Create Shortcuts to open any application in Windows

Some applications are used every now and then. None of your laptop tour is completed without opening them at least once. Your most wanted application doesn’t have a shortcut on desktop and you go through a lot of stages to open. Ever thought of creating a shortcut on your keyboard for these regularly used applications to manage everything better?

Every application has shortcut to maximize your time for other important tasks by cutting down the third party interference. This easy and hassle-free techno tip will create shortcuts to open any application in Windows. In addition to this, you don’t need to worry about any desired application because setting is present in each and every application present on your device.

Now, here’s a technique for every uncomplicated trick of all times for opening applications. Within seconds you can fix it and readily use your favorite application without even touching your mouse or using your cursor, just a command away. Imagine, you are working on some document, immediately you desire to open some other application, why to minimize or stop that particular activity, simply give the shortcut command search, edit, recreate and be punctual. Shorten your task time and be a smart worker.

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Way to create shortcuts to open any Application in Windows

Now, the functioning as to how to create shortcut to open programs in windows. Everything is clear and quite easy. Read the following points and you are there with your shortcut to the much-loved application on your device:

  • Select the application for which you desire to form a shortcut for quick access. Example: Google Chrome, Microsoft Excel, Adobe Reader and many others.
  • Right click on the application you want to create shortcut and select Properties.

how to create keyboard shortcuts to open desktop programs

  • Under Shortcut tab look for Shortcut key. Just below the Start In you clearly see this option. Click it.
  • Hold Alt+Ctrl together and assign any numerical or alphabetical keys. Example: For Chrome browser press Alt+Ctrl+1 or any other number.
how to create keyboard shortcuts to launch any application
Shortcut Key Assigned
  • Click Apply and then OK to confirm the settings.
  • You are good to go. Now if you pres Alt+Ctrl+1, Google Chrome will open. Similarly, you can do this for any of your applications.

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Now enjoy opening your application with the shortcut assigned instantly with simple keys. This trick will definitely not take much of your time to update and will be supporting timeliness in almost every daily usage applications. Very trouble-free steps for saving your energy and time at once and impressing everyone around. Go ahead create your shortcuts for the applications you cherish the most and effortlessly access them. Be quick, be smart and unfold the lesser known tech secrets.


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