How To Show Temperature In Instagram Story In Either Fahrenheit Or Celsius

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Instagram Stories is one of the most popular features of Instagram. All its growth is because of regular updates and features that are added to Instagram Stories. One of them is introducing stickers and in this article, we share information about Temperature sticker. If you wish to add temperature to photo or video in the IG story or change temperature to Celsius, we’ve got you covered.

Let’s first start with adding temperature to Instagram Story and later we will show you how to change the temperature from Fahrenheit to Celsius on Android or iOS.

Add Temperature To Instagram Story

  1. Make sure that your phone GPS is turned on and the Instagram app has permission to access it.
  2. In the Instagram app, go to the camera either by tapping on the Plus icon at the top right or by swiping right on the Feed screen. Alternatively, you can also long tap on Your Story avatar at the top of the feed.
  3. Take a picture, record video, or add media from Gallery/Camera Roll as you would normally do.
  4. Now, tap on the Sticker icon in the top row.
  5. A list of stickers will appear. Among other stickers, you will see a sticker showing the temperature of your area in Fahrenheit. Tap on it to add it to your photo/video.
Add Temperature to Instagram Photo or Video

When the temperature sticker is added, you will have the option to resize it by pinching and zooming in/out. You can even pin it according to your liking.

Now, if you would like to get the temperature in Celsius then follow the steps below.

Change Temperature From Fahrenheit To Celsius On Instagram

Tap on the added Temperature sticker in Fahrenheit. It will change to a different representation that shows the precipitation conditions (sun, snow, rain, etc.)

Add Temperature on Instagram Story

Tap on it again and you’ll see the temperature in Celsius.

Change temperature from Fahrenheit to Celsius on Instagram

Yes, it’s that easy but hidden under a few taps.

Finally, you can go ahead and post the photo/video to your Story or send it privately to friends via Instagram Direct.


Why can’t I add temperature on Instagram?

You can’t add temperature on Instagram when Instagram cannot access your location. Make sure to turn on your phone GPS and set your phone location settings so that Instagram can get your location data.

How do you change Fahrenheit to Celsius on Instagram?

To change Fahrenheit to Celsius on Instagram, tap on the temperature sticker to change its representation to a different one. Tap on the sticker again to see the temperature in Celsius instead of Fahrenheit.

Final Words

We hope that this tutorial helped you to add and change the temperature in Instagram stories on Android and iPhone. Don’t forget to share this article on social media to let others know about the temperature sticker on Instagram.

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