How to hide your Seen from Instagram Story of other users

Ever since Instagram Stories feature was launched I am using and exploring it a lot and here in this article, I come up with a simple trick which will let you hide Instagram Story seen from another user Story.

You can hide Instagram Story from specific followers and know who all have viewed your story. However, did you ever wish that you could hide seen from Instagram story? Which means that even if you view other users Instagram story they still won’t get your seen on their story. Yes, it is possible. I tried out a few ways and fortunately found one that works perfectly.

Hide Instgram Story Seen

This trick is somewhat similar to what we used to hide Instagram Direct messages Seen. On using this trick, you can hide your username from getting listed in the list of viewers of other users Instagram story in spite of you viewing it. Let’s go ahead and hide your seen from an Instagram story.

Hide Seen from Instagram Story

1. Open Instagram and let it load completely with all the stories of the users you follow at the top.

2. Turn off WiFi or Cellular Data on your smartphone.

3. Select the story which you want to view from the top of the screen.

4. When you’re done viewing it and out of that story, you can switch on your WiFi. You can continue using Instagram with your WiFi on.

Hide Seen from Instagram Story

With this simple trick, you viewed someone’s story but still they won’t get your seen in their Instagram story. You can use the similar method to view anyone’s Instagram story and not get in the seen list.

Here is another useful tutorial for Instagram story : Add posts in Instagram stories from Gallery

Please note that as soon you open the story with your internet turned on, the owner of the story will get your seen in their story. 

Unfortunately, according to my observations in some cases, you will not able to view the video in the story with the above method. However, it works 100% to view all the photos in the story without sending a seen status to the owner of the Instagram story.

To overcome this you can view Instagram Story on Web. On viewing Story on Instagram Website using the plugin mentioned in the article your seen won’t be mentioned in others Instagram Story even though you viewed it. You can view Videos without any issues with this method.

We wish that this trick was useful and interesting for you. Share it with your friends on Instagram and let them know about this new Instagram trick.

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