How To Change WhatsApp Calls Or Messages Ringtone

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Widely used messaging service WhatsApp allows you to change message and call ringtones. For calling, this feature enables users to have a different ringtone for WhatsApp calls and cellular calls so that the calls can be differentiated by listening to the ringtone itself. Moreover, you can set custom WhatsApp ringtones s for different groups as well as contacts. This comes in handy when you want to get notified by the sound of notification itself whether it is of priority or not.

Suppose you are a part of a few groups out of which your intervention in one of the groups or an individual chat is of utmost importance, then you can set a different ringtone for that group or individual contact/chat so that by listening to the sound of notification itself you know that you need to check it as fast as possible while you can safely ignore the others.

All in all, you get the idea, custom notifications makes it easier to figure out which contact is calling/messaging you by listening to the tone alone.

So, in this tutorial we have covered the methods for the following:

  • Changing WhatsApp Calls And Messages Alert Ringtones
  • Set Custom Notification for each contact/group – Calls & Messages

The settings for all of them can be found more or less in the same place.

We have mentioned the steps for both Android and iPhone app.

Change WhatsApp Calls Or Messages Ringtone


You can change the ringtone for WhatsApp calls from the same Settings menu where ringtone for messages is changed.

  • Open WhatsApp, tap on 3 dots and select Settings
  • Under Settings select Notifications
  • Now, you can find 3 different sections for Message (for individual contacts), Group and Call notifications respectively. Tap on the Notification tone in Message or Group notifications. For Call notifications, you need to tap on Ringtone.Change WhatsApp Call or Message Notifications
  • After that, select the desired tone. You can even change the vibration pattern for all types of notifications.


  • Launch WhatsApp and go to Settings tab.
  • Next, tap on Notifications.
  • Similar to the Android app, you’ll find sections for Message and Group Notifications. Tap on the Sound option and select the desired ringtone.

On the iPhone app, WhatsApp call notifications setting is missing. But that doesn’t mean you cannot change the incoming call ringtone. You can change the call ringtone from the Phone settings. Along with the ringtone for normal phone calls, the ringtone for WhatsApp calls will also be changed. The only drawback here is that you cannot have a different tone for cellular and WhatsApp calls on iPhone but nevertheless you can change it.

This will change the WhatsApp calls and messages ringtone for all the contacts and groups.

Now let’s see, how to set different message and call tone for individual contact and group if you want to differentiate them with the ringtone on Android and iPhone.

Set WhatsApp Custom Notifications For Contacts And Groups


1. Open WhatsApp and select the conversation of the desired group or contact for which you want to change the message tone.

2. Go to the Group/Contact Info screen. Select Custom Notifications.

Set Custom Notifications on WhatsApp Android

3. On the next screen, check Use Custom Notifications.

4. Now tap on Notification tone under Message Notifications and select the desired tone.

5. For contacts, you can also set a different call ringtone for each contact. You can do so from the Call notifications section in the same screen.


  • Open WhatsApp and tap on the conversation of the group/chat for which you want to change the ringtone.
  • On the conversation screen, tap on the Group Name on top of the screen. This will open up Group/Contact Information.
  • Next, you will find Custom Notifications. Tap on it.Custom WhatsApp notifications iPhone
  • Under Custom Notifications, tap on the Message Sound and select a new message alert sound for that group/contact.
  • Tap on Save at the top right corner after selecting the desired message tone.

Again, you won’t find any option to change WhatsApp call ringtone on the iPhone WhatsApp app. But you can change the WhatsApp call ringtone on per contact basis by setting a different ringtone for each contact on iPhone for normal phone calls from the Phone app. This will change the ringtones for WhatsApp calls as well for those contacts. This way you can have WhatsApp custom notification for WhatsApp calls on iPhone.

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You should be able to change ringtones in WhatsApp for incoming calls, messages and group messages on your iPhone or Android smartphone with the methods above. Apart from that, you can even set custom notifications for each contact/group if required. Which setting is most useful for you? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. Hello, setting customized notification is different from setting customized ringtones.
    This article is about setting customized notifications only.
    With customized ringtones, I want to assign MY OWN sound files, eg .ogg or .mp3, as the ringtone for an application event. For WhatsApp I am able to do this on an Asus phone by copying my own sound files to the /Ringtones folder. However, on an Alcatel Pixi 3, I could not, my sound files in /Ringtones and /Notifications are not visible when I went to choose ringtones for message notifications.


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