How To Go Live On Instagram On Computer: Use One Of These Two Apps

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How to go live on Instagram on your laptop or desktop: Go to Sign in with Google, grant Loola access to your camera and microphone, and go through the tutorial. Connect your Instagram account. Go to Studio, make sure Instagram is selected, and click Go Live to start streaming!

Do you love live streaming on Instagram? Do you wish you could live stream on Instagram via your computer? Live streaming can be a powerful way for content creators to engage with all their followers simultaneously on Instagram. 

Unfortunately, Instagram only lets you do it on their mobile app. If only you could live stream from your desktop, you could use desktop-only tools to deliver top-notch content.

Fortunately, there are workarounds that enable you to do this. In this article, I’ll explain how to go live on Instagram on computer using two third party apps. I’ll also cover a step-by-step guide on how to start an Instagram live on your PC.

Instagram Live On A Computer – Yellow Duck Vs Loola – A Comparison

Yellow Duck and Loola are two popular third party apps for live streaming to Instagram from a computer. And while both have their benefits, after I used these for an Instagram live, I think that Loola is better for an Instagram live video.

Yellow Duck

Aside from technical issues experienced by some users, Yellow Duck is free and easy to use. Though they only have download buttons for Windows and Mac, you can also go live on Instagram with Linux using this. I did not try it on Linux, though.

With no multifunctional interface, after trying them both, I concluded that the biggest advantage of Yellow Duck over Loola is its simplicity.

Unfortunately, however, some Yellow Duck users aren’t able to go live on Instagram due to an error message.


The biggest advantage of Loola is its intuitive interface, which lets you see which platforms you’re streaming to, your viewers’ messages, and your most engaged viewers.

I was happy to discover that I can go live on Instagram for free with Loola’s Base pricing plan, as you can see on Loola’s website. For more features, you can pay money for their Premium or Pro plan. 

DJ Beneficial provides a comparison of using Loola and Yellow Duck with OBS (Open Broadcaster Software):

YouTube player

He explains that Instagram doesn’t share stream keys with users, making Loola a way to “get in through the back door.” He warns, however, that this might violate Instagram’s terms and conditions, so using it is at your own risk. As I suspected, this may also be true of Yellow Duck.

DJ Beneficial also warns that on the same day he tried using Loola, people tried breaking into the platforms he granted Loola access to. Additionally, he explains that using Loola and OBS together to go live on Instagram consumes a lot of CPU resources.

How To Use Instagram Live On PC

Yellow Duck (With OBS)

Si Hargreaves explains how to get started using Yellow Duck and OBS to host an Instagram live video:

YouTube player

As I found out after trying to go live on Instagram a few times, the steps will take you about 15 minutes

Below, I’ve paraphrased the instructions of the vlogger and included some of mine and DJ Beneficial’s:

  1. If you don’t already have OBS, download it.

    Download page of OBS

  2. In OBS, go to Settings.

    Start Streaming button at the lower right hand side inside OBS

  3. Click Output.

    Output tab in the left side bar

  4. Make sure the Video Bitrate is 2500 Kbps so that your live video works properly.

    Video bitrate 2500kbps in OBS

  5. Set the Audio Bitrate to 192.

    OBS audio bitrate 192

  6. Go to Video.

    Video settings tab in the left side bar

  7. Set the Base Resolution to 1080×1920.

    Base resolution set to 1080x1920

  8. Set the Output Resolution to 1080×1920.

    Output Resolution set to 1080x1920

  9. Set the Downscale Filter to bicubic and the Common FPS Values to 30.

    Downscale filter setting in OBS

  10. Go to and download Yellow Duck.

    Yellow duck Download page

  11. Open the file.

    Open the yellow duck downloaded file

  12. Yellow Duck will install itself.

    Yellow duck installation

  13. Open the Yellow Duck window.

    The yellowduck window

  14. You’ll probably get an error message. Si Hargreaves says this seems to happen every time (He probably means when a new person tries to use Yellow Duck). Click out of it.

    Yellowduck error message

  15. Repeat steps 10 – 13.

  16. Unfortunately, many people can’t get past the error message. If you can, log into Instagram in the Yellow Duck window.

