5 Best Tech News Apps for Android and iOS [2017]

Here in this article, we share a list of best Tech News apps. Apps that are a must have for the users who want to keep themselves updated with the latest technology and never miss out on any future technology updates.

Tech News Apps

Ah! the news. The news is what most of us are addicted to first thing in the morning. We are on it when we are travelling, when we are bored and even when we are supposed to be working. For technology-obsessed geeks like me, I’d always like to keep a handful of Tech news apps on my phone to check out the latest news, reviews, products and interesting content.

Best Tech News Apps

I mix my apps based on the topics they cover. I have a mix of news apps, as well as dedicated Tech news applications. Let’s get to some of my favorites. I like to mix up my apps based on different things.

1. Appy Geek by News Republic

Appy geek curates all the Tech News into a beautiful interfact. You can access news from over 30 top publications.

Tech News apps

Appy geek has a section called My topics that lets you choose the topics you like, so that your feed is concentrated to the content you like.

Best Tech News app

It also has a related content engine that shows you similar articles like the one you are reading. All the content is in-app. Another cool aspect of Appy Geek is the community. The community has people who you can follow depending on the content they share. There is also the concept of Super Geeks, where because of participation a person becomes a super geek and you can follow a super geek to get good recommended content as well.

Appy Geek news app

Download : iOS | Android

2. Engadget

Engadget is the ultimate hub for Gadget geeks. It has reviews, and also articles that talk about the technology behind the gadgets. Considering they are one of the earliest blogs in the Internet revolution(Founded 2004), it gives them a lot of clout with existing large corporations who would give them the first sneak peek of their new products. The content is also original and it comes in very early compared to other apps. Their focus on gadgets is what makes this app a must have on the phone.

Engadget Tech News app

Download : iOS | Android

3. Techcrunch

Started by Michael Arrington in 2005. Techcrunch is the best technology blog in the world. Getting covered on Techcrunch is a dream come true for a lot of entrepreneurs. Techcrunch gives you a great idea of where the Tech business is heading. Their writers write a lot of opinion pieces mixed with latest news, scoops and reviews.

Techcrunch app

They have some of the best writers on their team who are celebrities themselves that have access to the top companies in the world. Techcrunch is a must have on your phone if you are a tech fan and also if you follow the technology companies extensively.

Download : iOS | Android

4. Medium

If you love reading, then you will love Medium. Medium as a web app is excellent and as a mobile app is even better. The content in Medium is original, creative, funny and Interesting. There are a lot of Individual pieces written by people in the Industry and it is for a more mature audience.

You won’t see a lot of “10 Gadgets that you need to buy right now!”. You will see a lot more of “The Future of Technology and how you can be part of it”. The writers in Medium are professionals from the Tech business and write a lot about their personal experiences. If you want to get a different perspective of Tech News, then Medium is your go-to app.

Best Tech News app Android

Download : iOS | Android

5. Product Hunt

Although this is only for the iOS, this is a must have app for all fans. ProductHunt basically curates all the top products that are getting launched. More often than not, they are tech related. Product Hunt will actually inspire you and show you the most awesome products in the world. This platform gives a voice to young but adventurous creators in the tech space. If you like products, this is a must have.

Best Tech News app iOS

Download : iOS


To the readers of our blog, I implore you to check out the TechUntold app. It has original content that is futuristic, funny, informative and extremely useful. This app covers all the aspects of technology that are not covered by other tech apps and publications. It talks about niche products and ideas that don’t get a lot of press.

TechUntold app

Download : Android

That was our coverage of tech apps you need to download. Have we missed out on any apps? Let us know!

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