How To Adjust Headphones Left Right Sound Balance For Headphones On Android And iOS

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Adjusting sound balance can be considered a boon for people who are deaf in one ear, but like listening to music and watching movies. It is also helpful at times when your headphone stops working from one side. Using this feature you can still use it until you buy new ones. Aspiring musicians can also benefit from this as they can pull off some experiments on their music by controlling sound balance in their Android and iOS devices. Therefore we came up with this article which will show you how you can adjust the headphone’s left-right sound balance on Android and iOS devices.

Adjust Headphone Sound Balance In iOS

  1. Go to Settings and then go to Accessibility.Go to Settings
  2. Now, under the HEARING section, tap on Audio/Visual.
  3. Inside the Audio/Visual settings, you will find the LR slider. By using the slider you can adjust the balance to the left or right side.Audio/Visual data-lazy-srcset= LR Sliders” width=”555″ height=”601″>

Note: If you want to combine both the channels while playing audio then you can also toggle the Mono Audio switch in the same section to turn it on.

For example, if you listen to this clip below you will get the audio first from the left and then from the right channel. But, once you enable the Mono Audio mode you will get audio from both the channels combined. You can test it yourself.

YouTube player

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Control Headphones Left Right Sound Balance In Android

Samsung Only

  1. Go to Settings> Accessibilitysamsung accessibility
  2. Under Accessibility, find and tap on Hearing hearing enhancement
  3. Now, you’ll be able to see the Left/right sound balance slider. You can use it to balance your audio in the desired direction. The slider will be enabled only when the headphones are connected with your phone.balance sound in headphones on Android

Note: In some Samsung smartphones you will find Hearing option instead of Hearing enhancements under the Accessibility settings.

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On Android Other Than Samsung

Unfortunately, most of the Android phones don’t come with the option to adjust the sound balance. But, no need to worry we just have to download an app from the play store to solve this problem. The name of the app is Poweramp Music Player and is available for free on Play Store. Here are the steps to use it.

  1. Install the app and Open it.Poweramp music player
  2. Tap on ALLOW to give the app access to the required files.Poweramp permissions
  3. Once the app opens, play your favorite song and tap on the audio setting option as shown in the screenshot.Poweramp play option
  4. A new settings menu will open. Tap on the second icon at the top.Poweramp adjust setting
  5. Now, you will get a Balance option at the top left corner. You can use it to balance sound in headphones as per your requirement.adjust headphone left right balance Note: Before using this app you should make sure that the Mono audio mode is disabled on your device. To check that you can go to Settings>Accessiblity>Mono audio.

Michael Duongtechba2051ap

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Why Is There L/R Marked On Headphones?

When you look at your headphones you may find L/R marked on the left and right earpiece respectively. That’s because your headphones are stereo headphones, which can play two independent channels. Left channel for the left speaker output and right channel for the right speaker output. The independent channels are used for the surround sound effect, which is used in cinemas and video games. The surround sound effect provides a better cinema and gaming experience.

The L/R is marked on headphones just to make sure that you put the right earpiece in the right ear and the left earpiece in the left ear. How is that going to affect? you may ask. Consider watching a movie with the headphones ON. A car drives from the left side of the screen and vanishes into the right side. Now, if you have mixed up the headphone you will get the sound of the car driving from right to left. This will create the conflict of the senses and won’t be a good movie viewing experience. That’s why L/R is marked on the headphones.

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After reading this article you can easily adjust the sound balance on your device be it Android or iPhone. There are a lot of other apps on the Play store like the Poweramp Music Player. However, we recommend our readers to go for the Poweramp Music Player as it has a better and simpler UI than other apps we tested.

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Ankit is a tech enthusiast and loves to write. He is also very keen on gadgets and smartphones. Likes to read tech blogs and gain as much knowledge as he can.

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