How To Hide Comments On Instagram Live: Make Your Instagram Live Experience Better!

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Instagram Live has gained a lot of popularity since the feature to share the live video as Story for re-watching was launched. In this tutorial, we will tell you how to how to hide comments on Instagram Live. You will be able to disable comments when streaming Instagram Live if you are going live (owner) and to hide comments when watching Instagram Live in real-time (viewer or owner).

So, let’s start!

Hide Comments When Streaming Instagram Live

If you are streaming a live video, you have total control over whether your audience can leave comments on Instagram Live or not. You can also switch between these two modes during the live streaming as well.

Hiding Comments On Your Live Video

Here is how to prevent viewers from commenting on your Instagram Live:

  1. In the Instagram app, start a live video by going to the Stories section and selecting the Live option.
  2. As soon as the video starts, tap on the three vertical dots to the right of the comment box.
  3. Select Turn Off Commenting.

This is how it looks on the screenshots:

hide comments when streaming Instagram Live, step 1
hide comments when streaming Instagram Live, step 2

With this, users won’t have the option to comment on your video. Sigh! You can always enable them during the live broadcast if you decide to in the same video.

You can also watch this video to see the same steps:

Turn On Live Comments Back

You can always turn the comments back on:

  1. Tap on the same three vertical dots in the comment box
  2. Select Turn On Commenting.

show the comments option when streaming Instagram Live

re-enable comments when streaming Instagram Live

Doing this will turn the comments back on during the live video.

Hide Comments When Watching IG Live

It used to be possible to hide comments on Instagram Live while watching it but Instagram has disabled this feature. It means Instagram no longer allows you to hide the comments while you’re watching somebody’s else live translation from the app.

So if you want to save someone’s live to watch it later without comments, it’s not possible.

But you can still do it if you want to watch the live streaming from your computer.

Also, what if you didn’t get a chance to see the live video while it was happening and now you’re viewing it in the Stories section. You might have already figured that tapping on the screen this time won’t remove the comments but it will forward or rewind the video by 15 seconds.

Well, this is not the first time and is definitely not going to be the last when a Chrome extension saves the day.

  1. If you don’t already have the Chrome browser, install it on your computer.
  2. Then, add the IG Stories Chrome extension.
  3. Go to the Instagram website and log in to your account – or reload the webpage if you were already logged in.
  4. You will see all the Instagram Live from the people you follow that are happening in real-time labeled as Live and other live videos that are shared to stories marked with a YouTube-like icon available at the top in the stories tray as shown in the screenshot below.
    Click on the one you wish to see, and a new tab will open.
Watch Instagram Live stories without comments
  1. As it starts showing the Live, you will get the option to Hide comments at the top on the right-hand side, select it and all the comments and emojis will disappear.
hide comments for live videos on Instagram
  1. To bring the comments back, just tap on Show comments and that’s it.
comments on live story Instagram

The good thing about this extension is that you can watch the Live video with both the audios and videos at once.

With this, Instagram Live will play without any comments in the new tab to keep you from getting distracted. Currently, you cannot hide comments on Instagram Live from the app. But this method enables you to do it from a computer and this is definitely the best shot you got right now.

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Wrapping Up

Now you know how to disable comments on Instagram Live whether you are an observer or the content maker!

It’s a lifesaver since you don’t have to manage comments while watching or streaming. Poor, abusive, trolling or offensive comments can be taken care of automatically.

If you want to do the same for your Instagram posts, read this post about how to turn off comments on Instagram.

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8 thoughts on “How To Hide Comments On Instagram Live: Make Your Instagram Live Experience Better!”

  1. Yeah, this was a nice feature. I enjoyed viewing live streams without all the comments cluttering my screen. But now, apparently, instagram has seen fit to disable your ability to hide comments. No longer can you tap the screen and have comments disappear. If this is a new update, I’m struggling to understand why it was necessary. Maybe the live owner still has the option but the live viewer does not.

    • Hi Bootniee,

      Yeah, recently Instagram has disabled hiding of comments while watching the live video at the time it is happening. However, if it is shared as a story then you may view it without comments using the method mentioned.


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