Learn Everything About WhatsApp Starred Messages Meaning & How To Use Them

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WhatsApp’s starred messages work like a bookmark. They let you favorite any specific messages to quickly refer to them later. Besides letting you bookmark specific messages, you can also star images and videos.

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Do you have trouble remembering individual or group chat messages on WhatsApp? I do. My WhatsApp account has hundreds of individual and group chats, many of which have important messages.

For instance, I am a part of this financial guidance group where group members give tips about investments and stocks. So if I see any useful advice, I want to remember it.

But I cannot memorize all the chats. This is where starred messages become helpful. But what do they mean, and how to use them? Let’s find out.

Preparations For Using Starred Messages In WhatsApp

Homepage of Whatsapp
  • You don’t have to do anything before using the starred message feature. This is because you can star messages even without an internet connection. Additionally, you can also access them without a network.

How To Star, Unstar, & Access Starred Messages On WhatsApp

There are many ways in which you can use the star messages feature on WhatsApp. For instance, if you want to search for a particular conversation in WhatsApp group chats, you can do so with starred messages.

Moreover, you can also bookmark important messages so you don’t have to remember them. That’s what I usually use this function for. As I mentioned, I am a part of some financial guidance groups, and I always star important messages to find them easily for financial help.

Whatsapp homepage with audio message and video call screenshot from the app

According to TechCrunch, an online tech newspaper, WhatsApp is currently working on another functionality that allows you to do the same thing by sending important messages to yourself.

The starred messages feature is available on smartphones and PC. So if you are constantly on a desktop for work, you can install WhatsApp on a PC or Mac and use this function.

Whatsapp download page with links for all the compatible devices.

But to actually put starred messages to use, you must learn how to star, unstar, and access starred messages.

How To Star Messages On WhatsApp

It will take you less than 1 minute.

Follow the below steps to leverage the starred messages feature on the WhatsApp mobile app. I am using my Redmi Xiaomi Mi A2 here:

  1. Open the group or personal chat where you want to star a message.

    Chats tab of Whatsapp

  2. Long-press a message or messages you want to star.

    A message highlighted in a Whatsapp chat

  3. Tap the star icon on top of the screen.

    Star icon at the top right side of the screen on the Whatsapp

And that’s it!

How To Unstar Messages In WhatsApp

There could be scenarios where you want to delete starred messages. I’ve had starred messages to mark an important date or to remind me to make a certain trade in the stock market. I usually delete such messages after the date has passed or I have executed the trade. This helps keep the list clean.

To delete a starred message, you only need to long-press it and then select the star icon with a strikethrough.

Unstar icon at the top bar on the Whatsapp

2 Ways To Access Starred Messages In WhatsApp

There are two ways to access starred messages, the first is through the chat in which you starred the message, and the second is through the WhatsApp “more” option.

To access these bookmarked conversations the first way:

  1. Open the chat and tap on its name.
Name of the contact on top of the Whatsapp chat
  1. Scroll down, and you will find the “Starred messages” option.
Starred messages option on the profile page of the contact
  1. Tap Starred messages, and you will see the bookmarked messages.
A starred message from the selected contact chat

This way, you can access the starred messages of a specific chat.

If you want to access all the starred messages at once, you can do so from the WhatsApp “more” option.

  1. Open WhatsApp and tap the three vertical dots in the top right corner.
Three vertical dots menu icon in the top right corner
  1. Tap starred messages.
Starred messages option in the drop down menu
  1. This will show you a list of all the messages you have starred and the details of the group or individual chat from where you bookmarked them.
List of the starred messages

What Are Starred Messages In WhatsApp?

According to Gadgets 360, a website that covers gadgets and software, WhatsApp launched the starred message feature back in 2015.

Star icon with the time of the message

It lets you quickly access important messages that you want to see frequently. For instance, if someone has shared a birthday party date, you can add it to the starred message list.

I usually star my friends’ birthdates. And whenever my friends and I plan something for another friend’s birthday, I bookmark the date so I don’t forget it.


Can Someone See On Whatsapp Starred Messages?

Someone cannot see on WhatsApp when you star messages. Only you can see and access your starred messages, be it from individual or group chats.

Start Using Starred Messages

Some messages are important, so marking them for easy access becomes vital. This has been my experience, too! That’s why I wrote this article about how the starred messages feature can help you.

You can follow the steps mentioned in this article to star a message, unstar it, and even delete it when not required. I hope you liked this article. If yes, share it with your friends. And if you want to share your thoughts, write them in the comments section.

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