How to Speed Up Android Emulator

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Simple Steps to Speed Up Android Emulator / Android Virtual Device (AVD)

The Android Emulator or Android Virtual Device can be speed up or boost to overcome the problem of slow running Android Emulator. Many developers facing the problem of slow Android Emulator in various IDE’s like Eclipse, Delphi XE5/6 and others, which affects the time to develop Android Applications. Here I will explain you methods to speed up android emulator.

Speed Up Android Emulator – Step by Step

This post will describe about how to speed up the android emulator / android virtual device by using different methods. It depends which method you want to use, Snapshot method for faster boot or GPU Host method for better runtime performance of emulator.

Snapshot Method to Speed Up the Slow Google Android Emulator:  

Step 1: Create a new Android Emulator or make changes in the existing Android Emulator

Creating a new Android Emulator (AVD) with snapshot feature, with this you can save state of the Emulator and avoid booting when you start the Emulator:   Open the Android Virtual Device Manager, click on new button to create a new Android Virtual Device (Emulator) or you can edit the already created Android Emulator by choosing the existing android emulator and then clicking the edit button.

As shown in the picture below you have to enable the Snapshot option to speed up android emulator   speed up android emulator - snapshot   Step 2: Launch the Emulator from the Snapshot

Make sure that you have checked the options while launching the Android Emulator as shown in the picture.    speed up android emulator - launch That’s all; now try to run the Android emulator it will boot very fast.

Note: If you have updated the existing device, then wipe the user data for the first startup.

GPU Host Method to Speed Up the Slow Google Android Emulator: 

To boost the Android Emulator performance you can also use the GPU Host method. With this feature you can use the physical GPU on the host machine. Here I want to tell you that you cannot use Snapshot and GPU Host feature simultaneously. The below picture will show you how to enable the GPU Host feature for the Android Emulator. speed up android emulator - gpu   I suggest you to use the GPU Host feature for emulator because it gives better performance, whereas the Snapshot feature only speed up android emulator start up.

In addition to this you can increase the RAM size to 1024 MB of the emulator while creating it or can make changes in the existing one to speed up android emulator.

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