How to Remove or Undo Seen From Instagram Story After Viewing It

Earlier we shared methods to view someone’s Instagram story without notifying them. Using these procedures you can hide your seen while watching anyone’s stories. However, these tips won’t work if you have already watched a person’s story you follow or don’t follow(in case of public profile) on the Instagram app but don’t want them to know. We have been getting a lot of similar queries where users want to erase the view and delete their name from the seen list. For all such users, we are here with a trick that will let you remove or undo seen from Instagram story after you have watched it.

The steps are same and applicable for both Android and iOS devices. So, let’s get on with it.

Undo Seen From Instagram Story

At times, it happens we view stories by mistake and at the same don’t want the owner to know. The good news is that you can hide your view. Whether the profile whose story you have viewed is private or public the process to remove your seen remains the same. Here’s how.

1. Open the Instagram app and go to the profile of the user whose story you viewed.

2. Now, tap on the 3 dots at the top right and select Block.

Remove Seen from Instagram story viewers list

3. Confirm your decision by selecting Block.

That’s all you need to do. Basically, blocking the owner of the story will remove your view from their story. But there’s a catch.

As soon as you unblock that particular user, your view will come back and appear again in the story viewers list. So, to counter this keep that person blocked until their story(photo/video) expires which you viewed. This means the maximum time you need to wait before unblocking them is 24 hours.

To unblock someone, go to your profile and tap on the gear icon(iOS) or 3 dots(Android). In Account section, tap on Blocked Users.

Unblock Someone On Instagram

Now, select that specific user. This will take you to their profile. Tap on 3 dots at top right on their profile and select Unblock. Confirm the same on the next pop-up box.

Undo Seen from Instagram Story


After that story has expired, you will have to follow them(if you were following them earlier) again as blocking someone removes them from your following. Another thing you should know is that blocking someone will make them unfollow you(if they were following you earlier). So, you stand a risk of losing a follower in case they don’t follow you afterward.

We hope that you were able to undo seen from someone’s Instagram story. If you found this helpful then don’t forget to share the article with fellow Instagrammers.

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