How to rotate incorrectly oriented photo on Facebook

Facebook users shares lots and lots of contents on Facebook with their friends. Sharing photos is one of them. When people do upload photos on Facebook sometimes they upload incorrectly oriented picture. After uploading the picture, people do realize that they have uploaded wrong oriented photo. Then they delete that picture and then upload a new one. No need to do this, you don’t have to delete the picture instead you can fix an incorrectly oriented photo on Facebook. In this article I am going to explain about this feature provided by Facebook.

Steps to rotate incorrectly oriented photo on Facebook

It’s not that tough to rotate the uploaded picture on Facebook. Just follow the below and you will have upside down uploaded image in a correct orientation.

  • Open you Facebook account.
  • Open the photo you want to rotate.
  • You will see the various options at bottom, click on Options.
  • This will pop up a list of options where you can choose Rotate Left or Rotate Right as shown in the picture.fix incorrect oriented photo on facebook - options

Note: You will be able to rotate the picture you have uploaded, not the picture in which you are tagged by your friends on Facebook. You will not get the rotate option in tagged photos.

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Rotate a photo before uploading it on Facebook

If you want to rotate a picture you already have on your system, then you can do so by following the below steps:

  • Open the folder containing the picture.
  • Right click on the picture, you will get the option to Rotate clockwise or Rotate counterclockwise. Do whichever you want to.rotate photo before uploading on Facebook - options
  • To rotate multiple pictures, select¬†images you want to rotate and right click. You will get both the options, Rotate clockwise and Rotate counterclockwise.

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Now no need to delete the incorrect oriented picture on Facebook as you now get to know how to rotate uploaded picture on Facebook as well as how to rotate a photo before uploading it to Facebook.


  1. What if the “options” DOESN’T have the option to Rotate Left or Rotate Right?
    I just uploaded a photo that was normally oriented (landscape) in my desktop’s folder, but appears 90 degrees clockwise (portrait) on my timeline.
    When I click “Options,” my only options are:

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    • Hi Jim, you will get the option to rotate only if you have uploaded the picture, not the one you are tagged in. Secondly you don’t have to open picture in another window, just click on the picture and on the same window under “Options” you will get option to rotate.


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