6 Of The Best Instagram Apps to Generate Must-See Content For An Engaging Feed

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Whether you’re using Instagram for business or for fun, you want to make your photos look attractive and like-worthy. There are tons of dedicated tools that promise to help you with that. Photo enhancing software, video editors, and various apps tracking audience engagement are flooding the market. But how can you decide which tool is really worth a shot? 

Below are the top Instagram apps that can go a long way towards helping you take your posts and stories to the next level. 

All the options presented on today’s list of the best IG apps for creating great content boast a wealth of useful features and ease of use and are compatible with multiple mobile platforms. 


Crello Photo Editor UI

The first tool worthy of a mention is Crello. 

This new photo editor is gaining rapid popularity among social media users for good reason. Its versatile features can help you quickly edit any picture you intend to post on Instagram and make some tweaks to old photos and thus give them a fresh look.  

You can also remove unwanted backgrounds from your travel photos, spruce them up with unique fonts, captions, or frames. And don’t forget to add fun effects well-liked by Instagramers. 

Crello can also help you resize and crop your pictures in the blink of an eye and make them more fit for social sharing. 

Crello boasts a rich collection of filters, integrated media files, and ready-made templates you can use to create unique designs for Instagram stories, Facebook posts, or Pinterest graphics. 

What’s more, a wide array of editing tools offered by Crello can be employed by digital marketers and business owners in their advertising campaigns. 

Crello provides you with all tools necessary to design a unique logo or make a poster for your upcoming business campaign. This can help you engage your target audience on Instagram and boost your startup’s chances of success. 

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Adobe Lightroom Photo Editor

Adobe Lightroom UI

If you’re after a truly powerful photo editor that can be used for creating professional-looking images, don’t hesitate to opt for Adobe Lightroom Photo Editor

The tool in question can be used for quickly snapping pictures with your phone and polishing your raw images on the go. 

A wide variety of advanced features enable you to tweak your image’s brightness, contract, and saturation to instantly enhance its quality. You can also easily retouch color and light, add various filters, and accentuate details with Lightroom’s advanced picture editor. 

Tap into the power of AI and start organizing your extensive collections of photos more efficiently. 

With Adobe Sensei, you can sort out your images based on what it is in them. Should you need to locate some specific photos, take advantage of the quick search option and get instant access to them. 

And there is more, much more to Lightroom Photo Editor… Try out this tool right now to impress your followers with immaculately edited photos.

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A Color Story 

A Color Story Branding

Instagram is all about publishing juicy, bright, and eye-catching images. To make your photos stand out, you want to add more color to them. And that’s when A Color Story can come in handy. 

There are 20 photo enhancing tools for you to choose from. 

Each of them was meticulously designed and thought-out to suit your specific editing needs and preferences. Sift through tons of available filters to find the ones that appeal to your esthetic tastes and can cater to your Instagram needs best. 

There are also movable effects that can spice up your everyday photos. What’s more, A Color Story gives you more creative control over the look and feel of your Inst5agram grid. Capitalize on its advanced editing tools to craft a unified and cohesive grid layout and score more likes. 

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AppForType Templates

AppForType is an ideal application for those who don’t want to fit the mold and always seek for creative solutions. 

AppForType provides you with access to countless ready-made templates you can use to create a unique Instagram story. 

The app in question is also ideal for creating eye-catching collages and adding fun stickers to your photos. 

But what avid Instagramers particularly like about AppForType is its extensive collection of fonts that knows no equal. Exactly what lovers of typography need! Spruce up your posts with ornate pictorial calligraphy, graffiti, and handwriting fonts and watch them gathering coveted hearts on Instagram. 

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Boomerang from Instagram 

Boomerang App UI

Boomerang from Instagram is an-easy-to-use application that helps you instantly capture short videos for your Instagram. 

You can record fun videos just in one click and share it immediately with your followers. The app shoots ten photos and then puts them together to create a mini video project akin to a GIF.  

To create a cool video with Boomerang, you can use your rear-facing or front camera to shoot a nice Instagram video in no time and share it immediately without making any tweaks to it. 

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Hootsuite Mobile App 

HootSuite Mobile App Welcome Panel

It rarely happens that an Instagram user doesn’t want to stay on top of things when it comes to tracking their performance

Hootsuite app goes a long way toward helping their users post engaging content at an optimum time and ensure the best possible audience engagement. 

With Hootsuite, you can postpone the publication of a certain post or schedule a specific publication date. This will help you fill your Instagram content calendar more effectively and thus become a more consistent and predictable influencer.

Hootsuite’s analytics tools will help you keep abreast of the important Instagram metrics and meet the pace of constantly changing Insta trends, especially if you manage multiple IG accounts

What’s more, Hootsuite makes it easy to monitor your competitors’ Instagram content and keep track of important hashtags that you can find using these apps.

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Final Words

Hope you like our selection of the apps! Let us know what you think in the comments!

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