WhatsApp is not Working or Slow?

You could be getting this error: “Unfortunately WhatsApp has stopped”. Sometimes what happens is a user click on WhatsApp icon it opens and suddenly comes out of that application. There could be multiple reasons for why your WhatsApp is not working. Below are the factors and solutions which could resolve WhatsApp crashing issue and make your WhatsApp faster.


The first factor that could be the reason for your WhatsApp is not working is the WhatsApp messages itself. Sometimes it happens that when in your WhatsApp a lot of messages get stored, it takes a lot of time to process and open your WhatsApp. Try to delete some of the chats that are not important to you.

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With so much texting happens over the WhatsApp daily, lots of data get stored. Try navigating to the Application Manager and clear the cache and data stored. Hope this will resolve WhatsApp slow or hanging issue.

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Switch/Off and Switch On

Many times WhatsApp also hangs because the device needs a reboot. So switch off your device for a few seconds and then switch on, it refreshes the device, clear the cache and the RAM. It’s recommended that you should switch off and switch on the device once a week.


If you have changed  your SIM card on your phone, then WhatsApp will not work. WhatsApp works only one number per device. Insert your old SIM card to make it work else uninstall WhatsApp and reinstall & register it with a new number.


WhatsApp crashes on startup in Android if you have not updated it to the latest Android version. Also look for the WhatsApp update, if it’s available than update your WhatsApp.


RAM could be the factor if your WhatsApp is not working. Check the RAM on your device, you  might be running many apps that are consuming space of your RAM. Try to kill unnecessary apps or uninstall heavy apps.

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If any of the above tips not worked for you then you can try this one to get rid of the WhatsApp hanging issue. Try to uninstall WhatsApp from your phone and then re-install it and if possible don’t load the backup of conversations to your phone.

Hope the above tips helped you in resolving the “WhatsApp is not working” issue. You can perform the above tips also to get rid of the slow WhatsApp problem and make it faster & smooth.


  1. i hav done all the above told measures inspite of that my watsapp says unfortunately stopped working hence suggest me a way

  2. hi i am using samsung GT s7562 . whats app always says not responding wait, close or report.
    i have tried reinstalling whats app but still problem persists. it is very slow. I often clear ram and restart.but every now and then its the same.

    • Hi Gautam, even after trying the above tips it does not solves your problem then I would suggest you to reinstall WhatsApp and don’t restore the backup. If you are getting this issue after installing a particular app then just try to uninstall that app. Do let me know if it solves your problem.

  3. Same here. After they included the vooce suffort whatsapp started to work really bad, hamging, black screen for several seconds before a chat is open, really annoying. I contacted whatsapp but go not reply. I dont have ram issues or cpu i got a thl 5000. Telegram runs 100 times faster than whatsapp here. Sad.

  4. Hi, my what’s app suddenly started working very slow .. I have uninstalled and started to reinstall but re installation also taking very long time kindly let me know I m using iphone5

  5. Hi
    I am using lennovo s850 android mobile.
    When I am using whatsapp up my data is very slow for sending and receiving msgs. At the same time if use any another things like browsing and download s. I am getting good speed . I have checked this so many times .. Now I am using WhatsApp with background downloads for getting speed.
    Kindly suggest..
    Thanking you .

    • Hi Srikanth,

      For this I would suggest you to check data usage settings for WhatsApp.
      Open Device Settings-> Data Usage(might be under More options, depends upon OS versions) -> Scroll down and look for WhatsApp and tap on it.
      Next you will see “Restrict app background data”. Make sure this is off for WhatsApp app.
      Hope this will resolve your issue, if not do repeat the same procedure for Google Services.

  6. Hi, I have an iPhone upgraded to latest IOS version, also I have plenty of storage left in my memory, I deleted my cache, Ram, I restarted my iPhone, I deleted the app and downloaded it again over 10 times, I did all the solutions listed in this page, and it still seems to kind of freeze in a certain conversation with just ONE contact, and it gets worst when this contact is online or is messaging me back when I’m online. This started to happen today when I upgraded to latest WhatsApp version, but tried to install an old one and it won’t allow it.

