How to rename multiple files at once in Windows

It’s very easy to rename any file in Windows but it’s very irritating & time consuming when people have to rename name too many files. They go by simple method, renaming files one by one which takes lot of time. So in this article I have explained couple of methods on how you can rename multiple files at once in Windows to save your time and effort.

In this article I have covered the methods which Windows itself provides, no third party application usage is shown here to rename multiple files in Windows.

Methods to rename multiple files at once

Method 1: Fastest method to rename multiple files at once in Windows

This method will quickly rename multiple files, you just need to rename one file and it will rename rest all automatically. Below goes the method:

  • Open the folder containing files you want to rename.

    Folder containing multiple files
    Folder containing multiple files
  • Select all files ->right click on first file and click on Rename.
  • Give any desired name to your first file and press Enter.

    Rename first file
    Rename first file
  • Rest all files will take the same name with numbering as shown in the picture.

    renamed files with numbers
    Renamed Files

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Method 2: Want to give different names for each file manually but quickly

This method will help you out to rename each file manually if you want to give different names to each one of them. This method will avoid you to do right click again and again and then selecting Rename to rename any file. Follow the below method:

  • Open folder containing files.
  • Next, right click on the first file and select Rename. Give any desired name to the file and press Tab key, it will rename the first file and take you to second file to rename.
  • Now you have to just enter the file name and keep pressing Tab key to move to the next file.

As you have seen both the above methods are the default features of Windows and you can rename multiple files in Windows without any software.


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