How To Hide Photos On iPhone

With most of us clicking pictures of almost everything to share among our friends and family, down the line you may feel the need of hiding a few too personal photos. iOS 8 provides a functionality with the help of which you can easily hide photos on iPhone.

Hide Photos in iPhone

To hide photos on iPhone follow the steps given below :

  • Open Photos app. Select the Photos Tab
  • Open the photo you want to hide.
  • Long Press on the Photo
  • Select Hide
  • Select Hide Photo
Hide Photos on iPhone
Hide Photo Option on Long Press

The photo you selected is hidden!

Note: The photo is hidden from Moments, Collections and Years but will be still visible in Albums.

The photos which you hide are moved into a new Album Hidden under Albums section.

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The hidden photos can be made visible whenever desired.

Unhide Photos in iPhone

Hide Photos on iPhone
Hidden Photos moved to Hidden Album
  • Open Photos app. Select the Albums Tab
  • Open Hidden Album
  • In the Hidden Album open the photo you want to unhide.
  • Long Press on the photo
  • Select Unhide

The photo you selected will be unhidden and moved from Hidden Album to Moments, Collections and Years.

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The disadvantage with the hiding of photos in iPhone is that the Photos are still visible in the Albums Section. However, the photos are hidden from other areas like Moments, Collections and Years.

We wish that after following this you were successfully able to hide photos on iPhone. Let us know if you are facing any problems.


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