7 Best Hamachi Alternatives For Creating VLAN

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LogMeIn Hamachi is a Virtual Private Network application. It creates a secure private connection between computers/devices even though the computers are not directly connected. Hamachi is surely a leading VPN application in the market which is used for various purposes and is completely safe. Like using Hamachi, employees can access the company’s resources even when they are away from the company’s local network. And if you’re into Minecraft game, then you must have used or at least heard about Hamachi. Because you can create a private network that can be accessed by your friends to play Minecraft together.

But Hamachi comes with its drawback, like in the free version, you can only connect up to 5 users/devices. For connecting more than 5 devices, you need to upgrade to the paid version. Besides that, there are other problems like less OS support and game lagging. And because of these drawbacks, it is normal for people to look for its replacement on the internet. But when you do so, an even bigger question arises, that “Which is the best Hamachi alternative?”

That is why we did the research on your part and came with this list of best alternatives.

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Best Alternatives To Hamachi For Gaming And Other Purposes

1. ZeroTier One

zero tier one vpn

ZeroTier One is a free and open source VPN, which means it can be modified and shared as per your wish. It is one of the best Hamachi alternatives out there because unlike Hamachi, it lets you connect 100 devices with the unlimited network in the free version. And with DIY controllers, you can connect unlimited devices.

Besides VPNs, it can also deliver SDN and SD-WAN with a single system. With a very easy setup process, ZeroTier One is compatible with Windows, macOS, and Linux. And with its free Android and iOS app, it is also compatible with Android and iOS devices. This is also a good option for gamers because of its low ping. You can also pay to upgrade to a Basic or Professional version for getting some additional benefits. But even in the free version, you’ll still get the most out of it.

ZeroTier One

2. Dyn VPN

Hamachi alternative - dyn VPN

Dyn VPN is yet another easy to use Hamachi substitute. It uses peer to peer network and is completely free and open source. However, it may be that in the future, big companies will have to pay to get the full benefits. Dyn VPN is firewall friendly, which means it can be used without modifying the network. It doesn’t have a mobile application for Android and iOS devices, but it is compatible with Windows, macOS, and Linux.

The communication with Dyn VPN is encrypted with AES256-SHA, thus maintaining your secrecy on the internet. The setup process for this VPN is also very easy, so you can connect multiple devices within the Virtual Network in no time. It can be used for various purposes like networking security cameras, telecommuting, and much more. It can also be used for gaming, so you can connect to your friends and experience the game together without much game lag.


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3. NetOverNet

Netovernet vpn

NetOverNet is a VPN Emulator, which is also very much popular among gamers. Despite being a VPN Emulator, NetOverNet works well in the gaming department too. It gives each device its own login details with universally accepted and permanent IP address. You can connect multiple devices and get remote access of your data, or files on the devices which are part of your network.

By installing the remote desktop client on your Android or iOS device, you can gain access to your computer through your phone. And what’s more, is that you can control your computer’s keyboard, mouse and monitor from anywhere around the world. Provided you have an internet connection and an installed VNC viewer on your device.

The only limitation this tool has is that it is only limited to 16 clients in the Advanced version while only 3 clients in the free version.


4. SoftEther VPN

softether VPN

SoftEther VPN is surely one of the easiest VPN tools out there. It is completely free to use and is an open source program, so you can edit and use it commercially. It is compatible with Windows, macOS, Solaris, FreeBSD, and Linux, which is pretty great. What’s amazing with this tool is BYOD(Bring Your Own Device).

BYOD can be applied to a business, which means the business can allow the employees to bring their own devices. And those devices can have remote access VPN with the local network, all thanks to SoftEther VPN’s L2TP/IPsec server function. But just so you know, the L2P2 VPN servers will work on Windows, Mac, iOS and Android devices.

The SSL-VPN has a strong resistance against firewalls, which means it can go through any kind of firewall. So you don’t have to worry about making changes in your firewall settings for this tool to work properly.

SoftEther VPN

5. Free LAN

Alternatives to Hamachi - FreeLan vpn

FreeLan is a free peer to peer VPN tool. It was made to make it easy for you to establish a virtual private network for all your devices, and all of this is free. There is no limitation to any kind of use, as you can personally or commercially use, modify and share the tool with others. It is compatible with Windows, Linux, and Mac operating systems.

Moreover, it comes with 3 configuration options, that are Client-server, Peer to Peer, and Hybrid. The Hybrid configuration is a combination of client-server and Peer to peer configuration in which you can create more than one server. You can choose between these 3 configuration options with the configuration examples given on their official website.

This software can be used for secure communication or for connecting with your friends under a private network; which makes it favorable for gamers. The only disadvantage with this software is that it doesn’t have a GUI, thus making it difficult to set up. But the community support and the available guides can make it a little bit easier for you to manually configure this software.


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6. Wippien

wippien vpn

If you are looking for a VPN tool only for gaming, then Wippien might be the Hamachi alternative for you. Wippien is by far the lightest VPN software weighing only 2.03MB on your system. It is completely free and open source software, which uses P2P association. But do note that this tool is not for business purpose and only seems to support Windows. Thus, the use of this software is quite limited.

But still, if you’re only looking for a VPN software that could connect you with your friends on a private network, then you don’t have to think twice for using Wippien. And that is because this tool is made specifically for gaming, so you don’t have to worry about ping spikes or lags like in Hamachi.


7. GameRanger

best Hamachi alternative - game ranger vpn

Like Wippien, Game Ranger is also inclined towards gaming. It is compatible with Mac and Windows Operating systems. With Game Ranger, you can host or join games on a private network. Although, as of now this tool only supports about 730 PC games, 200 Mac games, and 45 Cross-platform games. But that doesn’t mean it’ll be restricted to those games only. As they constantly keep adding more and more games with time. And even with these limitations, Game Ranger does stand out from the crowd because of its unparalleled security.

In the free version, you can connect up to 50 members, with other benefits like getting the dedicated user list and instant messaging your friends. You can upgrade to silver or gold version to get some additional benefits like full voice communication or getting access to exclusive chat rooms. So, if you have your game on the Game Ranger’s list, you might as well go with it.


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Hamachi is no doubt an incredible software, but it does get frustrating when you experience ping spikes or when you have to pay to connect more than 5 devices. And you know what’s more frustrating than that? Not finding the right alternative. So there you have it, 7 best alternatives to Hamachi with all the relevant information that you may need before downloading the right tool.

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Shivam is a blogger who is always fascinated with the technology and the amount of knowledge he can gather from the internet. He is trying to nerdify everyone around him with that same knowledge, through his writings.

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