How To Transfer WhatsApp Backup From Google Drive To iCloud In Three Steps: Check It Out!

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To transfer your WhatsApp backup data from Google Drive to iCloud, you have to follow three steps. First, restore your Google Drive backup to Android, transfer it to iPhone with a third-party app such as MobileTrans, and upload it to iCloud.

So, you uninstalled your WhatsApp from your Android phone. Maybe you switched devices, or maybe you just want to use both an Android and an iPhone. Whatever the reason, you now have to transfer WhatsApp backup from your Android phone to your iPhone.

But as you may have already discovered, this can be a huge pain, especially if you want to transfer WhatsApp backup from Google Drive to iCloud.

In this article, I’ll discuss how you can move your WhatsApp backup from Google Drive to iCloud.

How To Transfer WhatsApp Backup From Google Drive To iCloud – Step By Step

If your WhatsApp messages and other information is stored in your Google Drive account, it’s very easy to restore it – provided that you have an Android phone. The same is true if you have your WhatsApp data backed up to your iCloud account and you want to download it to an iPhone.

However, if you’ve switched phones from Android to iOS, then you’ll realize that transferring backup data from Google Drive to iOS devices can be very difficult to figure out.

This is because there’s no official method of transferring data from Google Drive straight to iCloud or iOS devices.

This is because their operating systems and encryption protocols are entirely different from each other. They won’t be able to understand each other without the help of a third-party application.

Thankfully, I have just the right tool for that, which I will discuss in the following sections. To do this method properly, you need to prepare three things: an Android phone, an iPhone, and a Windows PC.

Step 1: Restoring WhatsApp Backup From Google Drive To Android

If you want to transfer Whatsapp backup from Google Drive to iCloud, you first have to restore the Google Drive data to an Android phone.

Of course, if you have nothing to restore in the first place, you won’t be able to do this step properly. Make sure that your WhatsApp data is backed up on your Google Drive. If not, here are the steps:

Backing Up To Google Drive

It will take you about 4 minutes.

Follow these steps to backup Whatsapp chats to Google Drive.

  1. Open WhatsApp.

  2. Tap the three-dot kebab button on the top-right corner of the interface.

    Three vertical dots in the top right corner inside Whatsapp

  3. Go to Settings.

    Settings option in the drop down menu

  4. Tap Chats.

    Chats option in the whatsapp settings

  5. Scroll down to find the Chat backup option and then tap that.

    Chat backup option at the bottom of the page

  6. Tap the Backup to the Google Drive option.

    Backup to Google drive option

  7. Tap Backup.

    Green backup button at the bottom of the page

Restoring WhatsApp

If you already have a working backup on your Google Drive, you need to restore WhatsApp backup to an Android phone. Again, there’s no direct way to transfer from Drive to iCloud, so you’re going to have to use your Android phone as a middleman for the transfer to take place.

  1. If your WhatsApp currently has data on it other than what you want to backup to iCloud, you have to uninstall WhatsApp first to delete the unwanted data and replace it with the backup.
  2. Next, make sure that the Google Drive account that you stored your backup on is logged in.
  3. Reinstall WhatsApp and follow the installation procedure.
  4. When required, choose the backup that you downloaded from Google Drive.
    Whatsapp backup found screen with the restore button highlighted
  5. Finish the installation and make sure that the right backup file has been restored.
    Whatsapp backup restoration complete screen with the next button highlighted

For a more detailed discussion of the steps, visit my other article here.

Step 2: Using MobileTrans To Transfer WhatsApp Data To iPhone

Now that you have the data you want to transfer on the Android device, you can begin transferring it to your iPhone.

This step is necessary because you can’t directly upload to iCloud. Only iPhones can backup data to iCloud, while Android can only backup data to Google Drive.

Before your data can be read, it has to be converted into something that the other operating system, in this case, iOS, can understand. This process is easy with third-party apps, such as MobileTrans or iTransor.

For this tutorial, we’ll be using MobileTrans. This app is a third-party data management solution that specializes in WhatsApp. With this, you can easily backup, restore, and transfer your WhatsApp messages from one device to another.

Mobiletrans home page

For this tutorial, I’ll use this app to transfer WhatsApp chats from Android to iOS. MobileTrans is a paid service, so before following the rest of the tutorial, make sure that you have fully subscribed and installed MobileTrans. 

To make sure it’s worth your money, read my in-depth review of the software.

Get MobileTrans now!