  7. Hi I’m using nokia asha mobile andn in mobile WhatsApp is not opening so what should I do now as I reset my mobile and I’m unable to uninstall the WhatsApp so plz help me

  8. Hi
    I am using s3 GTI9300 when ever I start whatsapp it start looking for backup when ever I click on skip backup it says unfortunately whatsapp has stoped and if I try to backup then also it says the same thing
    I have tried to uninstall the app clearing data also didnt worked for me
    Please help me

  9. Hi

    I am not able to use whatsapp because of High Volume of Images daily and texting.

    How I can take the backup of the contents. Is there different ways to take backup which can again be easy to retrive. I wish to know new ways for the backup. Please contact me on email.


      • Hi dear,
        Whatsapp I use for the Heavy Business images. And 300-500 images per day we transfer with text details with the same. It can be possible to Control the images and text in a way that we can easy access later on. I unable to take back up. Also blue stack is heavy software which I have used earlier but uninstalled. I am using whatsapp on Whatschrome a Chrome unofficial whatsapp.

        If we can get a better backup system will be more beneficial. Whatsapp will not hang up daily.

        Backup the whatsapp by Date range can be advantageous.

        Please mail me.

  10. For this I would suggest you to check data usage settings .
    Open Device (System)Settings-> Data Usage(might be under More options, depends upon OS versions) -> Auto-Sync Data , It must be ENABLED .

  11. Hi, I have an iPhone 6plus, the latest version of watsapp, 4G full connection but watsapp is so slow. It shows 1 tick for a very long time please help me. If I delete the app will the message go away even though it hasnt been delivered?

    • Hi Ganesh, you can try changing APN of your network. On your device navigate to Settings->Mobile Network/Connection settings and look for New APN. You can ask the APN setting from your network provider.

      • Hi, i am using whats app on my micromax canvas Fire 2 over an year.but Today, i have lost my all chat history.. Now the app also doesn’t work..it shown internal storage full..but i check my internal storage, it isn’t full. I also clear the data, i have also a lot of space on RAM..i also uninstall & reinstall the app..but the same problem occured..i have tired..please give me any solution on my email
        Thanking you

        • Hi Sankha, if you can factory reset your phone than it will work for you. If you don’t want to factory reset, try uninstalling few apps from your device that are unnecessary. After that try installing WhatsApp on your device, it might work.

  12. Hii , i am using samsung galaxy grand prime SMG531F……. i m not getting notifications of whatsaap when my screen is off
    .. what should i do ???

  13. My whatsApp is among the default Apps on my phone but when installing it, it tells me am having a problem with that version but I should download the latest version, when I download the latest version and am installing it, it tells me I already have the App on my phone.I need your help

    • Hello Jay, as WhatsApp is default app on your device it simply cannot be uninstalled. For this you have to root the device, after that you can uninstall the current WhatsApp version and install a new one.

  14. im using ag chrome selfie.there is nothing i didn’t tried to fix it it says unfortunately whatsapp has been stopped.its the 14th day day now.what puzzles me is that my phone has no uninstall as i bought my phone with this whatsap. what to do?

  15. Hi, I am using Samsung J2. I m not getting notifications on whatsaap when my screen is off. I only get notification when I open the whatsapp app. What should I do?

  16. hi i am using samsung on7 mobile.. in my mobile whatsapp is working but it will taking long time to receive and send msg. give me a suggestion to resolve this problem.

  17. Hi Dear Friend,
    My What’s App, FaceBook is working is very slow, but other apps like youtube is working to much faster on WI-Fi. I am using fibre optic broadband services with 5Mbps plan.
    Could you please help me to improve performance of What’s App and FaceBook.
    Thanks In Advance.


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