How To Email WhatsApp Chat Or Conversation By Doing Export

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If you are looking for a way to export and email WhatsApp chat or conversations, you have landed on the right page. In this article, we are going to explain how you can share your WhatsApp chat history via email with or without media files for groups as well as individual contact/chat. If you choose “with media files” then all media files exchanged in the conversation will also be attached in the email. We will use the Export Chat feature. So let’s get on with the method.

When Sending Chats In Email Is Helpful?

It can be useful in case you have to share any official conversation with your colleges. Or the chat with contact is important to you and you just simply wish to save that conversation forever. You can do that by sending this email to anyone you want or even to yourself.

As the file will be sent in a .txt format it will also be easy to print the conversation in case you need them.

It can be also used to create a backup with all the media on your PC. All you have to do is download it from the e-mail address you sent it to.

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Export And Email WhatsApp Chat From Android (With Video)

  1. Open WhatsApp.
  2. Then open the conversation for the person or group chat you want to email. Now tap on the three dots at the top right inside the conversation.More option in WhatsApp Chat
  3. After this, from the menu, tap on More. Then from there select Export chat as shown in the screenshot below.Email WhatsApp chat In Android
  4. Next, it will give an option whether you want to send the conversations WITHOUT MEDIA or INCLUDE MEDIA. Select according to your requirement.include media or not in whatsapp conversation
  5. Now you will see the option to Send chat via various options, here select Email or Gmail. You can even share this WhatsApp conversation with other contacts on WhatsApp itself. For that, select the contact name instead of Email(same for iOS).share whatsapp chats
  6. This will open the email with your WhatsApp chats in ‘txt’ attached file and other media which you can see accordingly.share whatsapp conversation with media

You just have to enter the email address of the person whom you want to send the conversation to and hit the send button. The email may take time to be sent depending on the content size you have chosen to select i.e messages and other media files.

Recommended: By default, the chats are in ‘txt’ file format. It’s recommended to open this ‘txt’ file in Microsoft Office Word for better indentation of chats. If you wish to save all the conversations then it is recommended to use the WhatsApp chats backup feature.

You can also watch our video:

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Export And Email WhatsApp Chat From iPhone (With Video)

  1. In WhatsApp, open the chat which you want to email.
  2. Tap on the name of the person at the top to open the contact info of that person.
  3. Under Contact Info, you will see Export Chat option, tap on that:
    Email WhatsApp group and individual chat
  4. A pop-up will appear to select whether you want to attach media files or not.option of media files in iPhone
  5. Then you will see various sharing options, from here select Gmail or any other mail application that is available.share whatsapp conversation via email in iPhone
    Note: You must have the required email application installed on your iOS devices for this method to work properly.
  6. Next, you can type in the email address of the person with whom you want to send the chats history of WhatsApp in iPhone

You can also follow our video with the instructions:

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Whatsapp Export More Than 40,000 Messages: Chat History Limit

Yes, there is also a limitation while sending chats via E-mail from WhatsApp. But that depends on one factor that is whether you select to include the media or not. To make it clear:

  • With Media – If you include the media, then it will allow you to send only the previous 10,000 messages from the conversations. And in case the number of media files are more than the number of messages can be much lesser than that. The chats and media will then be downloaded in a zip file.
  • Without Media – Without the media, you can send up to 40,000 messages from the desired conversation.

You can bypass the limit by using a third-party app such as iTransor or MobileTrans. One of these apps allows you to backup your WhatsApp chat and conversations to the computer.

If you find WhatsApp useful then you are going to enjoy these WhatsApp How-to’s:


Is it possible to export WhatsApp messages?

It is possible to export WhatsApp messages. To do that, open the chat which you want to email, tap on the Kebab menu on the top. Then, tap on More > Export Chat.

Does exporting a WhatsApp chat notify the other person?

Exporting a WhatsApp chat does not notify the other person. It means that you do it anonymously without the other person knowing about it.

Where does WhatsApp export chat go?

When you export WhatApps chat, WhatApps offers you to share the file with other apps. The WhatsApp export chat is not stored on your device.

How can I export WhatsApp messages more than 40000?

You can export WhatsApp messages more than 40000 by using a backup app such as iTransor. Connect your Android or iPhone to computer via USB cable, tap Backup WhatsApp option and follow the instructions.


So these were the simple methods to export WhatsApp chats and conversations and email them after, on both Android and iPhone. They allow you to export your chat history and send it by email or share it in other apps. Hope you are easily able to do it and if you come across any issues please let us know via comments.

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