Top 7 Alternatives To Watch Videos Together

With so many TV shows and movies worldwide, Binge-watching has become quite popular. And online connectivity also lets you watch any video or series together with your friends and family. is one of them. It is available both as app and Website. But the website has limited features and the biggest issue with their app is that it constantly crashes and we don’t always have access to laptops to log in to the website. So follow this article for best alternatives.

Best Apps And Sites Like


Rave - Best alternatives

Rave gives you the freedom of listening to music, watching movies and binge shows from all around the world with your friends. Your whole group can get access to so many streaming services like Netflix, YouTube, Vimeo, Viki, Reddit and many more.

Connecting is so easy in Rave. You can either talk directly or even chat with your companions while watching any video or audio stream. People also have the option to create their own playlists and mashups in Rave. Upload your videos via Dropbox or Drive to let other viewers watch your content globally.

Official Links – Visit Rave, Rave for Android & Rave for iOS

2. BlaTube


If you are looking for exactly similar service like then BlaTube is the best alternative for you. Users don’t need to register or sign up to stream videos using BlaTube. They just need to head over to their website and that’s it. This is the unique difference between BlaTube and

You can simply create a room in the website and start watching videos with anyone you like to. There is also an option to join any active group instead of creating a new one. This way you can watch your favorite media and make new friends by interacting with other people in the group.

BlaTube is also available on Android but I would recommend you to stream through their website only because the app is not so stable for now.

Official Links – Visit Blatube &

3. SynapTop


One of the top free video streaming websites just like having an attractive interface and is completely free. The main difference between and SynapTop is that it also offers their streamers to read the books along with their companions even when they are from different regions.

I really liked its interface. After registering and logging in you can click on any button. These buttons are for Files, Theater, Sketch, Synapappstore, Settings, Social and SynaParty. A separate tab is opened in the same browser tab with Lightroom like loading which is pretty cool.

You can add and interact with your friends in the right sidebar. There is also an option for you to browse through recent and group chats.

Official Link – Visit Synaptop

4. Watch2Gether


As the name indicates, watch everything together. Whether if it is a video, movie or TV show. Create a room and you can easily stream through some of the most popular media platforms like YouTube, SoundCloud, Vimeo, and Dailymotion. It is only available as Website as of now.

But it doesn’t end here. Users can also shop online on Amazon together with their friends using Watch2Gether. Anyone can organize all of their content in as playlists. You can share your favorite media on social media or via emails.

There is a +plus tab at the top right corner which is a premium feature. By buying this feature, you can have a website extension on Google Chrome. Apart from that, you will get rid of ads and will receive a dedicated support email.

Official Link – Visit Watch2Gether

5. AndChill

AndChill- Best alternatives

Another great website like all those mentioned above. It has all the main features like watching the video together and all. But the best part about this website is its interface. There are no distractions like any irrelevant images or anything like that. It simply focuses on its content rather than just creating hype.

Users can create a room just by a single click. You don’t even need to log in to join active rooms. These rooms are visible on the homepage only.

There so many minute details that make this website so interesting. Like when you play a video, it plays in a virtual cinema player. You can even select the seats and screen will move a bit accordingly to your seat’s perspective.

Official Link – Visit AndChill

6. Together Tube

Together Tube

This website similar to the rest of alternatives is awesome for video watching and sharing with friends and family. But, there is something different about this website. You can vote for the video you want to see next.

Apart from all the great features, the interface is user-friendly. People can directly enter into active groups and start streaming videos as per the creator’s choice. But need not to worry, you can vote for the next video you want to be played which is a rare feature not available on other websites.

Together Tube lets you stream videos on YouTube, Dailymotion, Soundcloud, and Vimeo.

Official Link – Visit TogetherTube

7. Gaze

Sites like - Gaze

Let’s gaze – the long distance movie night. Unlike other sites like, Gaze offers you the feature of taking a demo before starting using all of its features which is always helpful. It might get overwhelming sometimes for new users so the demo is the best way to get comfortable with any kind of new experience.

Users can chat with each other via text or by sharing videos which is unique. Apart from that, Gaze also provides constant feedback and suggestions to improve the user’s experience when they are watching any media. People can play and share their own video or audio content here.

Official Link- Visit Gaze

AndChill is definitely my pick for best alternative after using all of these websites. It has the best user interface among them and apart from similar features like, it gives an extra touch.


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