15 Best Android Widgets To Customize Your Home Screen

Last Updated: August 2, 2018

Smartphone widgets are basically some tools or important component of an app to help you navigate things faster on your phone. Widgets were not always this cool as they are now. It took a while, but now widgets can make your smartphone experience much easier and quicker. You don’t have to open an app every time and search for a particular feature or screen if the widget for that is available on your home screen. There are hundreds of inbuilt apps widgets as well as third-party widgets that can be used on your Android device. So, here we bring you the best Android widgets for Clock, Notes, Tasks, Search, Calendar, Weather etc.

Please remember many widgets are already on your device. Just long press on the home screen and tap on the four squared widgets icon. You can select all the important widgets by tapping on them or by dragging them to the home screen.

Best Android Widgets

1. Transparent Clock & Weather

Best free android widget -Transparent Clock & Weather

This is one of the most downloaded Weather apps mostly for its best free widgets. You can choose from many widgets to apply on your home screen according to how much information you need from the app.

In the widget, you can see the date, time, location, holiday status, today’s temperature, next day temperature, wind speed, humidity, dew point, battery percentage, alarm status, etc. Isn’t that too much of information on a small screen?

App link

2. DashClock Widget

Clock widget for android - DashClock Widget

It is a perfect widget for time, Gmail, one tap weather updates etc. You can choose the information you want the widget to show. It is also possible to customize the appearance of the widget on your home screen like choosing background visibility, foreground color etc.

App link

3. Google Keep

Best widget for notes - Google Keep

Sometimes you have to note down something important. Google keep is basically not a widget but an app. But it has a very useful widget which will be available in your widgets list once you download the app.  When you see something worth saving,  you can even record an audio or click a picture to save with this app and its widget.

App link

4. Minimalistic Text

Best widgets for android 2018 - Minimalistic Text

This is one of the best widgets for Android phone if you love minimalism. You can choose and apply widgets like Simple Time, Time and Date, Battery Bar, Weather in a completely different way. Minimalistic Text also allows you to customize the widgets in terms of background, alignment, orientation, layout etc.

App link

5. Google Chrome Widgets

Google chrome home screen widget

You can easily get these from the widgets list that I mentioned in the starting. These widgets are on your phone since day one and there are high chances that you have ignored them.

People mostly use Google app search widget because it is already on the home page of their phone but Google Chrome search widget is the best search widget. The reason being that you don’t have to worry if the search will be lost among so many tabs in case you need it later. Because Chrome can keep your tab forever if you don’t close it.

Secondly, when you Google search on Chrome, you can open as many tabs as you want and also you can find it later in the search history.

Google Chrome also has the bookmarks widget, you can directly open your favorite web page from the home screen if you bookmarked it.

App link

6. Sectograph: Calendar clock widget

Android home screen widgets - Sectograph Calendar clock

Sectograph is another stylish widget mainly for the purpose of viewing the planned events on the home screen. This app is synced with the Google Calendar and all the events set by you for the day are shown in an enchanting round wheel.

In the center, you can see the date and time. It is also possible to personalize the appearance of the wheel but that is a paid feature.

App link

7. 1Weather: Widget Forecast Radar

Best weather widget android - 1Weather Widget Forecast Radar

1Weather is one of the most used apps for weather updates, especially for its many cool widgets. The best thing about this widget is that you don’t need a separate widget for the Google search. One of the widgets of this app has Google search bar along with time, location, date and temperature.

You can open any one app by tapping on the clock. This is like a shortcut and you can choose the desired app from settings of the app.

App link

8. Minimal Clock

Free clock widget android - Minimal Clock

Many people like a clock on their home screen more than a wallpaper. This is a clock worth having on the home screen. It shows you the time, battery percentage, day and date. You can also change the color of the clock when launching it from the widgets.

App link

9. Battery Widget Reborn

Free android widget - Battery Widget Reborn

This widget is just to show the status of your phone’s battery and other details related to it. In the notification bar, it shows how much time the battery is going to last and also the temperature of the battery currently.

It also has a pro version with little more features like power saving mode, multiple icon styles etc.

App link

10. Month: Calendar Widget

Best Android Calendar widget - Month

This is one of the best calendar widgets for enhancing your home screen. You can choose from many themes. I really liked the transparent one. There are shortcuts in the widget like open full year calendar, add events or tap on a day and track the events.

App link

11. WhatsApp Widget

Unread messages - Useful whatsapp widget

If you use WhatsApp then this widget is already on your phone. Long press on the home screen, Tap on Widgets and choose the WhatsApp widget from widgets list. This can be a useful widget as you can see all unread messages by the same sender without opening the app.

You can adjust the size of widget depending on the screen size.

App link

12. Wunderlist: To-Do List & Tasks

Home screen task widget - Wunderlist To-Do List & Tasks

You have to sign in to use this app. It is pretty simple note-taking app. Its widget is useful and you can instantly write all the to-dos whenever something comes to your mind. It won’t let you forget anything as all the uncompleted tasks will be on your home screen.

You can choose to categorize your to-dos in sections like Travel, Work, Movies To Watch, Groceries etc.

App link

13. Another Widget

Best clock for android - Another Widget

As the name suggests, it is just another widget for your home screen. But wait, you can’t underestimate such a convenient widget. It looks too good on the home screen with a little minimalistic look. You can choose what all it can show on your home screen.

There’s a possibility to choose the date or if you want more you can even opt to see time and the temperature too. It is possible to resize the widget easily with a long press or create an app shortcut by tapping on the widget.

App link


home screen Applets widget maker - IFTTT

You’ll take little time to set the widgets on this app but trust me, once you complete the sign in and authentication with all apps, you are going to enjoy all the widgets.

Basically, you can create many small apps a.k.a applets.  These will be like shortcuts on your home screens related to Google, Instagram, Photography, Twitter etc.

Just by tapping on an icon you can easily complete a task like:

  • Post a tweet quickly.
  • Change your Twitter profile picture automatically when you change your Facebook DP.
  • Share your Instagram videos on Facebook and Twitter
  • Tweet whenever you upload a video on Twitter.
  • email a photo quickly to anyone.
  • Text yourself a location so you can send it to your friend etc

Please note, there are hundreds of tasks you can complete with a widget by this app but for choosing and setting all those widgets you have to give permissions to this app one by one for all the apps.

In one of our tutorials, we used IFTTT for sharing Instagram photos on Twitter with full picture.

App link

15. On Time – Dynamic Smart Widget

Android home screen widget - On Time

This one is different from all those that are on the list. You all have so many apps filled on our smartphones and many times you get distracted. You find yourself lost in a plethora of apps forgetting the need of the hour.

It is possible to select which app you require in the morning, afternoon, evening and night. This widget pretty simply shows the app that you select for the moment. You can add the same app in more than one slot.

Other apps will not hide from your phone but this widget definitely helps you to focus what you really need to do right now and what you can skip for later.

App link

Every day something new rolls out in this tech age. These were the most useful and best Android widgets still relevant in 2018. Widgets save our time and if we become habitual of them, they make using smartphone much simpler and faster. If you use any of such cool widgets, do write them in the comments.


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