Not only has it included distance-based activities like running and cycling, but also gym workout and indoor cardio.
  • Runkeeper integrates your phone’s music app within itself. This allows you to play your favorite music within the app.
  • Runkeeper allows you to set the routes for your movement and helps you to follow the route with audio cues.
  • Runkeeper has great synchronization capabilities. It could be synchronized with any Android Wear to track your workout data. It can also be synced with your HeartRate Monitor in order to plan your workout better.
  • The Runkeeper community is vast and quite helpful to serve as a motivation. As a further incentive, Runkeeper sets benchmarks like Full Marathon in order to help you be more competitive & productive with your fitness.


strava and runkeeper comparison

The world is one large social network, so why shouldn’t your fitness life be the same? Strava utilizes the potential of social media in order to make you a little healthier.

Strava is a great running tracker for beginners. It might not boast of comprehensive features, but is sure does get the job done with a simpler interface and easier functions.

What makes it special

  • Strava covers all the basic fitness stats via Activity Tracking. You can go to various segments in accordance with the type of physical activity you are pursuing.
  • The USP of Strava is its connectivity to social media. It allows you to get in touch with your friends who are using Strava or even other strangers who can view your progress. To make it even better, Strava community allows for creating local clubs, where people in the neighborhood could participate.
  • With the social connect, you can share the pictures of your workout with others. You can also compete with your training buddies in order to get better.
  • Strava is compatible with almost all smart watches that are GPS-enabled, especially with Android Wear.

The Face-Off: Strava vs Runkeeper

  • Strava scores brownie points as far as accuracy is considered. While Strava only has a 5% margin of error, Runkeeper could have anywhere between 5-30%.
  • Strava also scores better where interface is considered, which is simplistic and does not bother you if you happen to operate it while running. Runkeeper, on the other hand, has a complex GUI which looks pretty, but unyielding.
  • Runkeeper’s integrated audio functionality comes as a great utility, whether it is for coaching, navigation or workout cues. Strava lacks anything like that.
  • Both apps work well enough to generate fitness stats, but Runkeeper’s data is more detailed and insightful.
  • Strava’s biggest selling point is its integration of social media in the app, which allows you to connect with friends and other people. Runkeeper, on the other hand, gives you a vast community of fellow Runkeeper users. The apps seem to tie on this one.
  • Runkeeper provides better features overall, most notably the ability to integrate the music application. The simplistic design of Strava lacks behind as far as functionalities are considered.

The Verdict

Runkeeper comes out as the best running tracker in the market, though Strava gave it a tough competition. In the end, it is all about your preferences. If you want a simplistic application with basic features and/or social connect, Strava is your man. If you would rather go for comprehensive features and ability to interact with a supporting community and great coaches, Runkeeper is the one you should go for.

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Akshay Thapliyal is the co-founder of TechUntold and mainly looks into strategic planning at TechUntold. He also loves writing articles on apps & problems he faces related to tech. Follow him on Twitter.

3 thoughts on “Strava vs Runkeeper: The Showdown of the best”

  1. Strava also has the beacon function which allows you to let someone access your lunch cation in real t Time. I think it’s a great security feature.

  2. My Strava app has become unstable, ie GPS seems to drop out randomly so it doesn’t accurately track my route/run. This has just started occurring and there doesn’t seem to be any reason why. If I uninstall the app and then re-install it will all my history be lost?

    • No, the data or stats of your account are stored on Strava’s server. You will see all your history once you log back into your account. I hope this helps:)


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