How To Download Someone’s Instagram Stories And Live Videos Anonymously

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Update: StoryHoot is now fixed! Enjoy!

In this Instagram article, you will learn about methods to download someone’s Instagram Stories photos and videos without taking screenshots and without notifying or following them on the Instagram website, iPhone/iPad, Android, PC and Mac.

Apart from that, we will also mention a method for downloading your own Instagram Story which is not a big deal and can be done directly with the Instagram app.

Besides that, if you want to save someone’s Instagram live videos without them knowing or download Instagram photos and videos posted on your or someone’s profile then also we’ve got you covered.

You can use the links below to navigate to the desired section in this tutorial.

Disclaimer: You should not download anyone’s photos or videos without their knowledge and consent. If you do so then we at TechUntold don’t take any responsibility for your actions.

Download Instagram Story To PC, Mac Or Phone

If you are someone who doesn’t have the luxury to have an additional app just to save Instagram stories or want to do it from any of your devices – Android, iPhone, PC, Mac, etc. then you can follow this procedure.

1. Visit StoryHoot Instagram Story Downloader from a browser of your choice on any device.

Note: StoryHoot is a product of TechUntold. A great benefit of this tool is that you don’t have to log in with Instagram and it is not necessary for you to follow that particular user just to download the stories and it’s anonymous.

Watch the video to see how to use it on mobile (Android):

and on desktop:

Here are step-by-step instructions:

StoryHoot Instagram Story Downloader

2. Type the Instagram username in the text box and press Submit.

Download Instagram stories anonymously

3. If the username is valid and the person has active stories then they will be listed with the number of files in their story. Click on the username or the button that shows number of stories.

Save someone's Instagram story

4. On the next page, tap on the Download button below each media to open them in a new tab.

Download Instagram Stories without jailbreak

5. On the next screen, right-click on the media and select Save Image/Video as…(computer). While on Android and iPhone you need to long-press and then select Download image/video (Android) and Save Image (iOS) save them to your device.

6. In the case of the iPhone for videos, you will need to install any file manager app from the App Store. Use the browser that comes with the File Manager app to visit storiesig website. Follow the same method to get to the screen where it will list all the stories of that person.

7. Now, tap on the video or Download button which will play it. Come out of the player by tapping on Done at the top left corner. Finally, tap on the download icon at the bottom row followed by Confirm to save the video.

Save Someone's Instagram Story without following them on iOS

The video will be saved in the Downloads folder.

Save Others Instagram Stories Without Notifying From Instagram Website

If you wish to download the story of any user you follow, then you can simply do it from any web browser. For that, visit the Instagram website and log in to your account, and then click on the story(available on the right-hand side) of the user you wish to save. Then:

1. Once the story is open in full-page, right-click outside the story as shown in the screenshot below then select Save as… or use the keys ctrl+S.

save someones instagram story

2. After this, the download destination will open. Under the file name, select Save as type – Web Page, Complete. Then click Save.

save as type web page complete

3. As the file is finished downloading, you will see a resource file having “_files” extension with the original downloaded file. This file consists of all the images from the page you saved. Open it.

saved file from instagram
1 – Saved File 2 – Resource File

Browse through this file, and you will see the images that were saved from the stories. You can select the required images and delete the rest of the file. That’s it, you have successfully downloaded the Instagram story.

Note: You can only download Images using this method on Chrome while it works perfectly for both photos and videos on Firefox.

To overcome this you can follow the alternative method below on Chrome.

Alternative Method For Chrome

1. Install IG Stories Chrome extension.

2. After installing Chrome IG story extension on the Chrome browser open Instagram or reload the web page if already opened. With this, all the stories of the people you follow will appear at the top of the feed. If you don’t get them at the top then reload the page or restart Chrome and open Instagram again. The stories shown at the top are from this extension and on the right-hand side are from Instagram.

save instagram stories

3. Now click on the desired person’s story avatar.

4. On the next screen, you will get the options to save the stories individually or all of them at once with the Download and Download all buttons.

download Instagram stories without notifying

All the photos/videos in the Story of the selected user will be downloaded in a zip folder. The amazing thing is that you can also download Instagram stories of private accounts (only for the people you follow) using this extension.

Download Instagram Stories On Android Anonymously

You will require the Story Assistant app. Download it and then follow the given steps:

  • Open the app, and log in to your Instagram account.
  • Then you will see all the list of users who have an active Instagram story. Tap on the user whose story you wish to save. Or you can search for any public profile you don’t follow from the search option.Story Assistant - download Instagram story from Android
  • After this, it will take you to the page where all the stories will be shown. Now here you can either download all the stories at once or just the particular one.
    • To download all at once, tap on the downward arrow icon at the top as shown on the image below.
download Instagram story from Android anonymously
1 – Download all at once 2, 3 – Download a particular story
  • For downloading a single-story, tap on the story and then select the downward arrow icon from the bottom.

The good thing here is that you can even download your own story in the same way. You can also share or repost Instagram stories.

