2 Ways To Set Up Auto Messages On Instagram

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Set up an Instagram auto reply by going to your Instagram profile and tapping the hamburger icon. Next, tap Settings and select Creator. In the next menu, tap Frequently asked questions. Add your question and your answer. You can add up to four FAQs to your Instagram profile.

Have you ever wondered how to set up automated messages on Instagram? Automated messages are a great way to save time while interacting with current and potential customers on Instagram.

I have a little niche Instagram creator page, and Instagram auto-replies have been a lifesaver when it comes to answering queries or letting users know about what I’ve got available whenever they message me. I think it’s a must-use feature for anyone with an Instagram Business or Creator page.

Read on to learn about Instagram auto-replies and how to set them up. 

Things To Do Before You Can Send Automated Messages On Instagram

Here’s what you need to do before you set up auto responses on Instagram:

  • Ensure your phone and computer are connected to the internet. You’ll need both for this process. 
  • Double-check your login for Instagram and Facebook for your phone and computer so you can switch between both apps easily. 
  • Ensure that your Instagram page and Facebook Business page are linked. If you’re unsure of how to do so, I’ll show you how. 

How To Send Automated Messages On Instagram

Automated reply to a message on Instagram

Instagram is a vital part of any company’s social media marketing campaign. Whether you’re a large, medium, or small business or even a one-person show like mine, Instagram is a great way to connect with your audience and market your products. 

If you’ve been having difficulty extending your reach on Instagram lately, check to ensure you’re not shadowbanned. It’s something no business owner wants. 

Instagram has over 200 million business profiles, according to the social media marketing company, EmbedSocial. And this is merely a fraction of Instagram’s 1.4 billion monthly active users (MAUs). As such, Meta has an entire Business Suite dedicated to helping businesses manage their Instagram and Facebook pages. 

In this tutorial, I’ll demonstrate how to set up Instagram auto-replies to frequently asked questions with the Instagram app and automated direct messages with the Meta Business Suite. 

By Setting Up An Automated Reply To FAQs Using The Instagram App

Every business or creator encounters similar questions from different customers. Answering these frequently asked questions in the comments or as direct messages can take up much of your time, which, in my experience, is already extremely limited as a business owner. 

That’s why the FAQ Instagram auto-reply is one of my favorite features. If someone is messaging you for the first time, they’ll see suggested questions at the top of the chat that they can click on. When they select a question, it will be sent as a message, and they’ll receive an auto-reply with the answer.

According to the Instagram Help Center, you can select up to four FAQs for your Instagram direct messages

It’s also important to note that when someone you don’t follow messages you, these messages may be in your message requests rather than your general inbox.

Check this area frequently so you don’t miss any important Instagram DMs, like rapper T-Pain, who reportedly checked his DM requests and realized that he missed a lot of messages from fellow musicians who wanted to work with him, according to Complex, an entertainment magazine. 

Here’s how to set up FAQ automated messages on Instagram:

It will take you about 3 minutes

  1. Tap the hamburger icon on your Instagram profile.

    Hamburger menu icon at the top right corner

  2. Next, select Settings in the popup menu.

    Settings option in the pop up menu

  3. Tap Creator in the Settings menu.

    Creator option in the settings

  4. Select Frequently Asked Questions in the Creator menu.

    It’ll be off by default.
    Frequently asked questions option inside the creator settings

  5. Add your FAQ and answer.

    As I mentioned before, you can add up to four FAQs. I’m just adding one for this tutorial.
    Input field for the question and the answer

  6. Tap Save in the top right once you’ve added your FAQ and answer.

    You can see the FAQ and answer I chose in the screenshot below.Save option at the top right corner

  7. Message your Instagram Business account from another Instagram profile.

    This is so we can see the FAQ automated reply in action.Message button on the Instagram profile page

  8. Tap the FAQ at the top of the chat.

    FAQ suggested as a question to ask

  9. You’ll receive the Instagram auto message that you set for that question.

    FAQ answered automatically by Instagram

Here’s a video on how to create an Instagram auto-reply to an FAQ:

YouTube player

By Setting Up Automated Instagram Messages Via Meta Business Suite

The Meta Business Center is like the HQ for managing your Instagram and Facebook pages. According to Facebook, Meta Business Suite is where you can manage all of your advertising and marketing activities on Facebook and Instagram.  

That’s why you can use the Meta Business Suite to automate messages to engage current and potential customers. I’ll use my PC for this demonstration because Meta Business Suite is not optimized for phones and is best used on a computer. 

If you want to tidy up your inbox before automating messages, here’s how to hide messages on Messenger to help you do it. 

After you do that, here’s how to set up an automated Instagram message using the Meta Business Suite:

  1. Log into your Facebook account on your PC.
Facebook login page on desktop
  1. Click Pages on the side menu to the left. 
Pages option at the Facebook left side menu
  1. Next, click Meta Business Suite

This will take you to the Meta Business Suite, where you can manage your Instagram and Facebook pages. 

Meta Business Suite option inside pages
  1. Click Inbox on the side menu to the left.

This option allows you to manage your Facebook and Instagram messages and comments. 

Inbox option for Meta Business Suite
  1. Click Instagram.
Instagram option at the top bar on the inbox page
  1. Click Connect. 

As a security measure, you must log into Instagram again before accessing your Instagram messages in the Meta Business Centre.

Connect button to connect Instagram to inbox
  1. Click Confirm in the popup menu. 
Confirm button to allow access to Instagram messages in inbox
  1. Log into Instagram in the popup window. 
Instagram login pop up
  1. Afterward, click Done. 

