How To Auto Reply On WhatsApp Without Root

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Today, we communicate more through WhatsApp messages rather than phone calls. WhatsApp is without a doubt a convenient and quick way of communicating. If you use WhatsApp for work then replying to clients on time has to be your priority. However, going on WhatsApp while working or commuting might not be possible. Moreover, at the end of the day replying to messages instantly is going to hamper your productivity. But, what if we told that you can auto-reply on WhatsApp? That would solve the problem. Won’t it? Follow this tutorial and you will be good to auto-respond on WhatsApp for Android devices and that too without root.

Auto Reply On WhatsApp

1. Head over to Play Store and look for AutoResponder for WA – Auto Reply Bot app. Or you can directly use the following link.

2. Once the app is installed open it. The app will prompt you to grant Notifications access. Tap on Notification Settings. It will take you to the Settings screen where you will have to the enable the toggle switch for AutoResponder for WA.

Auto Responder for WhatsApp

With this, you have given the app to access notifications. This is important because the app doesn’t access your WhatsApp instead it reads the WhatsApp messages from notifications and automatically replies to them from the notification itself. So, your WhatsApp notifications should be enabled for this app to work.

3. Now, go back to the AutoResponder for WA app. On the home screen of the app, you will see a + icon at the bottom right. You need to tap on that. It is meant for creating rules based on which the app will send auto-replies.

Create Rule for sending auto reply on WhatsApp

4. The most important part of creating the rule is setting the Received message text to assign the messages for auto-reply. For instance, you can set it for received messages like ‘Hi’, ‘Hello’, ‘What’s Up’ etc.  So, type the desired message. If you want to make the app send auto-response for all messages irrespective of the text then set it to * or tap on All next to Received message label.

In case you are going for a specific message then make sure you type it exactly as it is or else auto-reply won’t be sent.

5. Moving ahead, type in your desired reply under Reply message. You can enable the automatic responses for Contacts, Groups or Both in Receiver section. Next, you can also give a Delay in seconds for the reply.

Moreover, it is also possible to set the auto-reply for Specific contacts or disable it for certain contacts in Ignored contacts. You need type the exact name of the contact, group or WhatsApp phone number for adding contacts in either of the category.

Send automatic response on WhatsApp

6. Finally, tap on the checkmark icon at the bottom right to save the rule.

Now, see the bot auto-reply to your messages while you continue doing whatever you are doing. You can always edit a rule if desired by tapping on it from the home screen.

Edit Rule - WhatsApp auto reply bot

Similarly, you can add other rules according to your requirement.

It is possible to disable the bot from auto-replying without deleting the rules or the app itself. Just open this app and disable the toggle button at the top to make it inactive. You can enable it anytime when required.

If you like the app then it can offer more in the premium version. Features like pattern matching for messages, reply only at specific times, etc. will give you even more control over the auto-replies.

The app worked perfectly for me and auto-replies were sent without any manual involvement.

Give this app a try and send auto reply on WhatsApp. Just keep in mind that if you have WhatsApp backups enabled, the auto replies will be a part of them. You can stop a backup on WhatsApp by following these steps.

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