    DJ Beneficial cautions that you’ll open an Instagram live story right after logging in.Instagram Login to Yellow Duck

  17. In Yellow Duck, copy the RTMP URL.

    RTMP input field in Yellow Duck

  18. In your OBS Settings, click Stream.

    OBS stream tab at the left sidebar

  19. Set Service to Custom.

    OBS service set to custom

  20. Paste the RTMP link next to Server.

    RTMP link input field in the OBS

  21. In the Yellow Duck window, copy the stream key.

    Stream key field in the Yellow Duck

  22. Paste it next to Stream Key in OBS.

    Stream key input field in the OBS

  23. Click out of Settings.

    OBS settings close button

  24. Click Yes to save changes.

    Yes button for saveing changes

  25. When you’re ready to start live streaming in OBS, click Start Streaming.

    Start Streaming button at the lower right hand side inside OBS

  26. When you’re done with your Instagram live video, go to Yellow Duck and click Save & Finish, followed by Finish.

    Save and finish button in the Yellow Duck

  27. Click Stop Streaming in OBS.

    Stop streaming button inside OBS


Based on my experience,starting Instagram live videos with Loola is a bit easier. To start Instagram live streaming with Loola,  follow these steps:

1. Go to


2. Click Let’s Get Started.

Loola Get Started

3. Click Sign in with Google.

Loola Sign in with Google

4. Choose an account.

Loola Choose an account

5. Click Allow.

Loola click allow

6. Allow Loola to use your microphone and camera.

Loola click allow microphone

7. Click Get Started.

Loola Get Started after microphone

8. You’ll be given a walkthrough. Click Next for each box and Finish for the last one.

Loola walkthrough next

9. Click the gear on the upper right.

Loola end

10. Click Instagram.

Loola click Instagram

11. Download and install the Chrome extension. 

*Just FYI, I’m not sure this is necessary. I tried doing an Instagram live stream after uninstalling the extension, and it seemed to work.

Loola download Chrome extension

12. Click Instagram again.

Loola click Instagram

13. Click Log in With Instagram.

Loola Log in with Instagram

14. Log into one of your Instagram social media accounts.

You may have technical problems with this part. If so, I suggest you keep trying until it works. You may have to log out of and back into Loola, until you have access to your social media channel.

Loola Log into Instagram

15. Click the X.

Loola Successfully connected

16. Click Studio.

Loola click studio

17. Click the gear on the lower right.

Loola lower right gear

18. Choose your camera, microphone, and dimensions.

Loola choose camera and mic

19. Click the gear again to collapse the menu.

Loola gear collapse window

20. If the Instagram icon isn’t colorful, click it.

Loola Instagram icon

21. Click Go Live to start Instagram live streaming!

Loola Go Live

22. When you’re done with your live video, click End.

Loola end

23. Loola will give you a broadcast summary.

Loola broadcast summary

24. If you want, Loola gives you the option to download your video or view detailed statistics. You can even share live stream videos or let users share live videos of yours on other social media channels, which, as I’ve discovered, is a great way to keep your audience engaged, even when you’re not actively streaming.

Loola download video

25. Close out of it when you’re done viewing it.

Loola close broadcast summary


How do you go live on Instagram on a laptop?

Though Instagram only lets you live stream through their phone app, you can live stream from a desktop or laptop PC using third party services. Yellow Duck and Loola are two popular solutions.

And That’s How To Go Live On Instagram On A Computer

Instagram lets you use many of its features on a laptop or desktop computer. Unfortunately, live streaming isn’t one of them. With a third party app, like Yellow Duck or Loola (and something like OBS), you can use tools on your computer to create the best Instagram live video possible. This way, you can achieve the highest possible engagement.

Similarly, if you would like to disable IG Live comments, you can do it only from the Instagram app.

Did you enjoy this tutorial? If you did, please share it! Please also share any thoughts or concerns in the comments. Also, let me know if you have encountered any other issues with your Instagram Android version or Instagram account, and I’ll help you fix them.

Wondering how to upload images to Instagram from your laptop or desktop? Click here for a tutorial.

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Cole is a freelance writer and former laptop repair technician with a knack for explaining how things work. As a remote worker and millennial, software and the internet are ordinary parts of his life. Cole’s pastimes include enjoying the outdoors, meditation, and listening to creepypastas on Youtube. Follow him on LinkedIn.

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