How To Know Upcoming Events Near You

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Going to events and nearby concerts can help you relax, socialize and spend quality time. You can get updated with local events of your city or locality through your friends and other people you interact with. But moving to a new city, traveling frequently to new places or not having many social interactions means you are not aware of what is going on around you.

Not to worry, as we have found ways in which you can know upcoming events near you whether it’s for the weekends or for activities from your local area. So let’s find out how can you know upcoming events near you so that you can have a quality social time.

Find Out Upcoming Events Near Your Locality

Though there are many apps that you can be used for getting the information of what’s happening around you, we tried to pick the best of them. So let’s have a look at some of these apps.


This app is available for both Android and iOS devices. Once you download this app and open it, it will ask for your location permission with help of which this app will let you know what’s happening in your area and nearby localities.

Eventbrite - How to know upcoming events near you

You can provide your current location or any other location for which you want to get the events information for. If you wish you can also follow some of the curated events for various topics from local organizers. After all this, the app will show you all the events nearby and those you may want to go. It will also let you explore more events from the selected categories like Business, Learn, Tech, Fashion, etc.

Find events in your area app - Eventbrite

Furthermore, you can mark any of the events as your favorite and share them with your friends via social media platforms. It will notify you for the events that you have marked favorite. The best thing about this app is that you can buy tickets for any of the mentioned events directly from this app. Just open the event and tap on Ticket to buy them. At last, you can merge all your events with your device calendar.

Download Eventbrite for Android | iOS

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 Facebook Local

As Facebook is one of the most active social places, it also has information for various events and activities from various groups and pages. With this app, you can have the information about all the activities in your local area that are on Facebook without having to browse through all those feeds and notifications.

Know upcoming events app - Facebook local

Just like the above app, it is also available on both the platforms. Allow this app to access your location and log in using your Facebook account. It will show all the restaurants, cafes, music spots and list of many other things that you can do near your location. You will also get notified for events that your friends are going to attend.

Facebook local - Events near me this weekend

It will show the events for today, This Week, This Weekend and for other topics like food, music and so on. Moving ahead you can have details about the events, location, and directions where they are happening and mark any events as your favorite. It allows searching for any events with your desired keywords and filtering the search options as per your preference. It’s a great app if you are looking to find what’s happening in your area right now.

Download Facebook Local for Android | iOS

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So, with the help of these apps, you can find and search for events happening near you or activities that you might be interested in going to. All you need for them to work is allowing your location services so that they can provide you with information as per your locality. Enjoy having a great social time with help of these apps and get to know about upcoming events.

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