How To Make And Set Song As Ringtone For iPhone

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iPhone has so much to explore and that is what we like about it. It provides almost every feature that a person needs to make their work easy, but all you need is patience and a bit of research work to find those features.

The same case goes with the ringtones.

Have you got bored listening to the limited ringtones provided by the iPhone? If yes, then this article is for you. Here, we are going to show the method using which you can make your own ringtones and set them on your iPhone.

Although it is quite hard to find the steps to make customized ringtones on the iPhone, but this is what we are here for. So without any further ado, let’s get started.

Note: You can follow these steps on Windows PC or Mac for adding ringtones to iPhone from computer.

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Make And Set Song As Ringtone For iPhone

The steps to make and set a song as a ringtone on the iPhone are a bit typical, but we tried to make them as simple as we could. Follow the method given below to make the magic happen.

Make A Ringtone On iTunes

To get started you need to add the desired song to iTunes. Here’s how.

1. First of all, download iTunes on your device and launch it.

2. After that, select the Music category from the various categories available. Also, click on the Library option given at the top.

iTunes music and library

3. Now, select the music which you want to make as your ringtone (The song should be locally present on your device.)

4. Right-click on that song and select Open with > iTunes.

open the song in iTunes

5. Now the song will be added to your songs Library in iTunes.

songs added to iTunes library

Creating AAC Version

1. Tap on the tree-dot icon given adjacent to the song name (which appear when you hover on the song) and click on Song Info.

view song info

2. A new window will open now. Jump to the Options tab from the Details tab.

make a ringtone in iTunes

3. Now click on the Check-box, given in front of the Start and Stop option.

4. Provide the desired time slot for your ringtone. Starting time of the song in the Start column and the ending time in the Stop column. (Time should not be more than 30 seconds.)

make a song your ringtone on iPhone

5. Next click on OK.

6. After that, click on the File option at the top left of the screen.

iTunes file option

7. Now select Convert and click on Create AAC Version. Make sure the song is selected when you perform this operation.

create aac version of the song

8. A copy of the original song will be created in the songs library. The duration of that duplicate song will be the same as you desired.

copy of original song made

9. Now, don’t forget to deselect the time duration for the original song. You can do that by going back to the Song Info and then under the Options heading. If you don’t do this then the original song will be played only for the time duration you selected above.

Making M4R File

1. To view the duplicate or the AAC file in File Explorer (Windows) or Finder (Mac), right-click on it in iTunes and select Show in Windows Explorer (Windows) or Show in Finder (Mac).

open file in windows explorer

2. You will automatically jump on the Window-Explorer screen now, where you can see your song.

iTunes file in windows explorer

3. Now you need to change the file format from m4a to m4r. In order to do that make sure that the File Name Extensions option has been enabled on your device. For that, click on the View tab and then enable the File Name Extensions by clicking on it.

enable the file name extensions

4. Now change the format of the song to M4r by simply Right-clicking on the song, clicking on Rename and replacing the existing format with M4r by simply adding .M4r at the last.

make ringtone on iPhone

5. A small window will pop-up on the screen now, click on Yes.

Your file format has been converted now.

Set Song As Ringtone On iPhone

1. Go back to the Songs Library in iTunes.

2. Next, connect your iPhone to your PC or Mac now using the USB cable.

3. After connecting the iPhone, a mobile icon will reflect on the extreme left of the screen. Click on it and choose the Tones option.

tones option in iTunes

4. Now go back to the song in your Finder or Windows Explorer whose format you changed to .m4r and copy it (Ctrl+C). After that, paste it in iTunes under the same Tones option. (Right-click to paste might not work in Tones, so you can simply paste using Ctrl + v using your keyboard.)

make song as ringtone in iPhone

You can remove the USB cable now. The job of your computer and iTunes has been done.

5. Launch the Settings on your iPhone and tap on Sounds.

sounds settings on iPhone

6. Now tap on Ringtone.

set song as ringtone on iPhone

7. Tadaa!!! The song has been added to the Ringtones. Just tap on it to set it as your ringtone.

customized ringtone set on iPhone

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Although iOS provides a great variety of ringtones to set from but customizing and setting a ringtone or song of your own choice has its own fun.

Setting a ringtone on an iPhone is a quite laborious and time-consuming task, but it is worth giving a shot.

If you own an Android as well and want to set up a custom ringtone, learn how to set Google Play music as a ringtone.

We tried to make these steps as elaborated and simple as we could, but even then if you face any kind of trouble, don’t hesitate and do let us know in the comment section below.

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Hemant Mendiratta is a co-founder of TechUntold and a passionate tech blogger, avid gamer, and social media guru who keenly monitors useful apps and gadgets. He is the ideator of our Instagram tool StoryHoot which allows watching Instagram stories anonymously. You can connect with him on: Facebook, Twitter.

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  1. Hi there, I came across this website and thought that the advice that you provided was very helpful. So i hope you can help me in this area. I have been doing research on this topic and it has been deemed undo-able by most so far. How do i customize whatsapp alert tones? Be it message(individual or group) or calls for iPhone 6, iOS8. It was possible for android phones but somehow it is imp0ossible for iPhones.

    p/s. i managed to put customized ringtones for iPhone6, whilst following your steps, but just for whatsapp, it seems undo-able.


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