7 Best SoundCloud Alternatives For Uploading And Listening To Music

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SoundCloud was one of my favorite apps once. So many creative artists used to release independent music and remixes on it. I still have playlists of so many trippy and melodious songs on SoundCloud. But many users and artists across the globe have so many issues with SoundCloud. People give reasons against SoundCloud like the lack of new content, no ‘disable auto-off’ button, occasional ads etc. Maybe you have no problem with the above reasons, but you should still have a look at these online and offline music apps for the love of music. These best SoundCloud alternatives will make you rock and roll with the latest musical content. Many new artists use these platforms to introduce their new tracks and albums.

Best Websites And Apps Like Soundcloud

1. Audiomack

audiomack - Best SoundCloud Alternatives

Audiomack is one of best SoundCloud alternatives out there for listeners as well as creators. Not just stream, you can even download the songs from Audiomack for free and listen to them anywhere. You can discover trending, latest and popular music in different tabs.

The songs can be found in almost all popular genres like Hip Hop/Rap, R&B, Electronic, Reggae, Pop, Rock, Metal and much more. After signing up with your Facebook account, the app lets you follow your favorite artist and add the songs to your playlist. There are hundreds of artists and independent music producers who release their song here like Future, Young Thug, 2 Chainz, 21Savage etc.

There are options to like the songs, repost, and share on social networks. Audiomack has a unique feature that lets you record 15 seconds of the song with your synced video or with an image. You too can upload songs and gain followers. The premium versions of the app are without ads and not too costly.

Use Audiomack on Android/iOS/Website 

2. Bandcamp

Bandcamp - alternative to soundcloud

For musicians and bands, Bandcamp is the best alternative to SoundCloud. Indie Artists upload their work here in their own microsite and can get paid whatever price they set for the album or track. It also has the option to pay more or to donate to the artist. This platform is also best for the artists because here they do not need to pay anything before their sale reaches to $5000. After that, they can sell their songs by giving commision of 10%.

Bandcamp allows the artist to enter all the details and links to social media and their other merchandise. As a listener, you get very different and new melodies from artists around the world for free and sometimes they let you download it for free. All the content posted here is original and of very good quality.

Use Bandcamp on Android/iOS/Website

3. hearthis.at

Hearthis.at - website like soundcloud

hearthis.at is quite a popular audio distribution platform and a good competitor to SoundCloud. It is much used in the website version on desktop. The app was launched very late on Android and iOS. Here you can post and promote your original sounds and get feedback. You need to sign up with Facebook or Google account and you can like, repost, comment and add the tracks to your playlist.

You can discover the music by many genres but on the homepage, the ‘Popular’ and ‘New’ section too will definitely feed your hunger for unlimited music. Best thing I liked about the app was that there are 4-5 inbuilt music visualizers too. The app does not contain ads and you can enjoy the tracks without any interruption.

Use hearthis.at on Android/iOS/Website

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4. My Mixtapez – Music And Mixtapes

My Mixtapez - Websites & Apps Like Soundcloud

This is currently the highest rated music app similar to SoundCloud and one of the best SoundCloud alternatives. It lets you listen and download unlimited mixtapes of many famous artists. There are so many addictive things about this app including the amazing interface. Subscribe to creators according to the genre you like and you can receive notifications whenever they upload a track.

If you are interested in watching the videos, the app has a separate tab for that. You can share and comment on the tracks you liked. Trust me, you will find some of the best mixtapes on the ‘Features’ tab of this app. You can make your own channel from their website and upload your songs too.

Use My Mixtapez on Android/iOS

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5. Mixcloud

Mixcloud - Best Alternative for soundcloud

If you want to stream the latest podcasts, Radio shows, and DJ mixes at one place, Mixcloud is the place. Many top DJs and talk shows hosts use Mixcloud to showcase their creations. It is somewhat similar to Bandcamp in terms of interface and maintaining Artist’s profile.

Here too, you can like and share the work and also give feedbacks as comments. Artists on Mixcloud are paid for their work and also there is no size limit for the uploads. You can discover content on Mixcloud by vast categories. Apart from music genres, you can hear shows related to education, lifestyle, sports, technology, comedy etc.

Use Mixcloud on Android/iOS/Website

6. DaMixhub

DaMixhub - best app for mixtapes and podcasts

For artists who want to promote their music, DaMixhub is a good SoundCloud alternative. They offer different types of packages for promotion. For listeners, it is like My Mixtapez but obviously with a different set of artists. Here, you will also get DaMixhub Radio on which soothing tracks will be played all day long. Artists like Gucci Mane, Drake, Future, Kevin Gates, Chris Brown have also uploaded their tracks on this platform. You can download them for listening offline. DaMixhub also features the latest news from the music industry, especially about hip-hop stars.

Use DaMixhub on Android/iOS

7. 8tracks

Best soundcloud Alternative - 8tracks

8tracks is like a social network for music enthusiasts. Here you will get music mixes from various users of the app. It is called 8tracks because you will discover most of the playlists created by the users, which mostly contain 8 different songs. You can listen to them and choose songs to create your own playlist in different genres. You can discover genres for all the moods and situations like Happy songs, Sad songs, Workout Essentials, Chill essentials etc.

Use 8tracks on Android/iOS/Website

Top SoundCloud Alternatives For Music Enthusiasts

So these were the best apps and sites like SoundCloud. I don’t feel SoundCloud should go off but these new platforms are worth trying too. What amazing app do you use to feel musically alive? Let us know in the comments.

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