How To Create Blank App Icons On iPhone Home Screen To Add Empty Space

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If you have tried rearranging apps icons on your iOS device home screen then you might have observed that you cannot have any blank space between the apps. When trying to place an app icon at the bottom of the screen or any other place which is not next to the last app icon, it will automatically come back next to the last icon. Hence, it is not possible to have gaps between apps. Well, not really! In this guide, we share a nifty workaround that lets you create blank app icons on iPhone home screen so that you can have empty space at the top of the screen or between apps. The method doesn’t require you to jailbreak your iPhone/iPad and works for all iOS versions including iOS 11.

According to your preference, you can have the empty space at the top, middle or anywhere you wish. Adding empty space between apps will help you to organize and differentiate among apps easily. It can also make it easier to reach out for apps if you decide to add empty space at the top of the screen(much better than using Reachability every single time). Whatever, the reason may be, you can use the steps mentioned here.

Create Blank App Icons On iPhone Home Screen

1. Firstly set black wallpaper on your Home Screen. If you don’t have one then visit this page. Long tap or press on the black screen and select Save Image.

2. Next, set the black image as wallpaper by going to Settings > Wallpaper > Choose a New Wallpaper > Select the black image from Camera Roll.

Note: This trick will work only with a black wallpaper because anything with transparency is made black by iOS for home screen icons.

3. Once you have black wallpaper on Home screen visit the following link from Safari browser on your iPhone.

4. Tap on the share icon on the bottom tab and select Add to Home Screen. On the next screen, tap on Add at the top right. Do not type any text in the empty text box.

create blank app icons on iPhone

5. This will add a black icon on the home screen which won’t be visible of course because of the black background. Hence, creating invisible blank space.

To spot the blank app icon, tap and hold on any app until it starts wiggling. You will see an x icon on every blank icon. After that, you can move the blank icon wherever desired.

Blank app icons on iPhone home screen without jailbreak

Depending on how you want to arrange app icons, you can add more blank app icons by following the steps 3 and 4 above(as shown in the screenshot above).

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We hope that you will find this trick handy. If you think that this is something your friends will appreciate then do share the article with them.

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