7 Best Handyman Apps That Can Save Your Day

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There is no telling when we might get into a situation with home issues, transportation breakdown, electronic malfunction, etc.

And most of the time, we don’t have any idea about what to do in the crisis. Though we generally do call a serviceman who has a lot of experience and works professionally.

In the past, finding a plumber, electrician, carpenter, etc. needed a lot of time which gave us quite a hassle.

But things have changed now.

Here we have listed the best Handyman apps that can help you out with finding the right person for the right service from your Android or iOS device. And some of them can help you to save your money and time by giving a quick tutorial with fun animation and allow you to fix the situation quickly.

So here we go.

Best Handyman Apps Available For Your Smartphone

1. TaskRabbittaskrabbit

They have served millions of families with their services. From house cleaning, assembling IKEA products and delivering groceries, they got it all.

The services of TaskRabbit vary from cleaning your house by moping, dusting, making the beds, cleaning the kitchen and utensils, and also do your toilets. Other than IKEA products they also help you out with mounting your TV. When you’re moving to a new house they can help you with packing and moving. They also pick up and drop off your parcels and dry cleaning etc. You can also call them up to book a table in a restaurant, movie theatre tickets, or newly launched product, they will queue them for you.

The services of TaskRabbit are vast and economically efficient. The company works to make your life hassle-free. For now, the services are only limited to USA, Canada, and the UK. Download the app today to explore more about their services.

Android: Download |iOS: Download

2. Thumbtackthumbtack

If you’re seeking help from a professional or want to hire a person for a specific job this is the best platform you can get. Get a lot of professionals and expertise within your locality to help you out. Search for teachers, house cleaners, instructor, chefs, dog groomer, cat sitters, makeup artist and many more.

Choose for your desired service from the application and it will give you a list of professionals from your locality. See their reviews and ratings to check the experience and professionalism before you appoint them. You also get information about the cost associated with hiring them. After you select your professional you can set an appointment or you can also chat with them from the app itself before hiring.

The app has no limit to the services it can offer. It’s more than a platform connecting professionals to the ones in need. For example, Home services can you get cleaning crews, builders, and plumbers. For Events, you can get caterers, event organizers, photographers etc. To experience more about the application download it and see for yourself.

iOS: Download | Android: Download

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3. UrbanClapUrban Clap

Order reliable home services like makeup artist, massage therapist, yoga trainer, physiotherapist, electrician, plumber etc. This app gives you a wide range of professionals who can come and work for you.

It provides a wide range of services from different professionals near your location like pest controls, electrician, carpenters, plumbers, repair services, massage at home, home tutors etc. You can book a service by selecting the required one from the services tab. The service tab consists of 9 specific profiles like Beauty & spa, Appliance Repair, Home Cleaning, Moving Homes, Health & Fitness, Painting & Renovation, Wedding & Events, Academic Tutors, Business & Taxes. Select any of the profile tabs, which has the aid you seek and set favorable timing for the professional to visit.

iOS: Download | Android: Download

4. Mr. RightMr Right

This is another platform where you can find your nearest handyman in your locality. Select your neighborhood or let the GPS detect your location. Just pick the service you need and this app will find the most suitable person to deal with your problem. The professionals will visit you at your preferred time and you can pay them with your card or cash. The pricing is transparent you get up-front pricing and proper invoice with it.

It has around 300+ services available in various cities in India. The services vary from Housecleaning, Pest control, Carpenter, Electrician, Mobile & Computer technician, CCTV installation technician, Laundry, Packers and movers and many more.

The personnel are very professional in their work and are verified by the company. They intend to provide top-notch customer service to Indian families.

iOS: Download | Android: Download

5. The Family Handyman DIY Tip GeniusBest Handyman apps - Family Handyman

We do get into certain home-related problems and sometimes it takes too long for the serviceman to reach. This is the best DIY (Do-It-Yourself) journal application, which can help you to get rid of your problems. You can select the options from the home menu regarding your issue or just search for it using the search option.

It has thousands of tips for construction & remodeling, automobiles, cleaning, gardening, repairs, storage, pest control, etc. You also get some good tips for saving money as well as saving money in the gas station, heating and cooling etc.

Launch the app, and go for the option your problem is related to. You can also tap the “tip of the day” to learn some useful information. If you open it just for curiosity, then go for random tips from the menu option or in case you like any tips you can save them as your favorite tips.

Everything cannot be accessed for free, its content is very helpful but you need to take a subscription to unlock all the information. Sign up with The Family Handyman to get useful information in your mail in the form of a newsletter.

iOS: Download | Android: Download

6. Takltakl

Another great Home service and handyman app for the States. It has over 55,000 servicemen in 79 metro areas in America. Launch the app and set your Zip code, select a chore and see instant up-front pricing for the services, no need to wait for estimates. Place your order and select your provider. Choose your preferable day and time and your job will be done.

Get professional help with your home maintenance. The types of services they offer range from House and apartment cleaning, furniture, moving services, mounting TV, appliance installation, lawn mowing, painting, clean out and gutter repair, decluttering junk, pet sitting, pet waste removal, storage organizing, and many more.

This app is very helpful and functional for last minute help. They can help you out with the small renovation project, housekeeping services, home improvements with other residential services. It also helps you out to create your own job from this app itself. Post a job you need to get done for a pre-priced amount. The interested professional who comes across your job post will come and do it for you.

iOS: Download | Android: Download

7. HelprHelpr

Tired of daily life routines, job, etc. Try Helpr, the most conventional method to complete your household work in a hassle-free way. Book a professional who is solely trained to do your job and make your job easy. This app takes full responsibility for the total background verification of the person.

The services offered by Helpr include home repairing, which includes electrical, plumbing and carpentry services. Electronic services, like fixing the washing machine, air conditioner, refrigerator, and microwave, etc. Home cleaning, like washroom, toilets, kitchen, sofa, carpets, etc. pest control, cockroaches, bed bugs, rodents, wood borer, and termites. Other than that their services also include Paintings, Security and Home spa.

It offers a very transparent payment method. You can pay in advance before getting the job done or pay in cash after. The company offers full security to your belongings and if you’re not satisfied with their work they will do the work for free.

iOS: Download | Android: Download

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The above-mentioned list of apps for handyman services makes your life hassle-free and convenient.

We all work for around 8 hours a day and come back home feeling tired. All we could think of at the moment is to have our meal and relax. Well, this is possible by choosing a handyman service that could take care of household activities without bothering you, especially if you do not have modern cleaning devices like this ultrasonic one to help you.

Some of the apps work with specific locations so choose the right app for you and get the job done. Please mention your experience with us in the comment section and help others to find their suitable handyman.

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