How To Use WhatsApp Without A Phone Number – Use This Approach

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Have you ever used the social media messaging application, Whatsapp? Although Whatsapp has its pros and cons, it does take security very seriously, so every WhatsApp account is directly linked to a valid phone number

The app uses code-based authentication to verify your identity, which means upon registration, a code will first be sent to the phone number you’re using, requiring you to enter it as a means of verifying your identity. 

However, what if you need to use WhatsApp and you don’t have a phone number available

Maybe it’s an emergency – you’ve lost your phone and the only way to contact somebody who can help is through WhatsApp. Or maybe you’d like to separate your personal mobile number from your WhatsApp account, but can’t spare the time or money to acquire a new number.

Regardless of your purpose, I’m here to help. This article will teach you the two most common methods of how to use WhatsApp without a phone number. 

Using WhatsApp Without A Phone Number

There are two methods that you can employ if you want to use WhatsApp without a mobile phone number. In the following section, I will discuss each one in detail.

Method 1: Use A Landline Number

This is the easiest method to use the app without a mobile. For this, you do still need a working number to proceed – just not a mobile number. You can get around the security verification with a working landline number using a feature in the WhatsApp verification process that allows you to verify your account without having to receive an SMS.

To start with, make sure you’ve already installed a WhatsApp account and that you haven’t registered it to any mobile number yet.

The actual setup will take you about 3 minutes.

Follow these steps to verify Whatsapp using a landline number.

  1. Open WhatsApp and proceed through the setup until you reach the verification process.

    Whatsapp welcome page with agree and continue button

  2. You will be asked to provide your mobile number in the field. Instead of doing so, enter the landline number. Make sure it’s a number that you can access.

    Next button at bottom on the phone number enter page

  3. Submit the number for verification by clicking OK. If there’s an option to verify by phone call, select it and continue.

    Ok button to confirm the entered phone number

  4. If there isn’t a button for this, simply wait for the SMS process to fail and you will be presented with an option to receive a call instead.

    Verify phone number page

  5. After tapping “Call Me,” wait for WhatsApp’s automated call to the landline number that you’ve entered.

    Call me option on the number verify page

  6. The call will deliver a 6-digit verification codeInput the delivered verification code in the field provided to authenticate the WhatsApp account.

    Whatsapp verifying the OTP code

  7. You can now use WhatsApp without phone, at least, not a mobile one.

Method 2: Use A Virtual Mobile Number

TextNow is a messaging app that gives you a unique phone number that you can use to send messages. For this method, we will take advantage of this feature from TextNow to get past the WhatsApp security verification feature.

Follow the steps below to download the TextNow app and get your TextNow phone number.

  1. Download TextNow through the Google Play Store, Windows Phone Store, or Apple App Store
Texnow Home Page
  1. If you’re using a PC to get your TextNow number, make sure you have a working emulator, such as Bluestacks. Download your TextNow app from there.
BlueStacks Home Page
  1. Once you have the app downloaded, open it to start the setup process.
  1. After the setup, you should receive your TextNow number. Take note of it, as you will use it for the next part of the process. 

If you can’t find your number in the app, or you forgot to write it down before it disappeared, you can retrieve it by tapping on the 3-dot kebab icon, which is located on the top-left corner of the app’s interface. This should be similar for both Android and iOS.

The next step is to verify your WhatsApp account with the number that you got from TextNow. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Open WhatsApp and proceed with the setup until you’re prompted to enter your mobile number for verification.
  2. Enter the TextNow number in the field provided.
  3. Press Submit.
  4. Wait for the verification to fail. Once this happens, you will be presented with an option to receive a call instead.
  5. Once presented with this option, tap the “Call Me” button to receive the call.
  6. Go to your TextNow account and wait for the call.
  7. An automated call will be directed to your TextNow number, which will deliver a 6-digit verification code.
  8. Once you’ve noted the code, go back to WhatsApp and enter the verification code.
  9. Once this has succeeded, you can now use WhatsApp without a personal mobile number.


Can You Join WhatsApp Without A Phone Number?

Yes, you can join WhatsApp without a phone number, as long as you get through the verification process. You can do this through the use of a landline number or a unique app-generated number.

Short of hacking the app, it’s not possible to successfully complete the verification process without a WhatsApp code, which you can only get with a valid phone number. Again, if you don’t want to give your personal mobile number, you can use the two methods presented above.

Can You Whatsapp Someone Without Their Phone Number?

Under normal circumstances, you can’t WhatsApp someone if their phone number is not saved on your device. 

However, there are a couple of things you can do, such as using third-party scripts that will redirect you to a browser website or using Siri Shortcuts for iOS users. Although not official methods to send messages without a phone number, these methods should work.

What Are Other Means Of Getting A Free Virtual Number For The Verification Process?

If you don’t have a mobile number that you can use to verify for WhatsApp, or you’re unwilling to enter your mobile number to be used for this app, you can use virtual numbers for this purpose.

TextNow is one of these services, where you can get a free, unique number that you can use for a variety of different purposes, such as to verify your social messaging accounts. Home Page

However, TextNow is not the only service available that provides free virtual numbers. There are also other services, such as Global Call Forwarding, MyOperator, Grasshopper, and that can give you a free number that can act as your number while you register. The source of the number doesn’t matter, as long as you can use it to verify your WhatsApp account.

How to Use WhatsApp Without A Phone Number

After reading this guide, you should be able to verify WhatsApp without a phone number. This could be great for emergencies, such as if you’ve lost your phone or if you’re in a situation where you have a phone without a SIM card.

You can use a landline number to verify your WhatsApp account, as well as a unique mobile number that could be generated by various apps. With these methods, you can accomplish the strict verification process that is required by WhatsApp.

Did you enjoy this article? What’s your favorite method? Feel free to let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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