How To Logout Of iMessage Using Two Ways And Why You May Want That

a person holding a phone

Are you planning to jump outside of Apple’s ecosystem and test another mobile platform, but you don’t have a clue about how to log out of iMessage on your Apple device? Are you being annoyed by the constant iMessage notification on your Apple device, but you don’t know how to turn it off? Don’t worry, … Read more

How To Install, Use Microsoft Edge On Mac

the Edge browser displaying a website

Microsoft Edge was launched with Windows 10 in order to replace Internet Explorer, and it was very much successful in doing that. However, it did more than just that. As it also successfully stood against giants like Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. And there are a lot of reasons for that, like its user-friendly interface … Read more

How To Sync Mac Notes With Android Phone

How to Sync Mac Notes with Android device

When you’re using iPhone/iPad and MacBook, the syncing of notes happens before you know it. With everything Apple, the data is synced very well and quickly between devices via iCloud. However, what happens when you use Mac and an Android phone instead of an iOS device? That’s exactly what happened when I recently switched from iPhone … Read more

How to Hide Notifications on Mac While Sharing Screen or At Other Times

Hide Notifications on Mac

Just like iPhone or iPad, Mac is also equipped to push instant notifications from iMessage’s, Skype chat, Google Hangouts or another application that uses Apple’s system. Push notifications can take an embarrassing turn while you are busily screen sharing on Mac, giving a presentation to a classroom full of students or having your software repaired … Read more