How To Remove Your Number From Truecaller Database

Truecaller has been a great source to find or detect contacts globally. It really is an incredible application as it shows you the real name of the contact, and is available on almost all platforms including Android and iOS. However, if for some reason you do not want others to identify your number on Truecaller, … Read more

How To Know When Email Is Read In Gmail

Do you want to track the status of your sent email on Gmail just like you get the status of messages sent on WhatsApp? Yes, you can actually get the read receipts of your email on Gmail. Earlier Gmail used to have an option to request for the read receipt but it is not available … Read more

How To Disable Automatic App Updates In Android, iOS

Updating apps is necessary in order to make them work properly in the long term. However, updating all apps at once consumes a lot of data. Unless you have an unlimited data plan never update apps with your mobile data. You should rather prefer a WiFi network to update apps on your device. However, on … Read more

How To View And Delete Only Unread Emails In Gmail

how to view only unread emails in Gmail

As people get lots and lots of emails day in and day out, they hardly get time to read all the emails. Later people do realize that they might have missed some important emails to read. You can easily differentiate the unread emails as they are highlighted. But what if you want to see all … Read more

How To Use Do Not Disturb On iPhone Guide

How To Use Do Not Disturb On iPhone

Do you know how to manage incoming notifications without putting your phone on Airplane mode? You might receive hundreds of notifications in a day and they can get a little overwhelming. That’s why Apple created the Do Not Disturb feature.  Do Not Disturb halts incoming notifications and allows you to focus on your tasks rather … Read more

How To Create Shortcuts To Open Any Application In Windows

Some applications are used every now and then. None of your laptop tours is completed without opening them at least once. Your most wanted application doesn’t have a shortcut on the desktop and you go through a lot of stages to open it. Ever thought of creating a shortcut on your keyboard for these regularly … Read more

How To Use Android Or iPhone As Mouse For PC, Mac

Has it ever happened that sometimes you wish to use your laptop or desktop sitting or lying comfortably on your bed? But it doesn’t go as planned as it is really uncomfortable to use the mouse, trackpad or keyboard unless you are sitting right in front of the PC. You can opt for Bluetooth wireless … Read more

How To Make And Set Song As Ringtone For iPhone

iPhone has so much to explore and that is what we like about it. It provides almost every feature that a person needs to make their work easy, but all you need is patience and a bit of research work to find those features. The same case goes with the ringtones. Have you got bored … Read more