How To Add Photos Or Videos To Instagram Stories From Gallery, Camera roll

Last Updated: October 3, 2018

This tutorial is a result of one of those queries which users ask us via our Contact form, Social Media or personal accounts of our editors. There was a question a user requested me to answer on Quora – “How can I add Instagram stories from Gallery or Camera Roll?” and hence I have come up with this tutorial to explain the steps to add photos and videos to Instagram story from smartphone’s Gallery.

You might wish to upload a photo from your iPhone Camera Roll or Android Gallery because that is one of the best shots you took. Or you weren’t able to access Instagram when that moment was happening. For such situations, Instagram does allow you to post photos and videos from your smartphone’s gallery to your Stories at a later time. Here’s how.

Add Posts To Instagram Stories From Gallery Or Camera Roll

1. Open Instagram and tap on the Camera icon at the top left corner or swipe right on your news feed to create a story. If it is your first photo or video in your story then you can also tap on the Your Story avatar in the stories tray.

Upload photos/videos to Instagram Story from Gallery/Camera roll

2. You will be taken to the Story Camera. Here you will be able to see the Gallery icon with the thumbnail of the most recent photo in your phone’s Gallery at the bottom left. Tap on it to get the photos or videos from the Camera Roll or Gallery.

Gallery Icon in Instagram Story Camera

3. On this screen, you will be able to see all the media from your Gallery or Camera Roll. You can even switch to different albums by tapping on Gallery drop-down menu. Unlike earlier, it is also possible to select photos that are more than 24 hours older. Basically any photo or video in your gallery.

Add Photo Video To Instagram Stories From Gallery

On iPhone, users need to tap on the Last 24 Hours drop-down menu to select from old photos or videos in the Camera Roll.

Upload Story on Instagram From Gallery Or Camera Roll

4. Next, tap on the desired photo to select it. The date sticker will automatically be added to the photo or video showing when it was taken if it’s from another day. But you have the freedom to resize, rotate or even remove it by simply dragging and dropping it to the trash icon like you would delete any other sticker.

Upload Old Photos To Instagram Stories

5. After this, you can do all the editing you want as usual and then send it to your story or friends via DM.

You can also upload multiple photos/videos to Instagram story from Gallery at once by using the “Select Multiple” icon at the top right on the window that appears in step 3 above. But that is available only on Android app for now.

iOS users will have to come back to the home screen(news feed) of the Instagram app after posting the first photo/video. Now, don’t tap on Your Story avatar to upload second or more photos/videos. Use the below two options as shown in the screenshot below to get to the Camera screen and then add another media file. Repeat the same until you have uploaded all the desired photos/videos to your story.

Add Multiple photos or videos to Instagram Stories
Don’t tap on Your Story avatar to upload photo/video after adding one media to the Story

Resize The Photo Properly While Adding From Gallery/Camera Roll

Now, you might face an issue with photos being zoomed in and not completely visible while adding them from the smartphone’s gallery to Instagram Story.

To take care of that you can pinch and resize the photo according to your requirement.

Alternatively, if you don’t bother too much about picture quality then taking the screenshot of the desired photo and then adding the screenshot to your Instagram Story will also work.

These will make the image fit perfectly with blank spaces on the top and below the picture which can be used to add text, emoticons or draw something.

While talking about Instagram stories you might also want to hide Instagram Story from specific followers.

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    • Hi Lily,

      I too have an iPhone 6 and the screenshot attached in the article is from my iPhone.
      The problem here might be that you are not having any media in your Gallery from the last 24 hours. So nothing will show up.

      Update: Now, it is possible to upload old photos officially in Instagram Story.

      I hope this helps.

      • If you’d like to add additional photographs or videos, do you swipe down again from the screen when the photo is selected? I am trying to add an additional photograph but am not able to swipe to select the next image.

        • Hi Megan,

          It is not the right way to add multiple photos/videos to the Instagram story from the gallery. You need to add each one of them individually by following the same method.

          I hope you got my point.

  1. hey I want to upload 2 3 photos in my story but I can’t after 1 photo my story ends ,so I want to know that how to upload 2 or more photos in my story..?

  2. Hey thanks for this! All posts I’ve found previously suggest there is an ‘add to story’ tick at the bottom of the screen. Not so!
    Thanks to you I’ve created my first insta story ???

  3. Thank you so much. I really had no idea before, of how to add photos from the gallery to insta stories and now I know it. Thanks for helping.☺

  4. What about resizing a photo from your camera roll to add to your Instagram story. They don’t allow you to crop/make it smaller as most of the time the image is too zoomed in.

  5. Hello!
    How can I add a second picture to a story?
    When I add the first picture, I can’t see any button after posting it.
    Thank You 🙂

    • Hi Liana, after posting come back to your Instagram news feed(home screen) and follow the same steps again to add more photos/videos to your Story.
      I hope this helps.

  6. Just wanted to thank you for this tutorial. I’ve been searching and searching for an answer to “how to add multiple images to stories” & you answered it! I looked for info on Instagram help but could not find clear intuitive instructions on this.

  7. Hi, first thanks for your help.
    I use the latest version of Instagram, the problem is I am swiping downwards but nothing happened I don’t find it, ” I have photos from last 24hours”

    • hi Blaire,
      Take the screenshot of that particular picture and then try to add it to the story.
      It will fit perfectly 🙂

    • Hi Kunal, Unfortunately video limit in Instagram stories is 15 seconds. If you wish to post a video longer than that then you will have to split the video into videos of 15 seconds each and then post multiple stories.

      I hope this helps.

  8. Hi I have tried adding multiple pictures to the story but it doesn’t work. After the first I try again same procedure and it just shows me how many people have viewed it and the options for downloading it or saving it but if I swipe up there’s no way to add more, just doesn’t show the pictures again to choose from just the one I had already added I don’t really see how I could be doing this wrong tbh. Help please ????

    • Hi Tasha,
      It seems you are swiping on the incorrect screen. To add second photo/video to your story, tap on the Camera icon(at the top left) or swipe right on the news feed screen and then swipe upwards to get the media from Gallery/Camera roll.
      Currently, you are swiping on your already uploaded photo/video screen which won’t give you options to add more media to your story.
      I hope this helps you 🙂


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