Send Automated Messages On Twitter And Instagram

This article will share web services which allow you to send automated messages on Twitter and Instagram to new as well as all followers for free.

It is always a good idea to send a direct message every time a new user follows you. Using direct message to say “Thank You for the follow!” is a good way to build a better connection with Twitter and Instagram followers. However, it is a tedious task to send these messages manually. Therefore, I will be sharing two free web services with which you can create a welcome message for new followers and send it automatically when anyone follows you on Instagram and Twitter. Also, you can message to all the followers as well if required.

Note: It is not recommended to promote or sell something using automated D.M. If you do so, most of the users will consider you as spam and unfollow you on Instagram and Twitter right away.

Send Automated Messages On Twitter And Instagram For free

1. Crowdfire

Install the Crowdfire app and give it access to your Twitter account. You can add multiple Instagram and Twitter accounts under a single Crowdfire account.

You can use this service to automate D.M. on Twitter. Currently, there is no feature to send automated Instagram Direct messages using CrowdfireApp.

Create a free account on CrowdFire

To automate D.M. click on Automate and enter your desired message. Click on Add More.

Send Automated Direct messages on Twitter

Now anytime a user follows you on Twitter they will get an automated message which you entered above. Crowdfire will be mentioned in your direct message. Apart from automating direct messages, Crowdfireapp will provide you with the following information as well.

a. Who unfollowed you on Twitter and Instagram

b. List of users you follow but they don’t follow you back(Non-Followers)

c. List of users following you but you don’t follow them(Fans)

Let us proceed to the second service with which you can send automated messages on Instagram as well.

2. Holr

Personally, I like this service more than Crowdfire to send direct messages to new followers. There are three significant advantages :

1. You can use Holr for both Instagram and Twitter, unlike Crowdfire where you cannot automate Instagram Direct messages.

2. Holr won’t be mentioned in your direct messages when in the 7-day trial period. Hence, it will feel like more personal to the other user. However, once the trial version expires Holr will be mentioned in your direct automated messages.

3. The best part is apart from new followers you can even send out a message to all the followers at once using Holr.

Create a free account on Holr

Connect your Twitter and Instagram accounts with Holr by using Add Account under Accounts in the left sidebar. After connecting Instagram will have a message created by default which is good enough. Of course, you can edit it if desired. For Twitter, you need to create one of your

For Twitter, you need to create one of your choices. After creating select New Followers and click on Start sending.

If you want to send out a message to all the followers you may select All Followers.

Send automated direct messages to new followers

We wish that these services will help you out in sending automated direct messages on Instagram and Twitter. Do you use any other service or tool to automate direct messages? Share your thoughts in the comment section with everyone.


  1. Hey Hemant,

    There is another tool called Fan Harvest. It allows you to send auto messages as well as schedule posts and automate a lot of other things about Instagram marketing.

    • Hi Sam,

      If you are fine with the service name in your automated DM’s then the one’s mentioned are absolutely free. If not then I am afraid you will have to go for the premium version.


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