To transfer WhatsApp messages from Android device to iOS, follow the steps below:

  1. On your desktop, open the MobileTrans app.
  2. Navigate to the WhatsApp transfer option.
    Mobiletrans app dashboard with the whatsapp transfer option highlighted
  3. Connect your Android device and iOS one to the desktop with their respective USB cables and wait for the software to recognize both devices. Click “Cannot recognize the device” if they won’t show up.
    Mobiletrans device connection screen
  4. Make sure that the designations (source and destination) are correct for each device. If not, click on the Flip button to switch them to their appropriate places.
    Mobiletrans device connection screen showing connected devices and the flip button highlighted
  5. Initiate the transfer by clicking on the Start button.
    Mobiletrans device connection screen showing connected devices and the start button highlighted

The steps are discussed in more detail in this article.

Get MobileTrans now!

Step 3: Backup WhatsApp On iPhone To iCloud

Now that you have WhatsApp data on your iPhone, you can finally upload it to iCloud, its final destination. You can do this easily through native functions found on WhatsApp itself. 

Follow the steps below:

  1. First, check if you have the iCloud service enabled. If it’s enabled, proceed to Step 6.
  2. If not, go to your phone’s Settings and tap your profile, located as the very first button on your Settings tab. If you’re not logged in yet, do so now.

    Iphone settings with the profile option highlighted
  3. Tap the iCloud button to enable automated backups of each app.

    Apple ID settings with the icloud option highlighted
  4. Scroll to the bottom and look for WhatsApp. If the indicator is grayed-out, turn it on. If not, leave it as is.

    iCloud settinsgs with the whatsapp toggle button highlighted
  5. Next, open WhatsApp on your iPhone and Tap the Settings button, which you can usually find at the bottom-right corner of your screen.

    Whatsapp inbox in iphone
  6. This will bring you to the Settings Tab. Look for the Chats button and tap that.

    Whatsapp main settings for iphone
  7. Next, go to Chat Backup.

    Whatsapp chats settings for iphone with the chat backup option highlighted
  8. You’ll have some options in the Chat Backup tab. You can tap Back Up Now if you just want to make a current backup. Even better, you can automate the backup process with the Auto Backup function and even include or exclude videos.

    Whatsapp chat backup settings for iphone
  9. Depending on how much data you’re uploading and the speed of your mobile data or WiFi, this could take a while. You’ll know that your information is completely uploaded when the Back Up Now button is blue and clickable again.

How To Restore WhatsApp Backup From iPhone To iCloud

Now that you have an iCloud backup of your WhatsApp data, you can restore it to your iPhone whenever you want. Should you delete the current WhatsApp on your device, the backup will ensure that you won’t lose everything.

To do this, just follow the steps below:

  1. You need to delete the current one if you want to restore your WhatsApp to the backup state.

    If you’re starting with a fresh WhatsApp on your iPhone, proceed to Step 3. If WhatsApp is still installed, long press it and then tap the option to delete.

    Remove whatsapp pop up message in iphone with the delete app button highlighted
  2. Reinstall WhatsApp from the Apple Store.
  3. Launch WhatsApp and follow the installation procedures. When prompted, enter your phone number. Make sure this is the same phone number that you used for your backup.
  4. You will then be prompted if you want to restore chat history. Tap the Restore Chat History at the bottom of the tab and wait for the procedure to finish.
    Restore from iCloud prompt in iphone
  5. Once the process is finished, you should now have your previous data on your current WhatsApp.


Can I Move WhatsApp Backup From Google Drive To iCloud?

You can’t directly move WhatsApp backup files from Google Drive to iCloud because they’re coded differently. However, you can follow a process to get around the whole thing: restore your backup to Android, transfer it to iPhone using a third-party application, then upload it to iCloud.

Are WhatsApp Messages Backed Up On iCloud?

WhatsApp messages on iPhone can be backed up on iCloud. Depending on your settings, you can even set it to automatically backup at certain intervals, as long as your iCloud account is logged in and the iCloud option is enabled. You can also use third-party applications, like MobileTrans or iTransor.

That’s How To Transfer WhatsApp Backup From Google Drive To iCloud

There may be no direct way to transfer WhatsApp backup from Google Drive to iCloud, but that’s no reason to despair. In fact, it’s very easy to get around this hurdle.

First, restore the Google Drive backup to Android device, transfer it to an iPhone using third-party apps such as MobileTrans or iTransor, and upload the iPhone backup to iCloud.

Get MobileTrans now!

And if you need to get your WhatsApp backup back on your Android device, follow the steps in our article about how to restore it from iCloud to Android.

If you also need to restore your contacts from iPhone to Android, you can easily do it by following our how-to.

Did this article help you out? How did you like our tutorials? Let us know in the comments below!

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