How to disable Automatic App updates in Android, iOS, Windows

If you are looking to turn off the automatic updates of apps on your device then you have landed on right place. In mobile devices by default the automatic app updates is on to keep your apps updated. As the apps gets updates on daily basis, it needs lots of money for the network connection. So it’s better to keep the App updates notification on and disable the automatic updates of apps. So in this article I have explained how to disable automatic app updates in Android, iOS and Windows devices.

Disable Automatic App updates in Android

For the largest base user of mobile devices, Android has provided feature to disable automatic updates in Play Store which you can find on every Android powered device. Follow the below steps to achieve the same:

  • Open Play Store app.
  • Now tap on the hamburger icon on top left app update - icon
  • Next tap on automatic app updates - settings
  • It will open a screen, tap on “Auto-update apps”. A list will be shown with option as shown in the app updates - auto update
  • Choose “Do not auto-update apps” or you can also choose “Auto-update apps over WiFi” so that apps will start getting update once it will find the WiFi automatic app updates - disable options

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Turn off Automatic App updates in iOS

If you are an iPhone user then you can easily stop iOS apps automatically updating. Below goes the steps:

  • Open Settings in your iOS device.
  • Next, tap on iTunes & App updates - settings
  • A screen will open, there you can see an option of Updates. You can turn off that to stop the automatic updates of updates - itunes & app store

Stop automatic app updates in Windows

For Windows mobile device users, the method to stop automatic updates is same like Android means you will find the option inside the Store app. Follow the below steps:

  • In your Windows device, open the Store app.
  • Tap on the three horizontal dots at the app updates - three dots
  • Next, tap on Settings. It will open the settings screen of your app store.
  • Under App updates, disable the Update apps automatically option. You can also choose the other option if you want the apps to get updates automatically over app updates - disable options

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It’s recommended to keep the app updates notification enabled, so that whenever an app update comes you get notified. So this article has explained how you can easily disable automatic app updates in all the three major platforms (Android, iOS & Windows).


  1. Hmmmmm….. that doesnt stop asking WhatsApp for installing Updates. It’s extremly boring as denying takes a lot time till WA opens the Chat-Screen and this nearly daily WA-Updates also suck….


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