How to stop autoplay videos in Facebook

Are you looking for how to stop auto playing videos in Facebook? As soon as you open Facebook, video starts playing from your feeds?. This is a new feature from Facebook which some users might appreciate and some may not because it might be irritating for users. As soon as user opens his/her account, the video starts playing without permission even if you don’t want to watch it and it’s unnecessary internet data consuming also. Follow this article to disable the autoplay of videos in Facebook on browser, Android and iPhone.

Turn off playing videos automatically in Facebook on PC

  • Login to your Facebook account.
  • Click on the drop down arrow at top right corner.stop playing videos automatically in Facebook
  • Next, click on Settings. 
  • On left hand side look for Videos option and click on it.
  • On Video Settings Page, click on drop down option under Auto-Play Videos option and select Off as shown in the picture.disable autoplay videos on Facebook

This will disable the auto play of videos in your browser.

Stop autoplay videos in Facebook on Android

For Android users, to stop playing videos automatically in Facebook, below goes the steps:

  • Open Facebook App.
  • Click on the hamburger icon on top right hand side.turn off autoplaying videos in Facebook android
  • Look for the App Settings, tap on it.turn off autoplay videos in Facebook Android
  • In Settings screen, look for the option “Video play automatically” and tap on it.videos play automatically option android
  • It will show you a pop up of Video auto-play options, where you can switch it off or auto-play when you are connected to a WiFi.option to turn off autoplay videos in Facebook android

Disable videos from auto playing in Facebook on iPhone

  • Open Facebook App.
  • Tap on the wrench icon at bottom right hand to disable the video autoplay in Facebook
  • Next, look for the Settings and tap on it.
  • It will pop up some options. Choose Account Settings.stop autoplay videos in Facebook iPhone
  • Now look for Videos and Photos and tap on it. It will take you to Video Settings.disable autplay video option in Facebook iPhone
  • In Video Setting screen, tap on Auto-play which will list you with options. Where you can disable the autoplay of videos.autoplay filter option in Facebook iPhone

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This is how you can stop autoplay videos in Facebook whether it is browser, Android app or iPhone.


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