How To Use Telegram Without Phone Number in Four Ways

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Though you can’t use Telegram without a phone number, you don’t have to use your cell phone number. You can use your landline or an alternate number from an app such as Text Free, Google Voice, Burner, or TextNow. Telegram uses your number to verify your identity.

Telegram is a nifty alternative to regular texting because it’s free, fast, and private. But for extra privacy, you might be wondering: can you use Telegram without a phone number? Though you technically can’t use Telegram without a phone number, it doesn’t need to be your mobile number

In this article, I’ll explain how to get alternate phone numbers from four sources and how to set up a Telegram account using your new or landline number.

Welcome to Telegram

How To Get An Alternate Phone Number

Create A Text Free Account

The Text Free app allows you to make unlimited free texts. You can also freely earn or cheaply buy minutes for calls over Wi-Fi. Here’s how to set up your account:

1. Download the Text Free app.

Text Free install app

2. Open it.

Text Free open app

3. Tap Sign Up.

Text Free sign up

4. Tap OK.

Text Free OK

5. Allow Text Free to access your device’s location.

Text Free microphone access

6. Enter an area code and tap Continue.

Text Free choose area code

7. Choose a number.

Text Free choose a number

8. Tap Confirm.

Text Free confirm new number

9. Create your account.

Do note that your time to do this is limited.

Text Free create account gender
Text Free create account limited time

10. Tap OK.

Text Free OK microphone

11. Give Text Free microphone access.

Text Free microphone access

12. Tap Maybe later.

Text Free maybe later

13. You’re In!

Text Free You're in

For more information on Text Free and how to use it, click here

Create A Google Voice Account

Google Voice is an online phone service that lets you make unlimited free texts and calls with other U.S. numbers (Click here to find calling rates for other countries.). Your Google Voice number must be associated with your Google account. For extra privacy, make an account just for this purpose. 

Here’s how to set up a Google Voice account:

1. Download the Google Voice app.

Install Google Voice

2. Open it.

Open Google Voice

3. Login to your Google account.

Sign into Google

4. Tap Search.

Google tap search

5. Look up locations and numbers in the search bar.

Google search by location

6. Or tap one of the options below.

Google Birmingham

7. Pick a number.

Google choose number

8. Tap Accept number

Google tap accept number

9. Tap Allow.

Allow Google voice

10. Enter your phone number.

Google enter number

11. Tap Send code and enter it.

Google send code

12. Tap Finish.

Google tap finish

13. If you ever forget your Google Voice number, you can find it under settings. Tap the three bars on the upper left.

Google three bars

14. Tap Settings.

Google voice settings

15. Your number will be here.

Google voice number

Here’s an overview by Technology for Teachers and Students on how to use Google Voice:

Create A Burner Account

Burner works by rerouting phone calls to your real phone number when someone calls your Burner number. The caller only sees your Burner number. Though Burner charges money for its services, you can use a number for free for one week by downloading their app. 

Here’s how to set up a Burner account:

1. Download the app.

Burner install

2. Click Sign Up.

Burner Sign up

3. Enter your phone number.

Burner enter phone

4. Tap Continue.

Burner enter phone, continue

5. Agree to the terms of service.

Burner terms of service

6. Choose an area code.

Burner type in area code

7. Choose a number.

Burner Choose number

8. Tap Continue.

Burner congrats your new number

9. Tap Try 1 Week Free

Burner one week free

10. Subscribe to the one-week trial.

Burner subscribe

For information on how to use Burner, visit

Cancel your free trial within a week or you will pay!

If you don’t want to keep using Burner after the trial period, make sure you cancel it before you get charged. If you’re an Android user, here’s how:

1. Visit the app in Google Play and tap Manage Subscriptions.

Burner manage subscriptions

2. Tap the subscription.

Burner tap subscription

3. Tap Cancel subscription.

Burner cancel subscription

4. Tap Cancel subscription again.

Burner cancel subscription again

5. Give your reason for canceling and tap Continue.

Burner reason for cancelling

Create A TextNow Account

TextNow allows you to make free calls and texts over Wi-Fi. It also offers free, nationwide cellular service over the Nationwide Sprint® Network, supported by ads.

Here’s how to set up a TextNow account:

1. Install the app.

TextNow Install

2. Open it.

TextNow open app

3. Tap Sign Up.

TextNow sign up

4. Choose a sign-up option.

TextNow Google Facebook Email

5. Tap Set Up.

TextNow Set Up

6. Allow or don’t allow TextNow to use your location.

TextNow use location

7. Choose a free number.

TextNow choose a number

8. You’re in!

TextNow You're in (2)

To learn how to use TextNow, watch this overview:

Now Set Up Your Telegram Account

Telegram only needs your phone number to verify your account. This measure is meant to block bots. 

Follow these instructions to start using Telegram:

1. Install the app.

Install Telegram

2. Tap Open.

Telegram tap open

3. Tap Start Messaging.

Telegram Start Messaging

4. Tap OK.

Telegram tap ok

5. Tap Deny.

Telegram Tap Deny

6. Enter your alternate or landline phone number you’ve set up using one of the methods above.

Telegram enter phone number

*If you enter your landline number, Sal Tech explains that you’ll be called in two minutes with a spoken verification code:

Make sure you write it down so you won’t forget it.

7. You’ll be asked the same question as before. Tap OK and then Deny.

Telegram Tap ok again

8. Get and enter your verification code from your alternate phone number provider or house phone. 

Telegram enter code

9. Enter your name.

Telegram enter name

10. You’re in!

Welcome to Telegram


Can you use Telegram without a phone number?

You must use a phone number to verify your Telegram account. But instead of using your cell phone number, you can use your landline or an alternate number from a service like Text Free, Google Voice, Burner, or TextNow.

How to set up Telegram without a phone number?

When Telegram asks you for your number, enter your landline or an app-provided number. If you enter your landline, you’ll get a call in two minutes with a verification code. If you enter an alternate number from an app, check the app or your cell phone for your code.

That’s How To Use Telegram Without A Phone Number!

A major reason to use Telegram is for privacy, so why give it your cell phone number if you don’t have to? You can verify your account with an app-based number or, if you’re comfortable with it, your landline. Telegram only needs your number to verify your identity, and either of these options will work fine for this purpose.

If you already signed up using your personal number, here’s how to change it in Telegram. If you prefer, you could also simply hide your number. Also, you can do the same trick with WhatsApp.

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