How To Use Instagram Direct On PC or Mac

Have you ever thought to use or send Instagram Direct message from the computer? Well, if that is your requirement then I have a few solutions for you in this article. This tutorial will share how to use Instagram Direct on PC or Mac.

If you are looking to send Instagram direct messages from the browser then follow send automated direct messages on Instagram. But this method is better in case you are sending automatic messages and not relevant to having a conversation. So, this post will share how can you have a conversation on Instagram Direct from the computer.

In case you’re totally new to Instagram you might not know about Instagram Web. Apart from Instagram App, you can use Instagram from your computer or smartphone browser as well.

How To Access Instagram From Computer?

In order to use Instagram from a computer, you just need to open the web browser and visit www.instagram.comLogin using your Instagram credentials and you are good to go.

Now, the thing is you won’t find any option to use Instagram Direct from the web which is a bit irritating. Personally, I feel that the feature to send Instagram Direct messages from the web should be added. For the time being, I am going to share the solutions which will allow you to send Instagram Direct messages from the computer for free.

Use Instagram Direct On PC Or Mac

Method 1: Instagram App For Windows 10

Instagram has an app on Windows Store. You can download it to your desktop from here. After you have installed it successfully open it and log in to your Instagram account as you would do on your phone.

When you sign in, you will be able to see your news feed. You can go to the Direct Message folder by clicking on the paper plane icon at the top right corner.

Instagram App for Windows 10

Under that, will be able to see all your conversations. Select the desired one and start chatting.

Instagram Direct on Windows 10 PC

This method will only work for users who are using Windows 10.

Method 2: Bluestacks For Windows And Mac

1. Download Bluestacks which is a software that acts as an Android device on your PC or Mac. We shared the same software for our earlier tutorial to install WhatsApp on PC.

2. Once the download completes, Install the software. It is an easy and straightforward process.

How to use Instagram Direct on PC

3. On completion of installation click Finish.

4. Wait for a few minutes and let it configure by itself. After that, you will get a welcome screen. Click on Right Arrow.

How to use Instagram Direct message on computer

5. Next, it will ask for a Google id. Enter your Gmail id credentials and proceed forward by clicking on the arrow at the right-hand side.

Use Instagram on PC

6.  When you’re done with all this setup, a screen similar to the one attached below will appear. Click on Search.

Use Instagram Direct on PC

7. Type Instagram in the search bar and click on the Instagram app icon when it shows up.

Search for Instagram in Bluestacks

8. You will be redirected to Play Store. Click on Install.

Install Instagram on PC using Bluestacks

9. The app will get Installed on your virtual Android device (Bluestacks)

10. After installation finishes, open the app. Click on Login at the bottom of the screen.

How to Use Instagram on PC

11. Enter your Instagram credentials and click Log in.

How to use Instagram Direct Message on computer

12. Instagram will open on your PC as it would open in Android app. Click on the Instagram Direct icon at the top right corner of the screen.

How to use Instagram Direct on PC

Now, enjoy sending Instagram Direct message on the computer.

Bluestacks might not be the best of the solutions but it’s certainly the best FREE way for using DM’s on macOS. If you don’t mind spending a few bucks then you can go for the paid app – “Direct Message for Instagram” on Mac App Store.

For Windows 10 users, using the official app is certainly the best bet.

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