How To Hide Photos On iPhone

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Cameras in the iPhone take one of the best photos. Not only photos but also videos as they are one of the best phones with 4k video recording. With most of us clicking pictures of almost everything to share among our friends and family, down the line you may feel the need of hiding a few personal photos and videos. Not to worry, well, in iOS devices Apple provides functionality with the help of which you can easily hide photos or videos on iPhone.

There are two ways to do that, one by simply hiding the photos from the Camera Roll and another by using a third party application. Though hiding from Photos is a great option, but it can be less secure as one can access them if they explore the Albums tab. But with the app, it will be more safe with as the photos are password protected and no one will be able to see them even if they open Photos. So let’s see how to do that.

Update: The steps are updated according to iOS 12.2.

Hide Photos In iPhone

1. From The Photos App

  • Open Photos app and select the Photos Tab.
  • Next, select the photo you want to hide. You can even select multiple photos at once using the Select option at the top right. Then at the bottom left, you will see the share icon, tap on it.Hide photos in iPhone
  • Now from this new screen, at the bottom bar select Hide. Then a message will show asking you to confirm the desired option. Tap on Hide Photo if you selected only one photo while you need to select Hide [x] Photos in case you selected multiple as shown in the screenshot to hide photos in iOS devices

Done, the photo you selected is hidden!

Note: The photo is hidden from Photos and For You tab but will be still visible in Albums.

The photos which you hide are moved into a new section Hidden under Albums. To access them just go to the Albums tab, scroll to the bottom and you will see Hidden along with the number of photos in that section.

Hidden album in iPhone for photos and videos

The hidden photos can be made visible whenever desired by following the steps below.

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Unhide Photos In iPhone

  • Open Photos app and select the Albums tab.
  • Scroll down and open Hidden section as shown above.
  • Inside Hidden album open the photo you want to unhide.
  • Then similarily like the above method, tap on the sare icon at the bottom left.
  • After that, select Unhide and then it will return back to its original album.Unhide hidden photos in iPhone

The photo you selected will be unhidden and moved from Hidden Album to Memories, Collections and Years.

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The disadvantage with this method is that the Photos are still visible in the Albums Section. However, the photos are hidden from other places. To overcome this here’s an alternative method you can use.

2. Lock Photos Using Third-Party Application

To do this, you will need to download Private Photo Vault – Pic Safe, an app that will help you hide and set password protection to the photos. It is available to download from App Store for free. Unlike the above method here the photos will not be visible at all in the Photos app after they are hidden.

  • Open the application once it’s installed. Tap on Start to Proceed.
  • After this, it will ask you to Set Passcode for the app, select and set to lock hidden photos on iphone
  • Then it will show a few prompts, tap on Next, and at last tap on Agree.
  • Now you are ready to hide the photos. To do that, tap on Import tab as shown in the screenshot below and select whether to choose photos from Photo Library(Camera Roll) or capture from the Camera directly.Import Photos from Camera Roll
  • In this instance, we select the Photo Library. Now, you need to select the destination where you will save the photos in this app. You can create your own albums from the Albums tab and select it here(more on creating Album later). For now, select Main Album and allow the app to access your Photos.
  • After this, it will show you all the albums present in the Photos app. You can even select photos added in the Hidden album. Tap on the desired album and select all or certain photos and tap on Done at the top right. With this, the photos will start to import from Photos app to this app.Password protect photos in iPhone
  • Once the import is complete this app will ask if you wish to delete the photos from the Photos app. Select Delete and confirm.
  • To access the hidden photos go to the Albums tab and in the Main Album, you will find the imported photos.

Additional Feature

One more thing, if you want to keep the photos more secure, you can even create an Album inside this app with a different password. So in case, someone is able to open the app, they won’t be able to have access to all the albums inside.

To create a new album tap on + at the top right corner in Albums tab. After that, give an Album name and password if desired. Finally, tap on Create at the top right.

add new album with password protection

Recover Or Share Hidden Photos From The App

Your photos are now safely locked and no one will be able to access them without the password. If you wish then you can share the images or even save them by just tapping on the share icon at the bottom of the image and then selecting as desired.

share and recover hidden photos in iPhone

Below we have handpicked a few more iOS tutorials that might be useful for you.

Wrapping Up

We wish that after following the given steps you were successfully able to hide the photos, videos or lock them securely. The first method doesn’t require any app but is less secure while the second one provides more security but needs a third-party app. Which method are you going to use? Let us know in the comments below.

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