How to Recover Deleted WhatsApp messages

If you have accidentally or intentionally deleted your WhatsApp messages, you can recover deleted WhatsApp messages in Android or iOS for iPhone by following the steps mentioned in this article. You can also recover deleted WhatsApp messages even if you don’t have backup.

Recover Deleted WhatsApp Messages

Recover Deleted WhatsApp Messages in iOS (iPhone)

It is possible to recover deleted WhatsApp Messages only if you have a Chat Backup of your WhatsApp conversations. To take the WhatsApp Chat Backup in iOS follow the steps given below:

  • Open WhatsApp > Go to Settings
  • Under Settings select Chat Settings
  • In Chat Settings Select Chat Backup
  • Under Chat Backup Select Back Up Now to backup your WhatsApp conversations to iCloud
  • You can also set automatic backup of your chats by selecting Auto Backup and choosing Daily, monthly or weekly. Depending on your choice your WhatsApp chat will be backed up automatically to iCloud monthly, weekly or daily.

Now if you have the backup of your WhatsApp Chat history, you can easily recover deleted WhatsApp messages. To recover your deleted chats just delete the WhatsApp application from your iPhone and reinstall WhatsApp application from App Store. On reinstalling the application, you will get an option to restore the chats from the backup on iCloud.

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Sometimes if you need more than just retrieve deleted messages from iTunes/iCloud backup, you may turn to Dr.Fone for help. Dr.Fone is a powerful iOS data recovery utility that is mainly used to recover deleted data from iOS devices even if you don’t have a backup or extract data from iTunes and iCloud backup files. You can also use it to restore deleted WhatsApp message, or backup and transfer the chat history between Android and iOS device.

WhatsApp data recovery

Recover Deleted WhatsApp Messages in Android

For Android too you need to have a backup of your chats. To take the backup of chats in Android use the following steps :

  • Open WhatsApp > Go to Settings
  • Under Settings Select Chat Settings
  • In Chat Settings Select Backup conversations
  • With this, your Chats will be stored on the local storage of your Android device.

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To recover your deleted WhatsApp messages in Android follow the steps below :

  • Go to Settings > Apps
  • Under Settings select WhatsApp
  • Select Clear Data to clear all of the WhatsApp data
  • After clearing the data Open WhatsApp and Enter your number with which you are using WhatsApp and Click Ok.
  • On Tapping Ok, WhatsApp will automatically detect the Chat backup and give an option to restore. Click on Restore.
  • Messages will start restoring Tap on Continue when finished.
  • Give a WhatsApp Name and Tap Next. WhatsApp will initialize. Tap Continue when initialized.
  • Here you go! All the deleted chats will show up in your WhatsApp chat

We hope that following the method explained in the article you were able to recover deleted WhatsApp MessagesΒ in Android or iPhone. If you have any problems do let us know by commenting.



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