How to Recover Deleted WhatsApp Messages without backup

Well, I have waited a long to start writing this article as I wanted to test a few really good WhatsApp data recovery software’s before getting started. After my earlier article on recover deleted WhatsApp messages, users have been querying a lot about how to recover WhatsApp messages if they don’t have a backup. Here in this post I will be addressing to the exact same problem and put in front of you a few handpicked software’s which can help you recover WhatsApp messages in iPhone and Android even if you didn’t have a backup when you happen to have accidentally lost the messages.

Brilliant Software’s for WhatsApp Data Recovery

The best thing about all the softwares apart from their data recovery functionality is that they all have a free trial version which you can use and preview if it is able to detect lost data you are looking for. Of course you will have to purchase the software to recover that lost data.

Note : Trial Version might not work perfectly even for previewing. Please keep this in mind before deciding on the data recovery software. It happened for me that’s why felt worth sharing. Trial version for first software Stellar Data recovery for iPhone which I mention wasn’t really working, however it worked the best on registering the product, hence top of the list ūüôā Other software’s are no less though.

Top Software’s to Recover Deleted WhatsApp Messages

1. Stellar Phoenix Data Recovery for iPhone

If you are an iOS user then I will strongly recommend this software. Hassle free setup to fast speed recovery of lost data. Moreover, it will recover WhatsApp data without having to jailbreak iOS device. I am quite impressed by the speed it scanned my iPhone, hardly 60-90 seconds and boom I could see all the deleted data including WhatsApp messages. Lets have a look how to set it up and recover WhatsApp messages from iOS device without backup.

a. Get a Free Trial or Purchase Stellar Phoenix Data Recovery for iPhone [Version 3.0]. Below screenshots are from Version 3.0 which has the feature to recover WhatsApp messages.

Note : Previous versions of Stellar Phoenix Data Recovery for iPhone does not have the capability to recover WhatsApp messages.

b. Once you purchase, download and install the software on your computer. Installation process is really simple. Here are the steps.

c. Open the downloaded exe file and Click on Next > accept the Terms and Conditions > following a few  dialogs where you can keep the default selections for installation path,desktop icon and click Next. Finally click Install. Installation will complete in a few minutes. Click on Finish.

Recover deleted WhatsApp messages
Installation: First and Last Dialog

d. Double click on the Desktop icon of Stellar Data Recovery of iPhone to open it.

e. Registering the Product РClick on three lines icon at top left corner of Welcome screen. Click on User icon (second from left). Register Dialog Box will open. Select I  have the registration key and go for Online Registration as shown in image below. Type the key and click Register. Your product will be successfully registered.

WhatsApp data recovery - Stellar Data Recovery for iPhone

f. Now you can connect your iPhone/iPad and click on Recover from iPhone. Scan will initiate.

Recover whatsapp messages iPhone without jailbreak

g. In a couple of minutes you can experience a complete shift of emotions. From tensed you will become totally relaxed on seeing the lost data right in front of you. You can click on WhatsApp from left sidebar to preview WhatsApp data.

h. You can select Only Show Deleted at the top to minimize the data and focus only on lost/deleted data.

i. Select the WhatsApp conversations you want to recover  and Click Save.

Recover deleted WhatsApp messages without backup

j. Select the location on your computer where you desire to save the previously lost data. Alternatively, you can also recover lost WhatsApp messages directly to your iPhone. Click Ok.

Recover Lost WhatsApp messages iPhone

Wait for a 5-10 minutes and all your crucial WhatsApp data will be back with you in the form of html file which can open in Chrome or any browser.

Recovered WhatsApp chats

2. FoneLab For iOS

Second on our list is FoneLab by Aiseesoft. I have already covered this software while writing about the solution for printing deleted WhatsApp messages. Another awesome WhatsApp data recovery tool with which you can recover lost messages from iOS device, iTunes backup or iCloud backup.

You can easily install and scan your device for deleted data. After scan, select WhatsApp conversation and click Recover.

Recover and Print Lost WhatsApp meesages

Purchase Fonelab or get a Free trial Version : Available for both Windows and Mac

Note: The other two¬†software’s I am mentioning below can be considered by the Android users. However, Android phone should be rooted for these software’s to recover lost WhatsApp data.

Obviously they all can recover lost WhatsApp messages for iOS even without jailbreak as well.

The procedure to install and scan the device for lost data for all the software’s are more or less the same with subtle differences. For detailed process you can refer to the Stellar Product and whatever slight dissimilarity is there I will mention as I don’t want the article to be unecessarily lengthy.

3. Dr. Fone by Wondershare

Here comes the third on our list of Top WhatsApp data recovery softwares. With Wondershare you can select type of data type of data you want to scan. For example, upfront you will get a screen where you can uncheck all expect WhatsApp & Attachements and Click Start Scan as shown below.

recover deleted WhatsApp messages even without backup iPhone

After the scan is completed, select the conversation and Click Recover to Computer.

Purchase Dr. Fone or Get Free Trial Version[Available for Both Mac and Windows]

Android Р Wondershare Dr.Fone for Android

iOS –¬†Wondershare Dr.Fone for iOS – iPhone Data Recovery

Software is available for Windows as well as Mac users.

4. EaseUS MobiSaver 5.0

Another awesome software by EaseUs. The only difference what I saw in EaseUs when compared to Dr. Fone was that it will scan the whole device and you don’t have the option to select only WhatsApp messages, hence being slightly on the slower side.

Having said that it detects all the lost data and in no way is lesser than Dr. Fone.

Recover Deleted WhatsApp messages Android

Purchase EaseUs or Get Free trial Version

Android Р EaseUSMobiSaver for Android 5.0

iOS Р EaseUSMobiSaver5.0

Mobisaver is also available for Windows as well as Mac.

These were the top four WhatsApp data recovery software’s which will definitely recover your accidentally deleted messages. I will update this list if I find any other good data recovery softwares for smartphones. If you come across any issues/queries you can always come back to us in comments section below. ¬†Do you use any other WhatsApp message recovery software’s apart from these?

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10 thoughts on “How to Recover Deleted WhatsApp Messages without backup

  1. Hi I’m wanting to retrieve WhatsApp chats and calls that I didn’t save or backup is there any way of retrieving them please let me know

  2. hi, my phone was running out of space, so the WhatsApp chats got lost due to the amount of space. I also haven’t previously backed up my WhatsApp, so what is the best thing for me to do to recover all the deleted chats

    1. Hi Omar, you can use Stellar Phoenix Data recovery software if you are on iOS. For Android, I would recommend EaseUs Mobisaver or Dr. Fone by Wondershare. The links are mentioned in the article.

      Please note that you need to root the Android device if you want to recover WhatsApp messages.

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