How to use Starred Messages in WhatsApp

WhatsApp rolled out an update for iOS wherein you can Star or bookmark messages for quick and convenient later viewing/reference. The Starred Messages feature can be used in WhatsApp for iOS, version 2.12.7 which came on October 6, 2015. This feature will allow you to mark a message as a star and you can view it in Starred section later without having to search for that particular message. This article will throw light on WhatsApp latest update which includes Starred Messages feature and let you know how to use starred messages in WhatsApp.

Starred Messages in WhatsApp

  • Open any contact’s chat conversation in WhatsApp
  • Long Tap on the message which you want to make as starred
  • You will find a * symbol on the extreme left among the options presented as shown below
How to mark message as Starred in WhatsApp
Select * mark message as Starred
  • Select *
  • The message will now be shown with *  symbol on the right, that means the message has been marked as favorite/starred as shown in the image below
Starred Messages in WhatsApp
Message Starred

How/ Where to view Starred messages in WhatsApp?

The messages you starred will appear under a separate section, Starred Messages for each contact. You can find Starred Messages in Contact’s info screen. Info screen can be opened by tapping on Contact’s name at the top. Under contact info, select Starred messages. You can find all the Starred messages for that contact here which you marked earlier. 

How to view Starred Messages in WhatsApp
View Starred Messages under separate section

Similarly you can mark messages as starred for other contacts. This way it will be pretty convenient to quickly view messages which you desire at a later time too.

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You can anytime remove the star from starred message if desired by long pressing on the messages and selecting *. The message will no longer remain starred.

Share your thoughts on Starred Messages feature and how many of you want this feature to come in WhatsApp for Android and Windows?


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