How To Use Chkdsk Command In Windows

Chkdsk is short for check disk. It is a very essential command and utility tool that was introduced in Windows XP over 25 years ago now. Interestingly, it is still used in the latest Windows 10 OS. What is basically does is, it scans your hard disk, external disk and USB devices for errors and … Read more

Set Processor Affinity For Programs On Windows

Your computer comes with multiple CPUs and cores which ranges differently on every PC. Multiple CPUs are utilized by heavy applications in order for them to run smoothly. But in some cases, the lighter applications can also take all the processors in order to execute, which can result in a lag of other applications. That … Read more

4 Methods To Find Motherboard Model And Number Of Your PC

If you are looking to find the details regarding your PC motherboard then you are in the right place. In this article, we have mentioned a few methods using which you can check motherboard details like manufacturer name and model for Windows PC without having to physically open the system. You can use these methods to … Read more

Commands To Change Directory In CMD

CMD or Command prompt provides access to various functions and folders by simply using commands. You can browse through any available hard drive location or directory and even open folders directly in command prompt. Well as most of us don’t use CMD that much, few users know that you can change directory to any available drive … Read more

3 Easy Ways To Reset Network Adapter Driver

Are you having trouble connecting to your network or internet on your computer? This can happen in some cases like the network driver has become outdated. Or you might have installed or upgraded to the new operating system recently. As you upgrade, the old driver becomes obsolete. And due to this, ethernet does not work or … Read more