5 Best Face Cleaner Apps for Android and iPhone Users

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Growing up is a part and parcel of life. And along with growing up, one does undergo many visible and unwanted changes in their skin, which can affect one’s self-esteem to a large extent. Even if you are dressed all to the nines, but your face is dull and blemished, then however elegantly dressed up you are, doesn’t matter much. This holds even more practical when you want an awesome photograph of yours. As a popular saying goes “Camera doesn’t lie”, therefore to expect a near perfect face pic without actually having a perfect face skin sounds impossible. But that’s a fallacy now because there are numerous face cleaner apps which you might like to consider.

Face Cleaning Apps to Get a Perfect Photo

In today’s article, we are covering such 5 apps which will banish all of your worries regarding your face pics. In no time you will be able to attain the perfect pic which will make your pics an “object of desire” for one and all alike.

1. BeautyPlus – Easy Photo Editor


We had to put this one for sure. This app is the de facto go-to for all the people who desire an impeccable face pic. It offers your picture the complete beauty salon look with its package of awesome features. You can smooth or even tone your face to varying degrees using a slider function. Moreover, you can easily clear acne from your pictures using a special kind of “acne-eraser” which comes in five different sizes. You can choose any of the sizes of the acne-eraser depending on the extent of acne and marks your face has got.

This stunning app doesn’t boast of such a whoppingly large number of users for no reason. It has been tried and tested by millions of people out there who rely on this app religiously for nearly each of their selfies. You too can use this app for giving your pic a healthy complexion and trust us! you won’t be disappointed.

Good news is that it’s available for both iOS and Android.

Link: Android/iOS

2. YouCam Perfect – Selfie Photo Editor


YouCam is one of the best face cleaner apps. Actually, this app has got more filters than Instagram! You can go for any of these filters and settle for the one which makes you look beautiful in the best efficient way. It is loaded with an array of features to give you that ethereal look which we all wish for. It removes the eyebags, acne and other minor imperfections of the face quickly. One such flaw remover feature of this app is the “Smoothener” which gives a perfect silky touch to your face pics. Now don’t say that you don’t want that porcelain smooth skin. Furthermore, you can also add a tad bit of blush if you want to sport those rosy apple cheeks. To top it off, it has also got an “eye enlarger” to magnify your peepers in your photos to make them stand out. Afterall, eyes are the windows to the soul.

Also, this app is capable of multi-face detection feature. You might find it useful if you want to edit two or more faces in the same picture.

Easily available in both App Store and Play Store, you can install it right away and get the best out of this app.

Link: Android/iOS

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3. Photo Editor and Perfect Selfie

photo editor and perfect selfie

We really went head over heels with this feature-rich app. What we greatly liked about this app is that you can directly access your Facebook or Instagram accounts via this app in order to access your pictures. This app is potent enough with a bunch of features like red-eye remover, smoothener to make the skin look soft, lightning adjuster, eye bag remover, teeth whitener and what you got. Wait there’s more to it! as it has not left out even your pout. This is because you can pinken your lips effortlessly with this app to get those charming luscious lips. They look great on both guys and girls alike. To tell you more, you can even focus your face separately by mildly blurring the background. This is in fact, a show-stealer feature of this app which can be verified from the right screenshot in the picture below.

The developers of this app claim “Magazine Level Photo Editing” as one of the most prominent characteristics of this app. So, if you want to appear as glamorous and glitzy as your favorite celebrity looks on a renowned magazine’s cover, do try out this app. After all, it’s free.

We have to say that it’s rather a fully evolved face photo workshop rather than a mere face pic enhancing app. And we must add on that this app undoubtedly does “walk the talk” by standing true to its name as “Photo Editor and Perfect Selfie”.

Link: Play Store

4. Face Blemishes Cleaner & Photo Scars Remover

face blemishes cleaner and photo scars remover

This is yet another helpful app for face cleaning on our list. This app is a wonderful tool to make your photos beautiful and radiantly unblemished. You can make your picture wonderful by adding excellent effects. One of the many amazing features it offers is that it works for all skin tones and complexions. This app can be used to whiten your teeth, get rid of pimples, frown lines, and scars. We particularly loved the “sharpness” feature of this app to adjust the sharpness of your pics.

This is, in our words, one of the easiest and most effective apps out there. The app allows you to increase your beauty by a thousand time, at least in your pictures, if not in reality. Afterall, in today’s world pictures speak louder than how you look in life.

Link: Play Store

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5. Pimple Eraser LITE

pimple eraser ios

How some people wish if they could get rid of their pimples in just a few seconds! We understand that! Also, we know that it is not possible in reality until and unless you don’t pop them up (which is not recommended at all). But at least you can bid farewell to your pimples so fastly for good in your pictures. This wonderful iOS app caters to that. The makers claim their own proprietary algorithm which clears pimples from the face pics in the most organic manner. This is to say that no one will be able to figure out if your pic has been edited for erasing pimples. That’s how efficiently and dexterously it performs its job! Such natural are its effects!

The app is fast and quick to its function. Another worth mentioning feature about this app is that you can choose to keep the blemish which you want to remain as it is in your photographs. For example: if you are having a beautiful mole near your lower lip which you consider as your beauty mark and don’t want to erase it while erasing pimples, then you can easily do so. That is having the mole but not having the pimples in your photos. It is surely the most wonderful feature of this app.

You have to have iOS 10.3 or higher to use this app. Moreover, this app is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

Link: App Store

Now we are fully assured that by now you must have decided for the app which you want to use. Make full use of these face cleaner apps in full swing and share your experience with us.

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