Download Someone’s Instagram Story Without Letting Them Know On iPhone/iPad

iOS users can download and install Repost Story app from the App Store. On launching the app for the first time you’ll have to log in to your Instagram account.

Once you do that, you will be able to see the stories of all the people you follow at the top. Tap on the desired person’s avatar and select the desired photo/video in the story you wish to download.

Save someones Instagram story on iPhone

Finally, tap on the Options (gear icon) at the bottom right and select Save.

Allow the app to access your photos in order for it to successfully save the media to your Cameral Roll.

Not only your friends but you can also download stories of users you don’t follow by searching them in this app.

Download Your Own Instagram Stories

1. Open your Instagram Story by tapping on your Profile icon on top of feed where Stories are listed or under your Profile.

2. Once your Story is opened, tap on 3 dots at the bottom right.

3. Select Save Photo or Save Video from the list of options.

Download Instagram Stories

Similarly, you can download other photos and videos in your story. You can even share an Instagram story as a post.

If you download your own stories quite often then there is no need to do it manually all the time as you can do it automatically. Here’s how.

Automatically Save Your Instagram Stories To Camera Roll/Gallery

automatically save your instagram story
Story control - Instagram

1. On the Instagram app, go to your profile and tap on the hamburger icon at the top right of the screen and from there at the bottom select Settings.

2. Now, select Privacy and Security, then inside it tap on Story controls.

4. In Story controls, toggle the switch for Save to Camera Roll(iOS) or Save to Gallery(Android) to ON.

save your instagram stories
Left – Android, Right – iOS

Here you will also get the option, save to archive, on both the platforms. Archiving stories mean that all your stories will be saved even after they are expired without saving on the device and only you will be able to see them.

Alternatively, if you have an active story, then you can also go to the Story settings from there directly. For that:

  • Tap on your story, and from the bottom select More(three dots).
story settings - Instagram
  • Now select Story settings and it will take you to the same settings screen as above.

Download Your Own Instagram Live Video

Did you find some really interesting stuff in someone’s Instagram live video and you wish you could download it for future reference? You can very well achieve that even when the live video has ended.

In case you want your live video to be with you after it ends then Instagram allows you to save it.

When you end your live video on the same screen there is a Save option at the top right corner. Tap on it to save the live video to smartphone’s Gallery or Camera Roll.

Save your own Instagram live

Please note that the saved video will not have comments or heart bubbles.

Save Someone’s Instagram Live Video

Disclaimer: You should not download anyone’s live video without their knowledge and consent. We highly recommend you to do so and then proceed.

There are two ways to download others Instagram live – when it’s happening and when it has ended & shared as a story. Let’s go through both of them.

Method 1: In Real-Time

iPhone users can simply start the iOS screen recording feature introduced in iOS 11 from the Control Center and then open the live video on the Instagram app. When the live video is finished you can stop the recording and the live video will be saved to Camera Roll.

On Android, you can use any 3rd party screen recording app.

Method 2: When Live Video Has Ended And Shared As A Story

As sharing live video to stories allows followers to rewatch them there are good chances of finding someone’s live video in the Stories section. And if it’s there then use the following steps to download someone else’s live video.

You will need a computer and a Chrome browser. Once you have them proceed ahead.

  • Add IG Stories for Instagram extension to the Chrome browser that we also used above for downloading stories.
  • Now, visit the Instagram website and log in to your account. If you are already there then reload the page.
  • You will be able to see the video icon similar to YouTube on the user story once they share Live video there. Click on it.
Download Someone's Instagram Live
  • Then a new tab will open showing you the video. Here select the option to Download as shown in the screenshot below. It will not appear if you are using Mac.
Save Instagram Live
  • After that, a pop will appear, here click on GET DOWNLOADER. It will download an EXE file. If you do not wish to see this pop up every time, then tickmark the box below this option.
Get downloader - Instagram Live video story download
  • As the download finishes, IG Stories For Instagram will ask you to open the downloader received, select RUN.
IG for Instagram stories - download live stories
  • Now click on Yes from the notification and allow it to open the Downloaded file from the IG Stories for Instagram.
IG for Instagram Stories
  • After this, provide the name to the file and click on Save.
save instagram live stories
  • Then the progress bar will appear and once the video file is downloaded successfully it will notify you as shown in the screenshots below.
file saved successfully

Similarly, you can download, live from the users you follow using this Chrome Extension.

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Download Instagram Photos, Videos Using Any Device – PC/Mac, iPhone Or Android

This is the easiest and quick way when compared to others mentioned here. In this method, we will use a web tool/app that works on all the devices without any issues.

1. Firstly, you need the link of the Instagram post you wish to download. You can get it easily by tapping on the 3 dots present either below or top of the post and select Copy Link.

2. Now, go to ThumbTube Instagram Posts Downloader tool. Paste the link copied above in the text box and select Download Post.

Download Instagram Photo or Video

3. With this, it will fetch the photo/video and show it to you with an option to download it. Select Download Image/Video to save the post.

Download Instagram post using any device

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We wish that this tutorial helped you to download your friends Instagram Stories, Live stream and photos and videos posted on a profile. Share the article if you found it helpful.

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