How to download Instagram Stories of others without Notifying them

We have written quite a few tutorials at TechUntold on Instagram Stories since it was launched in August. In this Instagram article, you will learn about a method to save someone else’s Instagram Story photos and videos without taking screenshots and without notifying them on the Instagram website, iPhone and Android app. Apart from that, we will also mention about downloading your own Instagram Story which is not a big deal and can be done directly from the app.

Before coming to saving Instagram Stories of friends or users you’re following let us quickly have a look at how to download Instagram Story.

Download Instagram Stories

1. Open your Instagram Story by tapping on your Profile icon on top of feed where Stories are listed or under your Profile.

2. Once your Story is opened, tap on 3 dots at the bottom right.

3. Select Save Photo or Save Video from the list of options.

Download Instagram Stories

Similarly, you can download other photos and videos in your story. You can even share Instagram story as a post.

Now, it is time to let you know about saving others Instagram Stories.

Save Others Instagram Stories Without Notifying them on the Website

To download others Instagram Story photos and videos you need to use Instagram Web. Follow the steps given below to save friends Instagram Stories.

1. You will need Chrome browser to achieve this. Install Chrome IG Story extension. We also used this extension to view Instagram Stories on Web/PC.

Moreover, this extension can be used to view others Instagram Story without notifying them.

2. After installing Chrome IG story extension on Chrome browser open Instagram.

3. With the help of the extension, the Instagram Stories of the people you follow will be listed on the top of your feed as in Instagram mobile app.


If all of a sudden Chrome IG Story extension stops working for you and the circled icons on top of the feed disappear then do not panic.

It happened to me too but after referring to this Reddit thread, I uninstalled the extension and reinstalled it. After reinstalling the extension you will also need to log out and log in to your Instagram account again to make it work again.

4. The stories which you have viewed(from the app) are circled with gray and others are radiant. To save anyone’s Instagram right click on the Instagram story icon of the desired person and Select Download Story.

Save Others Instagram Stories

All the photos/videos in the Story of the selected user will be downloaded as a Zip file. In case you only want specific photos or videos from a story then open the Story by clicking on the story icon of the desired user.

Right click on the photo/video you wish to download and select Save image as…/ Save video as…

Download friends instagram stories

The best part about this method is that you can download Instagram Stories without notifying.

Here’s a quick video tutorial about the same. Continue reading the article to download stories on Android and iOS smartphones.

Save anyone’s Instagram Stories on Android

If you are looking to download someone’s Instagram stories on your Android phone then you can use Story Saver for Instagram app. You need to login to your Instagram account in order to save anyone’s Instagram stories. This app can also be used to view others Instagram Story without letting them know.

how to save anyones instagram story on android phone

Download Someone’s Instagram Story Without Letting them Know on iPhone/iPad

iOS users can download and install InstaStory on the App Store by clicking here.

If you remember the username there is no need to even log in to the app. To most users delight, you can view and download Instagram stories without following users using this app.

You can always log in using your Instagram credentials in the app if required. After you log in, the stories of all the users you follow will be listed. You can easily view and save them to your smartphone.

Download Someone's Instagram Story without notifying on iPhone/iPad

We wish that this tutorial helped you to download your friends Instagram Stories without letting them know. Share it if you found it helpful. Subscribe to our newsletter to get more Instagram guides delivered to your Inbox.


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