How to make ringtones for iPhone

Hello iPhone users out there!! If you are bored of listening to the default ringtones by Apple iPhone and want to set one of your own songs as a ringtone on your iPhone then you are definitely at the right place as this post of mine will let you know about how to make ringtones for iPhone and how to add ringtones to iPhone.

How to make ringtones for iPhone

1. Open iTunes and go to your Music Library.

How to make ringtones for iPhone
iTunes-Music Library

2. Right click on the song you want to set as ringtone and select “Get Info” 

How to make ringtones for iPhone - Get Info
Song-Get Info

3. iTunes Dialog with information about the track/song pops up. Select the “Options” Tab and set the Start and Stop Time within the song which you want to be played as ringtone. You can chose any Start and Stop Time within the song but the difference between the start and stop time cannot be more than 30 seconds i.e. your ringtone length cannot be more than 30 seconds.Of course the ringtone will loop in case you are not able to pick up the call within 30 seconds.Click on Ok once you have entered Start and Stop Time.

How to make ringtones for iPhone
Start and Stop Time -Ringtone

4. Right Click on the same song again and Select “Create AAC Version”.

How to make ringtones for iPhone
Create AAC Version

Creating AAC version is used make the files smaller in size and not lose any quality at all at the same time. Now you will see a new file in your iTunes Music Library with the same name as the file you chose in earlier steps. You can differentiate between the two by looking at the time. The file which you created is of 0:30 seconds.

Do not forget to change the Start and Stop Time to default for the original file otherwise whenever the file plays it will just play for those 30 seconds you set for the ringtone. You can do this by Right Click on the original song and select “Get Info”. Uncheck the two checkbox before Start and Stop Time and Click Ok.This will automatically change the start and stop time to default values and you will listen  to the full song  whenever it is played.

How to make ringtones for iPhone
Revert To Default Start and Stop Time

5. Right Click on the new file which is created with 30 seconds time  and select “Show in Windows explorer”

6.You have to rename the file from .m4a format to .m4r format. This is needed as  iTunes  consider .m4a format as normal audio song  i.e. Music which you listen in your iTunes Library. On the other hand , by changing the format to .m4r iTunes will consider it as Tones and not Music. So this step is necessary to include this file in Tone section.

Just right click on the file in Windows explorer and select “Rename”. and change the extension from .m4a to .m4r and hit Enter. Windows will show a message Click Yes.

You will not be able to rename the file if you are not able to see the extension along with file name in windows explorer. Even if you try you will simply be doing “filename.m4r.m4a” and the extension still remains .m4a. So it wont help. By default you cannot view extension in windows explorer to enable viewing extensions go to Organize>Select Folder and Search Options>Select View Tab>Uncheck the option for “Hide extensions for known file types”>Apply>Ok.

How to make ringtones for iPhone

7. Double Click on the file to add it to the iTunes Library.

Your are done making a ringtone of your own choice for your iPhone. Just remove the 30 seconds file which will be present in Music library, anyways it is unusable now as you changed the format but it may give problems while syncing(I faced it) with iPhone so better remove it.

You can check that the new ringtone you created will be present in Tones section.

How to make ringtones for iPhone
Tones -iTunes


How to add ringtones to iPhone

This is as simple as when you are syncing your iPhone normally. Just plugin your iPhone via USB and Click on iPhone Tab to go to your iPhone in iTunes. On selecting the Tones section you will notice a new tone which you created earlier.Just select it and hit Sync.

Your new Ringtone will appear on the top of the list when you go to Settings>Sounds>Ringtone on your iPhone.

Hope you were able to add a ringtone of your choice after reading this post. Do let us know if you are still having any problems.

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  1. Hi there, I came across this website and thought that the advice that you provided was very helpful. So i hope you can help me in this area. I have been doing research on this topic and it has been deemed undo-able by most so far. How do i customize whatsapp alert tones? Be it message(individual or group) or calls for iPhone 6, iOS8. It was possible for android phones but somehow it is imp0ossible for iPhones.

    p/s. i managed to put customized ringtones for iPhone6, whilst following your steps, but just for whatsapp, it seems undo-able.


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