7 Best Day Counter Apps To Remember Events

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Remembering important events like Mom’s birthday or Father’s retirement date can get a bit difficult when you’re so much busy with your own work and travel. And the guilt of forgetting about important events like these may haunt you for a long long time. But that is where day counting apps step in, to save you from that guilt. These apps can remind you of the dates that you’ve put a reminder for by showing you a countdown for the event. So you don’t have to go through the trouble of writing down the dates on slips or manually looking at the calendar every now and then.

That is why we’ve come up with 7 super useful apps to count days that’ll show you the countdown of the important events on your phone’s home screen.

Best Day Counter Apps For Android And iOS

1. Time Until | Beautiful Countdown

Time Until Beautiful Countdown app

Time Until is a beautifully designed user-friendly day’s counter app. This app lets you put a reminder of an important event in seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks or months. Moreover, if you wish to see a countdown for days since an event has passed, then you can also put a countdown for that. And what makes the countdowns more beautiful is the background images that you can set with each reminder. You can choose the background image from the online gallery or from your own gallery.

You can set up to 10 simultaneous reminders in the app although, you can unlock to unlimited reminders by paying for the premium version. In the premium version, you can unlock other features like Reminders with alarms, and Black text color option. Besides this, you can also get rid of the ads.

This app comes with a standard sized widget. So you can get your reminders directly on your home screen. You can also distinguish the reminders with their title and different background colors.

Android: Time Until

2. TheDayBefore (D-Day Countdown)

day counter app for iOS - TheDayBefore (D-Day Countdown) app

Like other countdown apps that count days, TheDayBefore app also lets you know how many days are left until an event. But with the use of background images and motion stickers, this app does that work more beautifully. Although, you’ll have to unlock most stickers by watching the ads.

This app makes sure that you don’t forget about an upcoming event by showing you the reminders on your phone’s status bar. And with that, you can also assign different icons to every event. These icons will appear with the reminder on the status bar. But if you don’t want the reminder to appear on the status bar, then you can disable it in the settings.

And if all that wasn’t enough, then this app comes with a home screen widget in 3 different sizes. You can even see your set background image in the widget if you use the widget with the largest size.

In addition to all of that, this app also makes sure that you don’t lose your data with your phone. As you can log in to TheDayBefore app through Facebook so that you can recover all your data on a different device.

Android: TheDayBefore On Play Store  iOS: TheDayBefore On App Store

3. Countdown Days By Gira Mobile

Countdown Days - App that counts days until an event

As the name suggests, this app helps you remember important dates or events by counting down the number of days until that event. This app has a very user-friendly interface, so it doesn’t take very long to get started with your first event. It lets you add multiple events at once, which is really convenient. And if you’ve already created events in your phone’s calendar then you can save a lot of your time by simply importing those events in this app. Also, with the help of resizable widgets, you can get those countdowns directly on your home screen. You can also change the color of the widgets to distinguish them from one another.

If for some reason, you don’t want to include all the days in the countdown, then this app lets you decide which days to count and which days to exclude. There are some other features like changing the font of the countdown, which can be unlocked by upgrading to the premium version.

This app doesn’t have any extra features like other apps. But it is still a great option if you’re looking for a day counter app that isn’t too heavy for your device. Because by being only 2.5MB in size, this small sized app is perfect in that regard.

Android: Countdown Days

4. Countdown Days By SMSROBOT LTD

best day counter apps for Android -bCountdown Days App&Widget

This day’s counter app surely stands out in terms of better design and more options. It lets you put a reminder before an event and alerts you by notification at the time of the event. You can set the desired time when you want to be notified. Moreover, you can set a recurring event with repetitions on the weekly, Bi-weekly, Monthly, or Yearly basis. And to make the reminders more appealing, you can set stickers or photos with them.

And like every other app on this list, you can also set a date in the past to find the number of days since that event or day.

It comes with home screen widgets in 4 different sizes and with multiple formats and designs. So, your home screen doesn’t look boring with all those countdowns. And you can access even more types of widgets in the premium version. The premium version also removes the ads and backup your data to the cloud storage.

Android: Countdown Days By SMSROBOT LTD

5. Countdown Time – Event Countdown & Big Days Widget

Countdown Time - Event Countdown and Big Days Widget

This elegantly designed days countdown app can track unlimited events simultaneously. So you don’t have to delete previous countdowns to create the new ones. You can personalize your countdowns with hundreds of HD backgrounds and multiple icons. And with that, you can also adjust the brightness level of the events. But sadly it doesn’t let you use the images from your own gallery and you’ll have to download the HD backgrounds to use them in the events. You can countdown your event in amazing formats like in total heartbeats and total breaths to make the countdown more exciting.

It comes with one home screen widget which can be resized as per your wish. The widget shows the countdown and picture of the event. You can also adjust things like darkness and text size in the widget. And to make it more exciting, you can directly share the countdown on your social media to get the word out. And finally, this app also stands out in terms of security, as you can assign a password to keep your data more secure.

Android: Countdown Time

6. Countdown Widget

Countdown Widget

This Countdown Widget also lets you add multiple events at once with a personalized background of your choice. But with that background image, you can also turn on the animation for the event to make it more appealing to your eyes. And apart from that, you can assign different music to the events that’ll be played while counting down the days.

The app can show countdown in multiple formats including “Heartbeats”. The app lets you change the appearance of the countdown by letting you change the font type, font color, and background color. You can also put custom phrases like “Christmas is here” or “Our reunion party” with the events.

The home screen widget with this app comes in two types. First is the resizable one, which can be resized according to the space in your home screen. And the second one is a 4×4 dynamic Widget, which is large in size and needs more space on your home screen. And just so you know, the large-sized widget can’t be used in the free version, unless you unlock it by watching ads or by paying for the premium version.

Android: Countdown Widget

7. Countdown+ Widget Calendar Lite

Countdown + Widget Calendar Lite - best day counter app

Countdown+ widget calendar lite or simply known as “Countdown+” lets you add unlimited countdowns with style. When you make a new event on this app, it shows you different categories of events like sporting event, goals and achievements, movie and TV shows and many more. Each category is designed to have something relevant to the event. For instance, you can put up your ticket link in the reminder when you’ll create an event in movie and TV shows category. You can choose from different formats of your countdown and set a custom background for the event.

Countdown+ doesn’t stop there. You can set a ringtone alert to make sure that you’ll be alerted before a week, or even before a month from the event. You can also add location and sticky notes to the event for additional information that you may need to remember before the event. The font type, text, and background color can also be customized as per your wish.

And in addition to all the above features, you can import holidays in the app by selecting your country from the list. This app also lets you share the screenshot of the countdown directly on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

This app comes with 5 types of colorful home screen widgets. So you get more than enough options to see all the events on the home screen. The app’s upgraded version takes away all the ads and provides you with some additional features like Data Backup and Image Editing Tools.

Android: Countdown+ on Play Store iOS: Countdown+ on App Store

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So that was it! 7 best day counter apps that can help you remember the upcoming important events by showing the days until the event. Not only that but if required you can also know the number of days since a particular date or event.

It’s sad that we need an app to remember the birthdays of our friends or family, but it is how it is. At least these apps make sure that you don’t miss any important event due to your hectic work schedule or due to some other reason.

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Shivam is a blogger who is always fascinated with the technology and the amount of knowledge he can gather from the internet. He is trying to nerdify everyone around him with that same knowledge, through his writings.

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