5 Best Android Battery Saving Apps

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These Android battery saving apps will make your Android phone battery last longer. All the battery saving apps that are shown here is free. With these 5 best battery saving apps you will never have to worry about finding a charger again & again.

Below are the best 5 Android Battery Saving Apps

DU Battery Saver

DU Battery Saver by DU Apps Studio is claimed to be world’s best battery saving app. This app will show you how much percentage of your battery is left with detailed statistics of apps and hardware on the device.


  • It has an optimize button that will look for the battery problems and will fix it.
  • You will have different power management mode, you can choose any mode and even can customize the mode also.
  • You can add DU Battery Saver widget to your screen so that you can optimize anytime by managing background apps and hardware.
  • It has a healthy charge stage manger that uses healthy charging techniques to extend your Android battery life.

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Battery Doctor could be the best battery saving  app for your Android phone. Battery Doctor from Cheetah Mobile Inc. claims that using Battery Doctor can extend your Android phone battery life by 50%. It supports 15 languages.

It will show you that how long your Android phone battery will last longer, according to the present situation. It helps in saving Android phone battery by adjusting the brightness and by disabling the unnecessary apps that  drains battery.


  • As it’s always  recommended not to overcharge the phone, Battery Doctor will alert you not to overcharge with its 3 Stage Charging System.
  • The battery Doctor app has a 4 into 1 widget that helps you to easily manage the brightness, data, WiFi, etc.
  • It will show you the exact battery remaining time and exact charging remaining time also.
  • With one click you can kill apps with the help of task killer. It kills the app once the screen is off.
  • Saving mode will defend your Android phone juice by disabling all the unnecessary functions except phone calls and text messages. You have a power saving mode for work, class, sleep, etc.


Easy Battery Saver Android app will add a longer battery life to your Android device. This is one of the best Android app to save battery of your Android phone and keeps you away from charging multiple times a day. This Android app has more than 20,000,000 downloads with 4.6 ratings.


  • The sleep mode setting will save battery in an optimal way while you are sleeping.
  • This battery saving Android app has 5 different power saving modes: General Saving, Intelligent Saving, Super Power Saving, Normal and Advanced Customized  Mode for different situations.
  • Like many other battery saving Android app, this app also provides a widget for the home screen to manage the resources directly.


Juice Defender is among the top 5 best Android battery saving apps. Juice Defender saves battery of your Android phone by managing the WiFi, network data and processor effectively. Juice Defender claims to save more than 50% of the battery.


  • Smart way WiFi control (like open WiFi at home and disable otherwise).
  • Network toggle (switch between 2G/3G).
  • You have 5 Preset Profiles (Power Saving modes) to add more life to your battery.
  • It manages other apps to save battery with the help of training mode.
  • Smarter home screen widget.


Go Battery Saver is a battery saving app that saves your Android phone battery in a smarter way and extends its battery life. You will not only like its functionality to save battery of your Android phone, but also its interface and graphics also.


  • It has a very attractive widget that looks great on the screen of your Android phone. The widget has various options like WiFi, brightness, network data which can be directly accessed from it.
  • Go Battery Saver will calculate and reminds you that how much battery will be extended if you turn off WiFi or a Bluetooth like services.
  • One click battery optimization.
  • Go Battery Saver provides power saving modes for saving battery in a smarter way. Even you can create your own mode also.

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We recommend you to look at the ratings and reviews before downloading any of the best Android Battery Saving Apps.

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