How To Set Google Play Music As Ringtone: Use YouTube Music Instead!

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Do you like a particular song or audio and want it as your custom ringtone? Back in the day, people did a number of things to get a song as their ringtone. They’d record music from the radio or their TV and use that as their ringtone. But now, it’s easier than ever before to use a song as your ringtone on Android. 

Here’s how to set Google Play Music as ringtone with ease.

How To Set Google Play Music As Ringtone

Since its launch in 2011, Google Play Music was Android’s default music player, however, it was shut down in December 2020 and replaced by YouTube Music. Since Google Play Music has been replaced by YouTube Music, the YouTube Music app has been Android’s default music player. 

One of the things Google did when shutting down Google Play Music was it allowed users until February 24, 2021, to transfer all of their downloaded music to YouTube Music. After this date, all the data that users had on Google Play music was deleted. This meant that users could keep their Google Play Music files and easily migrate to YouTube Music.

Now, YouTube Music operates as Android’s default music player as well as a streaming service. This is one of the reasons Google decided to shut down Google Play Music and offer all of its music in this new app. 

While YouTube Music is the default player, it’s not very easy to use it to directly set a song as your ringtone. You can use it to play downloaded songs or audio files on your phone, but you cannot set those songs as your ringtone right from the app. 

However, this doesn’t mean that you cannot use the music as your ringtone. You can still use the downloaded music that you play in YouTube Music as your ringtone. Even with the app change, this is one of the things that has remained constant for Android phones.  

Here’s how to get Google Play Music to ringtone, though now it’s YouTube Music:

  1. Open the Settings app on your Android phone and tap Sounds and vibration.

    Android settings app
  2. Next, tap Ringtone to access your phone’s ringtones. As you can see, my phone uses two SIM cards, so I can set a specific ringtone for each one.

    This means that if someone calls me on SIM 1, I’ll hear a different ringtone than if someone called me on SIM 2. For this tutorial, I’ll be changing the ringtone for SIM 1.

    Sounds and vibration and ringtone settings in android
  3. Phones already have a set of default ringtones to choose from. However, the focus here is to use a downloaded song as your custom ringtone. To access these songs, tap the + button at the top right-hand corner of the screen.
    Ringtone settings in android
  4. Now you’ll be able to select from all the audio files on your phone. You can either use the search option at the top of the phone or scroll to find the song that you want. For my ringtone, I went with a free cinematic audio track from  Once you’ve selected the song that you want to use, tap Done to save your choice.
    Sound picker screen in ringtone settings for android
  5. There you have it, you’ve successfully used a downloaded song that you can play in YouTube Music as your ringtone.
    Downloaded song set as ringtone in android
  6. After you’ve set the song as your ringtone, you can easily select it again whenever you want. This is because making a downloaded song your ringtone will copy it over to the Ringtones folder on your Android phone.

    To see this, open the free File Manager app on your phone then search for the Ringtones folder. There, you will see your new phone ringtone. 

    Accessing ringtones folder through file manager in android

If you’re a fan of video tutorials, here’s one showing you how to set YouTube Music as ringtone:


Can I use my downloaded music as a ringtone?

You can use downloaded music as a ringtone. It’s easy, especially on Android phones. You can easily access your ringtones in your Settings app and select a downloaded song to use as your ringtone instead of the default ringtones that come with your phone.

How To Set Google Play Music As Ringtone – Wrapping Up

What’d you think of this article? 

To be honest, I’m a little sad that Google has discontinued Google Play Music, but YouTube Music is quite nice, especially if you want to both stream and listen to your downloaded music. 

As you can see, it’s pretty easy to use the songs that you listen to in YouTube Music as ringtones on your Android phone. This means that you can have some pretty cool ringtones.

If you receive a lot of WhatsApp calls, you can change your WhatsApp ringtone with ease, too. And if you’ve got an iPhone, we’ve got a great guide on how to set iPhone ringtones. If you didn’t know, you can also set different notifications for different apps on your Android phone too. 

I hope you loved the article. Be sure to share it, so others can learn how to set Google Play Music as ringtone. 

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