How Good Doctor Disk Cleaner is for Your Mac? : App Review

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If you are looking forward to installing a Mac optimizer or cleaner or whatever names you may like to use, there is no dearth of options. There are all sorts of optimizers and cleaners available but unfortunately, not all are worth your bucks. What’s the point in installing a pricey application that does exactly what a simple app does for free? This is why I picked up a free app i.e. Doctor Disk Cleaner for my review. So let’s get started.

Note: The app is rebranded to Disk Clean Pro.

First thing first

People use optimization or disk cleaning tools because they are easy to use and sometimes reduce the occurrences of beach-ball, a harbinger of outdated Mac.

Doctor Disk Cleaner sports a very clean and clutter-free layout.It doesn’t have all sorts of add-ons such as Uninstaller, Duplicates Cleaner, or Shredder, but you won’t miss them much here as the app serves the purpose of an effective disk cleaning tool that doesn’t inundate the users with a lot of options.

So is it the best cleaning app for Mac? Too soon to tell. We will have a closer look at its feature.

Doctor Disk Cleaner Features

Doctor Disk Cleaner’s home screen can be accessed from the menu bar of your Mac.

Doctor Disk Cleaner Features

It offers two quick-to-use features i.e. ‘Memory Optimizer’ and ‘One Click Cleaner’. Memory Optimizer enables you to optimize RAM with a click on optimize button. It stops some unneeded processes and services running in the background and claiming memory resources. It also informs the users about the apps that are using significant memory.

One Click Cleaner quickly removes the junk accumulated by your system.

A click on ‘Full Disk Scan’ shifts you to another minimal window. After the scanning process is complete, the app shows the list of junk files and large files.

Doctor Disk Cleaner App review for Mac

You can select them all and click ‘clean now’ button to scrap the junk items. Browser cleaner is not provided as a separate component it is a part of junk files module. It cleans the browser history, cookies, and all other traces simultaneously from all the browsers that you use.

‘Large files’ is another feature which allows users to spot and delete unwanted large files that are occupying the hard-disk space.

Clear Unwanted files form Mac

You can set the file size filter and Doctor Disk Cleaner will show all files that are larger than the specified size. One can select any file category, mark the files that are unwanted and delete them with a click on ‘Clean Now’.

It helped me delete some 600 Mb of videos that were just the duplicates generated via random copy-pasting. As it shows the names of files and their size, it could be a handy tool for deleting such duplicate heavy files from your Mac.

Should you download Doctor Disk Cleaner?

Without any doubts. It is a free little app that has some good features to keep your Mac in good shape. Memory Optimizer will come in handy if your Mac often runs out of available RAM. ‘Large files’ is a nice utility to free up some good storage space.

Disk Clean Pro is available for free on Mac App Store.

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