This will confirm a successful connection; you can now access all your direct messages on Instagram via Meta Business Suite. 

Instagram connected to the inbox
  1. Click Automations at the top of the Inbox page.

This will allow you to set up automated responses.

Automations button at the top of the inbox page
  1. Click Instant Reply.

As I mentioned earlier, there are several types of automated messages. I chose Instant Reply for this tutorial, which is an auto-reply that someone gets after sending you the first message. The Instant Reply can serve as a welcome message.

Instant reply option inside automations
  1. Toggle on Instant Reply.
Toggle button to turn on the instant reply option
  1. Click the checkbox beside Instagram. 

You can choose Facebook or Instagram for sending automated messages. I only chose Instagram for this tutorial. 

Instagram check box inside instant reply option
  1. Scroll to the bottom of the page to edit your instant reply

I opted to keep the default text because it worked for me. 

Text field to edit the instant reply
  1. Click Save Changes to complete your setup. 

Right above the Save Changes button, you’ll see a preview of your automated response in Messenger. 

Save changes option at the bottom right corner
  1. Here is a screenshot of my Instagram auto-reply direct message
Instagram automated reply to a message

Here’s a video on how to set up automated responses on Instagram via Meta Business Suite:

YouTube player

How To Link Your Instagram & Facebook Page

As I mentioned, you must link your Instagram account and Facebook page to send automatic messages. This is so you can access and take advantage of all the tools and features that the Meta Business Centre offers, according to the digital marketing company, Easypromos. 

It’s important to note that even if your Facebook and Instagram accounts are linked, you must link your business page on Facebook to your Instagram separately. I noticed this when I was doing my test. Read on as I show you how to do it:

  1. Open the Instagram app on your phone. 
Instagram app icon inside social folder
  1. Tap your profile picture in the bottom right corner. 
Profile picture icon at the bottom right corner
  1. Tap Edit Profile.

This will allow you to change your Instagram profile, such as changing the profile picture, username, and display name. 

Edit profile button on the profile page
  1. Select Page under Profile Information. 
Page option inside edit profile settings
  1. Tap Continue on the popup window.
Continue button to connect or create a Facebook page
  1. Select Continue again. 

This is where you’ll see a notice about connecting your Instagram and Facebook pages and the advantages of doing so. 

Continue button to share logins using Accounts Centre
  1. Select the Facebook page you want to connect to. 
Toggle option to connect the selected Facebook page
  1. Tap Done to complete the connection. 
Done button to complete the connection

Here’s a video on how to connect your Facebook page to your Instagram:

YouTube player

Benefits Of Instagram Auto Reply

Automations options offered by the Instagram

The Instagram auto-reply offers a host of features besides just saving time. You can create an Instagram auto-reply for any frequently asked question, instant replies for direct messages from new customers, and away messages via the Meta Business Suite. 

Other message automation features are currently only available for Messenger, not as an Instagram auto message. But even with the fewer automation options available for Instagram than Messenger, there are a couple of benefits and uses:

You Can Create A Customized Welcome Message

Instant Reply automated messages work best as a greeting. However, you can customize that greeting to say whatever you need to in 500 characters or less

While I decided to keep the default welcome message for this tutorial, I encourage you to create a welcome message that will encourage whoever is messaging you to interact more with your page or even visit your website. 

You Can Provide Communication Alternatives

If you utilize the Away automated message, you can generate an Instagram auto-reply with your contact details. This could include your WhatsApp Business number, your email address, or a link to your website. Speaking of which, you can set up auto-replies on WhatsApp Business too. 

Instagram auto-reply is a way to get customers to further engage with you and your Instagram account while saving time. 


Can you set up automatic messages on Instagram?

You can set up automatic messages on Instagram. These messages are known as frequently asked questions (FAQs), and you can set up to four of them. They’re displayed as message suggestions for customers or potential customers, and when they send these messages, they’ll receive an auto-reply with the answer.

Is there auto reply to DM in Instagram?

There is auto reply to DM in Instagram. These automatic responses can be set up in the Instagram app as FAQs and in the Meta Business Suite. Those set up in the Meta Business Center offer more options. You can automate an Instant Reply or an Away Message.

What is Instagram DM automation?

Instagram DM automation is a way to send automatic replies to anyone who sends you messages to your Instagram Business or Creator page. You can use automatic messages to increase engagement, generate leads, and give customers more information about your business. Automation is free with the Meta Business Suite.

Can you schedule a direct message on Instagram?

You can schedule a direct message on Instagram. However, this feature isn’t available to everyone and is primarily for Instagram business pages. As a consumer, you can opt to receive scheduled messages from an Instagram Business or Creator page. Sadly, this feature isn’t available for everyday Instagram users.

Automated Messages On Instagram – Wrapping Up

What’d you think of this tutorial? I love Instagram auto-replies. They allow you to save time and engage customers outside of business hours. They’re also another way to direct them to your website

If someone decides to send you an Instagram direct message, an auto-reply can make sure their time is honored and give them the information they need. Sometimes you don’t even have to respond, so it’s a win-win.  

Speaking of engagement, check out the 6 best apps to create Instagram content. My personal favorite is Adobe LightRoom. If you have any questions about Instagram DMs or auto-replies ask them in the comments below. If you liked this article, share it with anyone you think would benefit.

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Hemant Mendiratta is a co-founder of TechUntold and a passionate tech blogger, avid gamer, and social media guru who keenly monitors useful apps and gadgets. He is the ideator of our Instagram tool StoryHoot which allows watching Instagram stories anonymously. You can connect with him on: Facebook, Twitter.

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